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Rios Health Spa
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Rios Health Spa
Kentish Town Rd
020 74850607
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Couples and singles are welcome at all times. With the exception of between 7:00pm Saturdays and midnight which is couples only, singles are allowed in after midnight.

See their website for more information.
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Your Reviews of Rios Health Spa Swingers Club


23rd Aug 2010 - 10:40am
Have been a visitor to Rios for over 20 years and have always enjoyed going (alone). Its a great place to chill out and relax, and if any action happens its a bonus. I do think that the idea of permanenent naturism ought to be brought back (as it was 20 yrs ago). The management also should be aware that the hordes of swimsuit clad ladies on an afternoon and evening who insist on washing themselves in the steam rooms, scraping off dead skin, and generally spreading all their stuff, towels, creams, oils over half the room should be stopped.
Thankfully the idea of men having a shave in saunas and steam rooms has largely been accepted as unhygienic - the same should be said of these ladies practices!


25th Jul 2010 - 8:46am
Ds51's AvatarDs51
What a different night, Saturday 24th July, quiet but maybe that was the holidays BUT 70% of the women wearing swimming costumes and at least four men wearing trunks, what is going on is this a naturist venue or what? Very disappointing.Probably the worst night we have had at Rio's although as always everyone very nice, good facilities and maybe it improved later in the evening, we were just so bored we left and went home!!


27th Jun 2010 - 7:37pm
Adrian_Lorraine's AvatarAdrian_Lorraine
I've been going to Rio's on and off for nearly 15 years. I only go on a Saturday night when its couples only. It has changed over the years but then hey, what hasn't.

There are 2 saunas, 3 steam rooms and 3 jacuzzi's. There is a smoking area outside (not that I smoke) and if you fancy a totally legitimate massage by a proffessional, it is available via a booking.

There are five private rooms (some bigger than others). They get very busy from about 8pm until midnight.

The staff are very nice and there are still some 'old school' staff there who look after the regulars.

The one thing I can't stand about Rio's is that after middnight it turns into a cock fest and my other half can be harrassed to the extent that I have to step in. Also, while sitting in the steam room (TRYING to have a steam) the door will open, a single male will stick his head in and look for any woman. If none are in there then they just leave (taking a whole load of steam with them). I have yet to visit any other place except Rios. It is close to my heart for a few reasons and I would reccommend it but ONLY for couples between 7pm and midnight.

If there is anyone reading this who hasn't been before and would like to try it, then drop me a line and we'll try and arrange a time when the 4 of us can make it on a Saturday night.


25th Jun 2010 - 8:53pm
I went on Saturday 19th June 2010. If I am in London again with time to kill I would go again because the pools, saunas and steam rooms are all great as are the very friendly staff. But I would not go hoping to get some action.Single men can only get in after midnight on Saturdays. As I waited about 20mins quite a few coupkes left. By the time I went in at 12pm there were 7 other men also waiting to enter. By halfpast midnight there were easily 35 single men there. Inside was clean and had great facilities. If you like wet areas then this is the place to go. Unfortunatley at first there were only about 5 couples there and most were older than me and not my type. I only saw one naked lady, lots of people were wearing swimming costumes. A VERY sexy younger couple arrived later and had some fun in the pool. I think she liked the men watching at first but like flies round shit more men started to gather so they got out. I assume they went to a private room alone because I did not see them again. From what I can tell this is a good place to go as a couple at couples only times.


30th May 2010 - 10:53am
Really don't know what to say about this place. I went on three occasions during a long weekend in London (Thurs and Fri night and Sat daytime/early evening).
Firstly, if you're expecting everybody to walk around naked, you'll be disappointed. There are more bikinis here than on Miami Beach! However, if you're into black girls, this might well be the place for you.
On the Thursday, it was quite busy with a range of ages. The one fully naked couple in there were attracting quite a bit of attention in the large jacuzzi and I was lucky enough to be selected for a threesome with them in one of the private rooms later on!
The Friday was pretty quiet and largely uneventful and the Saturday seemed to be going the same way until the most stunning black girl I have ever seen entered the large jacuzzi with her boyfriend (both fully naked). She proceeded to get herself off and it was a joy to watch, although the number of guys who moved in next to her was a little embarrassing and clearly made her a little uncomfortable.
I'd definitely go back, but if you're thinking of going - go in hope rather than expectation.


30th May 2010 - 8:04am
Rios gets a lot of negative comments on here,but i went last night [sat],and what i like about the place is its always clean,and sex is not always in your face,my own preference is for black guys,and a few get in after midnight,although its very mixed with all nationalities,so something for everyone,i do go naked and yes you do get a few unwanted gropes,but really thats to be expected,this is around my 9th visit and each time i have been laid by a blk guy,i think this place,must be taken as if you want it you will get it,just make a little effort,if you want to get laid you will,if you just want to use the facilities that okay to,i will certainly be going again


9th May 2010 - 9:39am
Ds51's AvatarDs51
Sat 8th May. Wow was Rios good!! Been before and had mixed expeiences but last night was the best night we have ever had at Rios. Busy but with a slightly younger crowd, far less of the often mentioned "swimming costumes etc" most people were embracing the naturist feel of the club.
We were one of four couples having great fun in one of the smaller jacuzzi's, all four couple getting off and having really intense fun, all aware of each other but doing their own thing, very hot and charged atmosphere so if you were one of the other three thanks!

The whole atmosphere in Rios on this night was more fun, more friendly and more relaxed, the large jacuzzi was very busy as were all the private rooms so think a lot of people were having a lot of action.

All in all if Rios was always like this we would go much more often.


7th Apr 2010 - 4:07pm
Lovely64's AvatarLovely64
i went to rios for the first time last week 31st march, i can only go of a daytime , but i really enjoyed it the place was clean friendly, and i really relaxed. there were a few couples there some other single ladies and single men, every one was naked and you will only get attention if you let anyone know thats what you want . there was no unwanted groping and following you around i will definatly be going again.


25th Mar 2010 - 9:41am
This is NOT a "naturist" club. There is a lot of nudity due to the spa theme, but no genuine naturist would stare at the ladies like the men do here and hang around outside the private rooms or try to peep through the keyholes. However, it is a great place to chill out and on my second visit in mid-March I enjoyed my £20s worth and also had a sexual encounter in a private room all of my own. Don't expect to have sex and you wont be too disappointed. The staff at the drinks bar are all topless and have lovely tits, plus, they don't mind you admiring them.


23rd Mar 2010 - 8:30pm
went two weeks ago on saturday with two mates arrived at 4:30am really enjoyed it met a few women who were really nice ended up having a little frolic in the jacuzzi with one of them, in the end we took one woman home and had our wicked way with her mmmf style she went hoome with a smile, all in all a good night.


12th Mar 2010 - 12:34pm
Went on Thursday 11th March at about 9pm. Mine and Lindsays very first time. Was good fun. lots of single but a few couples. Very clean and really good fun, if nothing else great place to chill. Anyway off again on Sat 13th to try couples night... see you there


7th Feb 2010 - 9:53am
I have been visiting Rios for many years and still find it a nice place to go and chill out. The place is still clean and the staff attentive, but I do think it's a shame that they don't revert back to it being 'naturist' all the time as it was years back. There is far too much exfoliating of bodies going on in the steam rooms! This is not the place for the clique of ladies who frequent the club to rasp away at their skin with huge graters and apply such foul smelling oils. Thankfully we rarely see men shaving in the steam rooms these days, but this practice is just as unhealthy and unpleasant for those around them


29th Jan 2010 - 6:19am
I have to be honest,although the club is clean,it maybe should lose the name naturist,apart from the staff,I was the only female naked,I am really into black guys,but only a cple there so i found myself being leered at by a lot of eastern europeans,and when i did get talking to a black guy,was made to feel a bit uncomfortable by the 3 black girls there in swimsuits,my new friend suggested we leave and go to his place so the night was not wasted,But after all that i would go back to use it as a spa,as the facilities were very good,only this time i would take a swimsuit,And not hold my hopes up of any action


25th Jan 2010 - 11:27am
alright place to go but a lot of people in there have got big time attitude issues.


5th Jan 2010 - 10:27pm
Went to Rio's. £20 entrance. Very cheap... and thats what this place is. Facility wise its good - however the 'lion pack' is massive. Lots of guys hunting in packs. Any ladies get stared at and couples followed. Like baying hounds. Even a tramp can aford £20 and there was one in the jacuzzi - hairy old guy paid £20 to stay in all night in the warmth. Cant blame him really. When i was in there were 40 guys and maybe 2 couples. If Chams (Darlaston) is rated 9 , this place is -9. Avoid. Cheap and thats what you get. Its not a naturist club - every one is got towels / trunks and the ladies i seen wore swimsuits.


2nd Dec 2009 - 3:17pm
Went on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights last week (24-25/11/09) having not been for a few years. Good to see the decor and facilities have improved (much cleaner). Had to chuckle at the "hungry posse" who still persist on following couples and women like dogs on heat (pun intended!!).

Still a fun place to go if you're respectful, witty and patient (if she's keen fellahs, she'll let you know) I had fun in every sense of the word and will go back from time to time to chill, enjoy the view and anything else will be a bonus.


29th Nov 2009 - 12:48pm
went tuesday night 24/11/09
which was a Naturist night there where a few clps and single females
whent as a single male was made welcome used all the clubs faclities which all were good
the atmosphere was good, did not get any action but there where a few clps playing with each other,
had a masage which was v good totaly relaxing
yes i would recommand this club


29th Oct 2009 - 10:02pm
Myself and my female swinging buddy went last night Wednesday 28 Oct 09, arriving at 8:30pm. The place was buzzing even at that relatively early hour.

We were each given a clean towel upon arrival. The changing rooms were good and clean, with plenty of lockers available. Our first stop was one of the three Jacuzzis. We chose the middle sized one which held about 10 people comfortably. That was really good, warm bubbling water...very relaxing. There were two other couples and two or three single guys in there, and everybody was just chatting away nice and friendly.

A little later, we had a wander around and saw the swimming pool, which has the large Jacuzzi at one end of the room. Didn't count how many were in there, but it must have been about 15 people.

There is an outside covered smoking area and beyond that the sunbathing area which seems to be decking covered in astro turf. I'm sure it must be terrific in summer.

We were pointed in the direction of the playrooms, and found one unoccupied, so naturally we took advantage and had a great time on our own. The room was good for two people but would have been impractical for two couples. Have to say although there were one or two discreet knocks on the door, we weren't hassled at all, although there were a few single guys hanging around.

After that we spent a little more time in the jacuzzi then had a shower and left after about
3½ very enjoyable hours.

The place is clean, quite roomy, has very friendly helpful staff and provides free soft drinks. I would definitely recommend a visit if you haven't been before.


13th Sep 2009 - 5:02pm
Enjoyslooking's AvatarEnjoyslooking
I have been to Rio's a few times over the past couple of months (july and aug 09), mostly weekdays during the day and in the evening. Overall the place is laid out well with plentiful saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis and plunge pools. Also some small private rooms for when you manage to pick up. The staff are friendly and will try to accomodate you with any queries you may have.

During the day it is mostly single men wandering around from jacuzzi to steam room to sauna..... looking for some action with the one or two couples who are in the place. There are also some single woman, who are more interested in sweating out toxins in the sauna than any sexual activity. Some woman also wear swimsuits, what is that about? I thought this was supposed to be a naturist club!

The evenings are a bit more interesting there are more couples around massaging eachother in the sauna and steam room, but then tend to go off to the private rooms by themselves. I have had some action there. I was in the jacuzzi and was approached by a couple in their 50's. (I'm in my late 20's and like mature couples). They asked me to join them in the steam room where we got all hot and horny before we went off to a private room for some mmf action.

My only major gripe about the place is some of the clientele. I am a lot younger than most of the other people there and I do look like I'm in my twenties, but I like the company of mature couples. One of the men there actually complained and asked if the door staff checked my ID. I felt like saying to him, look I have a hairier chest then you, you old twat.

Also as a single man don't go there expecting to pick up, just enjoy the facilities and the mostly pleasant atmosphere.


23rd Aug 2009 - 12:52pm
So we went on Saturday night. We've heard mixed things about it and never actually thought of going to a place like this. It remained in our minds as a dirty idea though so without much planning we tried it last night. We didn't do much with anyone as the choice was limited and those that were OK we were slow with approaching. Though we enjoyed it and there were a few couples that had some potential. P ended up sucking on some woman's breasts while I gave him a bj which was nice.

We think it wouldn't be a bad place for meetups with other couples but as a pickup place it's not good at all.

Get in touch guys and send us some face pics if you are up for doing something.

Take care now,

J&P xxx

PS. After 12.00 am the place turns into single man place and when we were there there was nothing to choose from at all unfortunately.

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