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10 William Clowes Street
Stoke On Trent
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We are glad that you have found us. If you are new to swinging or if you have been in the lifestyle for many years you will find EVOLUTION is a great place to swing and enjoy your swinging lifestyle.

We actively encourage great swinging relationships in a very positive environment. If you are new to swinging you will never feel out of control, our members are simply the best and they really do care about each other and they positively welcome new members.

You might best describe EVOLUTION as an Adult Nightclub, it’s a place where you can meet, dance, have great swinging sex and chill. In fact that has become somewhat of our mantra - meet - dance - sex - chill.

Do keep in mind that our absolute aim is to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your time at EVOLUTION and that you keep coming back to the warmest of welcomes for a long-time into the future.

So. From us to you and on behalf of our many thousands of members all over the UK and the World who we just love and adore, we would like to wish you the very warmest of welcomes.
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Your Reviews of atlantisEVOLUTION Swingers Club


30th Sep 2013 - 10:28am
Last Thursday I indulged in a night of debauchery at Atlantis Evolutions monthly fetish night. Arriving at this pristine club I was greeted by Mistress Athena Valeria looking amazing as usual. This was my third visit, the second fetish night, feeling a little less overawed I resolved to get more involved, have some fun but also gain a little more insight into what aspects of BDSM interest me.
A big part of enjoying these situations is trust, knowing that things won’t get out of hand, that ultimately you are in control and careful consideration is made to fulfil your desires safely. Certainly this was the case here with all participants ensuring limits were not crossed but also interactions were not too tame and at all times it was humorous and fun.
Each has their specialism and initially I was attended to by Mistress D who was petite, accomplished and drop dead gorgeous. She was clearly enjoying the effect she had on a queue of willing subs who all rose to her expert ministrations. She was not shy of sharing her favours either; blissfully rubbing her beautiful breasts the length of my back, a highly erotic soothing balm. I was so aroused it was clear I wouldn’t be able to dress much to the amusement of several onlookers.
Mistress Athena and her apprentice then introduced me to flogging, braced against the pole in the centre of the floor I delighted in the attention both from my flagellants and the rest of the room. A suede flogger sent bursts of heat across my back, followed by thick leather fronds which bit and stung the flesh and finally chains like those on a sink plug creating slices of intense localised pain. Each stage my reactions were gauged and checks that marking wasn’t a problem and I wanted to continue.
Lastly I was attended to by a full figured mistress whose name I didn’t catch but whose expertise lay in caning. I mounted the bench and proffered my backside to a selection of enthusiastically wielded canes. This lady didn’t pull her punches and I was shocked at how searing the pain was and after some time had to call a halt. Not before she proudly declared she had generated some lovely purple wheals which I sport with pride.
Thank you all for an awesome evening, I met some lovely down to earth people who have the courage to try other avenues of sexuality and I now have a good idea of what can be a turn on in the right situation. There’s still more to explore, whips and paddles come to mind, bondage and metering out the punishment also appeals.
This is a very friendly welcoming club with no expensive membership or bar prices and somewhere to relax, experiment and indulge your fantasies, let go of your inhibitions and enjoy.
Thanks again, hope to see you there. Mark x


26th Aug 2013 - 6:32pm
On bank holiday weekend we were due to go to a party at another club in the midlands, so thought we would pop back to one of our favourites to see how they were getting along, and what, if anything had changed. For those unfamiliar with Atlantis, it’s a dance style kind of club, spread over two floors, with the bar / dance area and a fetish space on the ground floor, along with some sofas for chatting, and the upstairs is essentially a well designed play space with lots of nooks and crannies and two lockable rooms. You can BYOB so the night is also very affordable. It’s a medium sized club, perhaps smaller than many which does have one advantage, you don’t need hundreds of people to make it look busy. We were expecting a quiet night, as we knew a lot of the regulars were going to the same Sunday party as us, and it was the end of the month coupled with bank holiday which normally means a combination of no money and family commitments = no good circumstances for swinging parties. However, traditionally this time of year also has some of the best parties for the weekend, you just need to choose which one to go to. So with the agenda of taking it easy in order to conserve plenty of energy for the following day we were pleasantly surprised to find nearly 50 people in which made for a good crowd, with plenty of dancing and fun to be had.

For those who haven’t been recently the changes are small but not insignificant. The bar has been rebuilt to allow seating on three sides which makes it easier to serve and to socialise there. Some problems at the venue still remain. They’re not likely to stop you from having a good night out, but the stairwell which leads to the smoking area can get very cold, so addressing this before ‘Winter is coming’ may well be a good move and although the club does have showers now, the location at the top of the stairs means you’re unlikely to use it. The club is one of the most friendly you will find, similar to Club F and Ourplace4fun, it’s very easy to talk to people here and someone will always make an effort. Kat is also good at introducing people to each other though Tag needs to sort his playlist out on the decks!

We still highly rate this club, its clean and well looked after, and clearly a labour of love for the owners who do themselves credit on the scene and are great at looking after newcomers, of which on the night we went, there were several.

Friday nights and the Fetish nights have really taken off here too recently. If anything on Friday, there isn’t enough single men turning up. So those of you guys who are looking for a club, are capable of a decent conversation and know how to dress well, will probably have much success here if they make the effort to go with those criteria in mind.

Also understand that we are reviewing this club for what it is, not what it isn’t. Clearly this is a venue for people who like to dance and then there spaces and places you can play in if you wish to and with that objective in mind, it succeeds on all levels. For those wishing to travel, you can stay at the nearby Pixies swinging BnB, who will run you up to the club and pick you up when you’re done.

We hope to attend one of the Fetish nights soon, where obviously the requirements are a little bit different, but we do still like some sex mixed with our fetish, so Kat, make sure upstairs is open, otherwise where will we go if we get horny?

We will be back, and its looking like our choice for this year’s New Years Eve bash.


1st Oct 2012 - 3:42pm
As quite nervous club newbies we visited Atlantis for the first time in August this year. We can honestly say that within 10 minutes of entering the place all nerves disappeared without trace and we were just left wondering why we were nervous in the first place! The delightful owners Cat & Tag have people skills second to none and clearly take great pride in welcoming all comers old and new to their fantastic intimate venue.

The club itself has a great downstairs bar and dance area and plays a great mix of music to suit all tastes. Upstairs there are lockable rooms and lots of comfortable play areas to have fun as and when you please. There is also a shower room and of course WC's all of which are spotlessly clean. As smokers (far to much) there is a heated outdoor but extremely private smoking area which we found to be great place to chat informally and meet lots of new friends.

This particular evening was a Friday at which both couples and singles are welcome. We found that all the single males were polite and followed the etiquette of the club (A polite no means no) when needed and without question. (On that note if you are a decent respectable well mannered single guy you will be welcomed to this club on a Friday by all including couples). There is a balanced mix of singles and couples and a very charming friendly atmosphere throughout the whole place.

Since our first visit we have been back to the club on a number of occasions (five at last count) including Saturdays which are couples only nights, on all occasions the standards we encountered on our first visit have remained without exception.

As relative newbies to the world of swinging we learned more about the "lifestyle" which we have entered in one hour at this club than we ever would in a year on any particular website as the clientele are happy to share opinions and offer advice when asked about any particular aspect of swinging.

The place has a feeling of one big happy family and you are very quickly welcomed into it as soon as you walk through the door on your very first visit.

We would, without hesitation recommend the Atlantis to anyone but especially for those "dipping there toes" for the first time as it is so non pushy and you can take things at your own pace without fear of being judged by anyone.

Summary : Great venue, Great Clientele and very very welcoming !


8th Aug 2012 - 12:37am
This was our second visit to Atlantis this year, we also stayed at Pixies BnB, which we will do a seperate review for.

We've covered what the club offers and what it does not in our previous review, so scroll down for that. Attending on the Couples Only night on Saturday, we brought 5 other couples with us, who came from all over the UK, so they were all hitting the venue for the first time and were all equally impressed by it.Including a female couple. It once again had a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the white theme was embraced by many and everyone dressed up. Great music and staff made for a great night out, though one more volunteer on the bar for the first two to three hours would perhaps be useful.

My gay female friends found the venue especially erotic (This was not the first hetrosexual swingers club we had taken them to) as the high percentage of bi ladies made for a very erotic time for them but came without what they felt was the 'cattyness' of a lesbian bar, thus making them all the more comfortable (And horny, promptly dissappearing to the private rooms upstairs at frequent intervals) It was mainly a social evening for us, as were being 'mothers' to the people we brought, including a couple very new to the scene who took some big steps.

Everyone left with a smile on their face. We understand there are plans for some extensions and renovations though there may be some hesistation over still getting the numbers (80 plus on Saturday, 40 plus couples and some singles) to make the place look busy still. All we can say, is build it, and they will come. You will broaden your appeal even further with more lockable room, additional showers (Great that you have one, more would be better) and some other possible wet facilities.

Despite the huge distance involved for us, Atlantis will join a list of venues that we will always try and hit at least once a year. If you like dancing as part of your erotic play (And every couple we took with us did) then this really is a club for you.

We would also suggest to keep it fresh, find a modular way of changing the layout every so often upstairs. Don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, but just try something new every six months or so to mix it up a bit, at least until you expand. Always good to keep people guessing.

Only gripe, is the upstairs became a bit more of a social area this time around, where last time is was all erotic music and play and a little less conversation. (Still people got stuck in none the less) but do avoid conversations of a more social nature in the play areas, it can kill the mood somewhat.

This is a fabulous club for anyone who likes to get their groove on, with their grooves on in the background, as it were. Fun, friendly, clean and laidback. Even though we didnt play on this ocasion, we had an awesome time none the less, and are rating is the same as last time. 4.5 out of 5.


7th May 2012 - 11:40am
MidsCouple24's AvatarMidsCouple24
I don't write multiple reviews for the same clubs unless there is something new to say, last time I did a review for atlantisEVOLUTION I said it was a fabulous club that was evolving weekly, well the new showers ready next week are a great addition, the plans to put a changing room with locker facilities in the club shortly will be a great improvement to already excellent facilities, the "Couples Only" room planned will please many people the club really does keep evolving and getting better, last nights Pink Party was certainly proof of that and extremely busy, Cat and Tags arrival is become a thing of legends and CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you for achieving a higher rating to 4.5 in the swinging club guide book Sex in the Cities, the club is well worth the high rating and my guessing is that the coveted 5* rating so few clubs achieve is just around the corner.

The best club in the area ? the best club around, well for us yes but everyone is different in what they seek from a club so saying that would be really silly, all I can say is that we love the experience of this club as well as a small number of other clubs, but do believe that it is well worth everyone trying out because whatever your likes and dislikes in the clubbing scene a visit to atlantisEVOLUTION will be a pleasant experience, and cost effective since they have a BYOB policy and no bar can compete with ASDA price ....... giggles.


6th May 2012 - 3:07pm
Atlantis Evolution - 2012

We hadn’t been to Atlantis Evolution since it was taken over by the new owners about a year ago (In fact is was 2004 when we last went and back then the club, then known as simply as Atlantis wasn’t really our cup of tea) We attended on a Couples Night (Saturday) Now, if there is an argument that the right hosts can create magic and move mountains if given the chance then Atlantis Evolution is certainly it. Located in the suburb of Bursalem in Stoke on Trent you’re not short on other choices for clubs in the surrounding one hour’s drive but there are several good reasons to make a B-line for this one if you’re deciding where to go for your night out. So much has changed here since the new owners took over that when we arrived it was like we were in a different building altogether. The club is located in a discreet side street off from the main road and is also a short taxi ride from Stoke on Trent (If you’re staying at Pixies that will collect you and take you to the club) Inside there is a spacious enough reception and cloak room area and you’ll be greeted by either Tag or Kat at the front desk who will gladly show you round. The club is laid out on two floors; past reception is essentially a nightclub and lounge area. There is a long bar (You can BYOB) and several sofas here to relax on, apart from the DJ booth, on this level there is a play area past a set of blinds located behind the ample dance floor which is used as an S and M dungeon on the monthly fetish themed parties. (6 Dom ladies will keep you very busy if that’s your thing) By the stairwell to the second level there is a corridor to an outside heated covered smoking area (Don’t hesitate to remind Tag to putting the heater on if he forgets) The second level of the venue is a large open plan lounge with several play spaces curtained or partitioned off from each other and two private lockable playrooms. The toilets are also on this level, with the gents strangely getting one more cubicle than the ladies. The lighting is low here with a wash of blue and reds everywhere which creates a very sexually charged atmosphere which certainly didn’t go to waste on us. There is also a dark room here with glory hole and the area is nicely divided between a chilled social space and that for playing scrabble (Shagging) Video’s play the latest sex Olympics on screen and a specific Couples Only room is to be added here soon for more privacy on the mixed couple nights.
The beautiful Hayley who worked behind the bar and the other staff were exceptionally helpful throughout the night, the club was spotless and immaculate (Well it was until we met Mrs Gushy and totally swamped one of the beds, you know who you are!) Soon after we arrived there was a steady flow of couples coming in, if your young or old you won’t feel out of place there and it’s a mistake to think you won’t fit in, talk to people and you will soon feel right at home. There was a mixture of veterans who had been on The Scene for years and young couples dipping their toe from the local university. It was a really good mix. We always say hosts are important at any venue, if you’ve been to Ourplace4fun in London and have met Gregg and Lisa, then we swear that Kat and Tag went on the same public relations course as them because they are made from similar metal. Kat was relentless all night at putting people at ease and showing others around, introducing people and the results of this we can sum in the following sentence – ‘We’ve been to a huge number of clubs both in the UK and abroad but we have never been to a club where we literally almost spoke to every single person who was there in one night. Atlantis changed that.’ Literally here, everyone spoke to everyone, we have never been to a club, any club, on The Scene or off, as friendly and relaxed as this, and we have been to some very friendly clubs - it was just lovely. Pretty soon everyone was up and dancing, everyone made an effort to dress up, there were so many delicious people you really didn’t know where to look and Mrs Party was soon on the dance floor playing tonsil tennis with a stunning blonde. (Scrabbled followed) Too Summarise Atlantis Evolution it is best described as a sexually charged night club for adults with some lovely places to play and some of the loveliest people we’ve ever met at a club. Good hosts are conducive to creating this type of environment and they have done so here with ease (And probably a great deal of hard work) and are naturals at what they do. Tag is also a great DJ.
Our criticisms were few and as it happened most are already being addressed. We thought the lack of lockers was an oversight that needed looking at but is already being sorted and we wondered if there might be room for some showers (Essential when you’re soaked from meeting Mrs Gushy) which have been installed and will operate in a week or two additional toilets down stairs would be great if there’s room. Kat and Tag, rightly welcome your feedback and suggestions, always a good sign and a quality that is imperative for any shrewd club owner. This will definitely not be our last visit to Atlantis, and for those wishing to travel from a far as we have done, you can also stay at the local B and B, Pixies, that is connected to the club and run by a regular. An ideal club for either nervous newbies or booty shaking orientated old hands. It’s not for those who want a Jacuzzi and a pool and it’s not the biggest club and doesn’t pretend otherwise but if you like dancing with your night of play, a friendly crowd and something that isn’t going to break your bank, (£25 entry fee, soft drinks £1.50) then put Atlantis on your to do list. In our opinion, a club well worth travelling for. 4.5 out of 5


18th Dec 2011 - 3:31pm
MidsCouple24's AvatarMidsCouple24
Went: Last Night and most Saturdays for the last 6 months, we have also tried Fridays (singles and couples night) and even the fetish nights

Club facilities are not only excellent, spotlessly clean and comfortable but convenient too, the dance floor, lounge, music and ambience create a totally relaxed area where new and experienced alike can get together in a way that wouldn't make even the most nevous newbie feel uncomfortable.

The excellent play facilities are all located upstairs and these are improved weekly, gone is the unused 2nd bar to be replaced by lockable private rooms, the group rooms are well laid out and nicely decorated (very clean too)

The owners and staff are the best part of this clubs features, they work hard from start to finnish to make you feel comfortable no matter what that comfort level is, in doing this they have encouraged some great regulars into the club who instead of falling into the old trap of appearing "cliqey" really seem to enjoy welcoming new people into the fold.

Changes to the lounge seating area are just another part of the new owners ongoing work to make the club better each week, next week we understand they are re-vamping the smoking area, It's Christmas have a bloody break for once lol!

Value for money door prices, Free membership and a "bring your own alcohol policy (which is far cheaper than any licensed bar could offer) make the experience of visiting the club not only great but kind on the wallet too, did I mention that free accommodation is offered inside the club and nearby

SUMMARY = Clubs can learn from what is going on at Atlantis Evolution it really is evolving

Jed n Sasha (proud sponsors of sex) any sex Jeds not fussy ..... giggles


8th Jun 2011 - 11:12pm
kejove_2009's Avatarkejove_2009
we have been here a couple of times ( most recent 4th june)and just had the best time, would recommend to anyone,everyone is very friendly and put you at ease straight away, very very good looking and sexy peeps attend most weekends, the club atmosphere is fab great dj and some very sexy dancing going on, upstairs chill out room is always full of lots of fun people in all kinds of positions, if you want a no pressure club and are new to swinging would defo recommend cat and tag will make you most welcome they are very good hosts xxxx


17th Mar 2011 - 2:53pm
We have been to Atlantis twice since the new management took over. The first time was on the first night of new ownership and the last time was for the SH social held on 29th October.

The club is very very small and play space is minimal. The play areas are very open and this led to some of the single guys thinking they could just join in ... luckily I am confident (gobby) enough to tell them where to go!!

The staff are very friendly and the club is clean. It's a real shame that it is soooo small as it could make a good club and I know that the new managers are trying to utilise the space they have and re-vamp the play areas. They really need to do something about the smoking area though!! I dont think we will go back again.


8th Nov 2010 - 12:16am
visited the club on 29th October....small but intimate venue....staff were really welcoming and couldnt do enough. had a brilliant night will def be going back. Would def recommend it to anyone, great for a first experience ..relaxed friendly and because of the dress code I think it would be idea for newbies starting out too


2nd Nov 2010 - 8:28am
The club is small.....but for me that makes it intimate and freindly. The hosts are the most freindly you could wish for, and the bar staff, are always there with a smile. The music is modern, and ensures a good few on the dance floor. Been to a few clubs and I have to say i would highly reccommend this one.


7th Oct 2010 - 5:22pm
simply the relaxed non pushy friendley people attend.the hosts are superb doing a great job .we go usually on a friday and just love it.not to be missed


5th Oct 2010 - 11:30pm
Visited AtlantisEVOLUTION on SATURDAY 2/10/2010

It was a Birthday Bash and boy did we have a good time. The place was electric with great music and so many sexy peeps you would not believe.

Everyone was just partying with half naked peeps on the dance floor, girl on girl action by the bar it was just everywhere and this was before 11.30.

The club has been done up by the new owners who may I just say are absoloutly brill. Its a really intimate and erotic club that lends itself to erotic sex rather than the might as well seeing as we're here type you see at so many other clubs.

We would recommend this club to all who like to party, socialise and have a good time. Even though there were some really hot peeps in there each were so friendly and non took themselves seriously which was a breath of fresh air.

Top drawer club this one and one we will be going too a lot more.

There is a SH meet there this month on a Friday and even though we dont normally do Fridays I dont think we will be able to stay away.

More of the same please, Great club



29th Jul 2010 - 11:59am
Dont know why we waited so long! having never been to a club before, we were worried it would be seedy or full of pushy strange people. Instead we found a normal club, normal people, who just happen to like getting it on with other people. Enjoyed a very horny night.


5th Jul 2010 - 9:20am
abw1065's Avatarabw1065
We went to Atlantis for the first time last sat 3rd July as we were looking for somewhere
a bit more local to us our normal club is liberty elite the club has new owners and is now called Atlantis evolution and is undergoing room by room revamp we cant comment on the club in the past but we found it very clean the staff were very friendly indeed the music was modern and the clientele we a good mix of sexy people and again very friendly
the last post on here said the club had gone down hill well i guess its on the way back now lots of special party nights on there web site we will def be going back !!


29th Mar 2010 - 4:09pm
My partner & I went to a greedy girls night last Friday, we have been several times but just recently the numbers of fun people at the club have reduced.We were one of only 5 couples there on that night,& you have to be within the "click" that occurs between the regulars.This club has unfortunately gone down hill.


2nd Mar 2009 - 5:28pm
Welovethefun's AvatarWelovethefun
We went to atlantis with our obvious reservations but only to have that dismissed when we pressed the "funky sounding" doorbell. Ed and maureen were more than friendly, took our coats and gave us the quick tour making us feel at ease. The night was fantastic, we had no hasstle, no one was rude and it was comfy enough for two people insecure about our bodies to get naked and have fun! which is obviously the selling point for any club like this. Meet ed and maureen they are fantastic people.


16th Feb 2009 - 1:23pm
attended the club on valantines night with another cpl we were both newbies...on going in we were met by our hosts who took our coats and showed us around and even introduced us to some of the members to make us feel at ease.the club was clean with plenty of places to play and the people were so welcoming we are going back for being out at a night club but not getting thrown out for making out ...clean fun and none pushy safe place to play what more can you want..


3rd Dec 2008 - 5:17pm
Me & my friend decided to try it out, wed never been to a swingers club before. not at all sleazy as some may think & now we are hooked,. We go fri or sat, sometimes
Just going into a normal night club in town now just insent enough..
Very clean & friendly atmosphere what ever you want to do theres no pushyness & always something to do wether it be dance or watch some action & join in or just chill & meet interesting new ppl..
Keep up the good work Ed & Maureen & we love you laura & Paul with the cute "V"....xxxxxx


23rd Nov 2008 - 12:27pm
Nosmo_king's AvatarNosmo_king
tried out atlantis for the first time last friday. It was a bit quiet but the hosts were realy friendly and welcoming.
most of the action went on in the dark area but a few couples were playing in the main lounge.
The club was clean and facilities were good.
I will definitely be going again.
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