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The Attic
Unit 2A,
Osmaston Road Business Park
270, Osmaston Road
Derby, DE23 8LD
Club Info:
The Attic has undergone a revamp and has now got two floors, great atmosphere, friendly, people fantastic fun.

WE have a lower floor socialising area, soft drapes and kitchen area where free tea, coffee and soft drinks are available, lockers and changing area.


- THE BLUE ROOM which is now a couples only room with a 10ft bed sofas etc.
- GREEN ROOM is a large area with music,a great area for mingling and getting too know people.
- BEDOUIN ROOM is designed as a arabian tent, with soft fabrics, and atmospheric lighting, ample double beds,and great sexy area.

The club is a welcoming place, for seasoned swingers and newbies see web site for details.
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Your Reviews of The Attic Swingers Club


1st Feb 2015 - 4:47pm
went here last night 30/01/15 wow what a place.great atmosphere,great people was met my the owner and shown around. had a real good night will be going back.


29th Jan 2015 - 7:13pm
WOW the daytime adult cinema is awesome,we witnessed girl on girl action,a mini gangbang, male on tgirl action and a bukakke session.thats NOT the films they shown that's live in the cinema.


30th Sep 2013 - 5:38pm
Has this club closed? arrived on a friday 2 weeks ago and it was closed.. web site is gone too??


28th Sep 2013 - 7:29am
The web site seems to have gone for a burton???


2nd Sep 2013 - 8:50pm
very friendly club great atmosphere and very very clean ,tgirls afternoons are very good


1st Oct 2012 - 7:48am
The website appears to be working now.


7th Aug 2012 - 10:35pm
C1tyof4ngels's AvatarC1tyof4ngels
My partner and I were in the area, and decided to visit the club. This is my true and honest review.
1. Lovely and private, great location. No prying eyes and ample parking. Thumbs up.
2. Walked in, paid our £10.00 and felt very concious. All eyes were on us, and the room fell silent. Awkward.
3. The owner came over, introduced himself. Offered to take us on a tour. Thumbs up.
4.Cinema. Huge screen with Porn playing. Comfortable sofas around, no one in there.
5. Jacuzzi and shower, no one in there, was told it is cleaned every Sunday religiously. Hmmm... ugg.
6.Upstairs to the chill out room. Around 6 to 7 guys who looked Asian. Silence fell in the room as we walked through, but could hear grunts, and phwwooor, and mutterings in forighn language... felt extreamly uncomfortalbe with this. Noticed at this point, some of the asian single men following us around.
7. A Look at the dark room, the couples room, and other rooms. All empty.
8. Went back down to the reception room, and I said, we go outside to smoke so we can talk in privacy about our thoughts. Every one in the club also came outside, even those who didnt smoke...
9. Back inside, we sat on a couch in the cinema room, and had already decided we would have our drink and leave. Another couple came in, regulars I could tell, they went upstairs and everyone followed.. to watch.. I assume.
10. Just me and my partner now, suddenly two asian men slide along side us. Opening a bottle, one says, so you like drink with us..
We said, no thank you, got up and left.
The club is in a great place. It was Saturday night, prime time. Club was empty,other than the many single asian men. I was one of 3 women who were there. I did not feel secure, and there is no way I would have got undressed with all of them there, looking at me like they did, it was humiliating.
Sorry guys, I really wanted it to be so good, but for us, it was really really the opposite.


22nd Jul 2012 - 4:25pm
well had a good nite in the attic last nite. and i got a quick look around the new extenision. all i can say is that i can't wait to go play in there. the rooms are large and there are plenty of them with differant theams.


18th Jan 2012 - 2:07pm
My first visit to the club with the opening of the porn cinema.It was a good cosy atmosphere and I met some nice people in there including Ronnie the owner.Good layout and themes caters for most sexy fun things. I will certainly be back for the real thing one evening.


16th Jan 2012 - 7:45pm
Just been to the attic for the opening of there porn cinema.
It my 1st there and the club is very well laid out very nice manager and people in there it's open mon tues and Wednesday 1200 till 1800 get down there is a great club £10 for single males and free to cpls going soon for one of the evening party's please check there website for more info.
They got a big screen and loads of nice leather sofas tea/coffee and soft drinks 6 hours of porn for £10 what more could you want don't take my word try it out.


4th Jul 2011 - 11:42pm
We have now been twice to the attic recetly and have enjoyed it on both occasions the staff and owners are very friendly and welcoming the club is very relaxed and friendly to with no pushy people and a great atmosphere


4th Jul 2011 - 9:31pm
been going regular for a couple of months now owing to closure of g spot really good friendly club one of the best we ve been to.wife would like to see more nice looking single males to shag her.


20th Jan 2011 - 2:50pm
held the 1st bi nite at the attic last nite wot a brill turn out thanks all made a brill nite thanks all that came and to all the ones that didnt hope you make the next one as you missed a brill nite


19th Dec 2010 - 7:43pm
Saturday 18th December

Third time there and another great night, the club is coming on leaps and bounds due to the Hard work of Ron and the staff and is a place i think people should visit especially those that have been critical in the past there is something different or been done each time we go the grass sure isn't growing under their feet their. The people that go there are very friendly and welcoming makes for a very relaxed and horny night which we have never failed to have since going there. We had some fun with a new couple there that was their first time and hope they enjoyed the joys of club life they know who they are, also like to say a big thanks to pete who also knows who were talking about.

Your doing great things and a fantastic job with the club Ron and his staff and you will be seeing us again for sure, take care all of you and we wish you a very Merry Christams and a Happy New Year


30th Oct 2010 - 11:12am
Went last night friday 29th to see if my partner would enjoy it there, was expecting the normal clicky,pushy club,however i was pleasently surprised, from arriving at the club till leaving everyone made me very welcome, the club is warm clean and friendly.
During the evening i had 4 cokes and 2 coffee's, these were all free of charge along with nibbles in the seating areas
I would definatly recommend this club for a good night out, lots of action but very respectful people.


24th Oct 2010 - 6:10pm
weSpent a great sat evening at the Attic last night, made to feel welcome the moment we walked in the door.very clean and great fun no presure will be back again soon


15th Oct 2010 - 3:54am
well wot a nite i had greedy girl nite just get better and better well defo be there on the 29th oct see you all there
i would recommend the club to anyone
its fun friendly and a brill nite out


8th Oct 2010 - 5:11pm
On Thursday I went to The Attic in Derby with a lady friend who hadn't been to adult parties or swinger clubs before. Whilst it was fairly quiet at around 9.30 pm a couple arrived from Doncaster thinking it was the Attic’s Greedy Girls night. My friend and I had a great swop and she really enjoyed herself despite being a swinging virgin.

The Attic is clean, about to have central heating, a Jacuzzi installed and the toilets extended, and all the 10 to 12 (by now 3 women) people there chatted to each other. Ron, the owner, a very friendly guy, is particularly keen to make it a great place to be and it's certainly getting there. The atmosphere was friendly and all agreed that at the Greedy Girls nights they get about 8 to 10 really Greedy Girls and 40 or so guys. My friend felt quite at ease, we both had fun, and the guests were well behaved. As soft drinks are free and you can take your own alcohol it's great value.

We’ll go back as soon as we can and perhaps use more of the facilities. Recommended.


5th Oct 2010 - 1:51pm
now open thursday friday saturday and sunday times are
thurs fri sat 7.30 till late
sunday 2pm till late
come have some fun grt club love it brill place to be


14th Aug 2010 - 10:40pm
shagaholics's Avatarshagaholics
we go as much as we can but must say every time we been it good fun
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