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Gran Canaria
Shopping Center Cita (basement) after 40m, go down the steps, then first bar on the right
Playa del Inglés - Gran Canaria - Spain
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Angel & Rich welcome you to Fun4all "Erotic Swingers Café" in the Cita Shopping Centre, Playa del Inglés...Gran Canaria...
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Your Reviews of Fun4all Swingers Club


10th Feb 2015 - 3:50pm
We went on Thursday in February.
Very well laid out place and very busy, but as mentioned, with several "posers" strutting their stuff. (No bad thing for entertainment, Mainly a younger crowd but we were made to feel comfortable.
No entry charge for couples and soft drinks were very reasonable.
Certainly it is a more lavishly furnished environment than Secrets next door and had more customers.
Would reccommend the place.


10th Jan 2013 - 6:42am
hotnsexypair's Avatarhotnsexypair
Went in Novenber with German friends.It was very busy,and more of a "poser"place than a swingclub...Our friends had a had price drinks card from next door bar,but when it came to paying got ripped off..if you want a disco atmosphere with expensive drinks go here!Otherwise reccomend the 2 x 2 as its better value,nicer atmosphere and superior play areas.Plus the hosts always welcome and serve u in person,and you do not get served by two girls who jump on u as soon as your glass is empty!!(on commission ????)


21st Aug 2012 - 4:25pm
Been there twice this August, I almost had it with a nice German couple but alas, I didnt succeed. I would go again and again, as the staff are friendly and they have no problem guiding the more shy singles like me into the ropes and tricks. Very relaxed, but beware, smoking is allowed. However, I do recommend it!


15th Aug 2012 - 9:48am
We went several times July August 2012 in the quiet season. Nice disco type feel to the place and clean but the one time we used the playroom it was very hot. Our only gripe is the limited amount of seating available making it hard to strike up a conversation as you end up sitting on your own a lot of the time. The stars of the club are the 2 gorgeous Dutch girls who work the bar area, very chatty and bubbly and quick to tell off the Spanish bloke who looked like Norris off Coronation street who was keep asking us to join him and his sexy señorita (she wasn't by the way). Can't really speak about the hosts as they only ever spoke to say goodbye. Will deffo go back next time we visit the Island.


13th Nov 2011 - 12:58pm
Just thought I would write a quick review of the club, as I have just visited for three consecutive weeks in october/november 2011. The location and setup details have been covered earlier – and on the website

I would have to say the place seems to just get better and better, the staff/owners richy and angel are so helpfull– if you have sensible expectations you should have a great time even if its just chatting with people during the evening.very nice CLEAN/club.lots of fun to be had,met some horny couples, good luck with the new swinging complex to open soon..thanks guys for some good nights,,,,,see you soon


18th Oct 2010 - 4:02pm
Hi guys. this is the bar to go to when your in playa del ingles, we are there now. wow first class,air con, nice play rooms,pole, come and have a look your welcome... drinks are normal price, lots of fun to have in this club, best in playa.. thanks to richy&angel..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


11th Jul 2010 - 8:35pm
We have been to Fun4All quite a few times but last time was in April/May 2010 and we can highly recomend it. The atmosphere is fantastic and I can not resist joining Angel on the pole when they play Beyonce "All the single ladies"....We have had lots of fun there and will always go there whenever we are on holiday
Will be back there again in October 2010 so cant wait to see Angel and Rich again
We love you guys and wish you well.....Cya soon
Jackie & Rob


11th Jul 2010 - 12:59am
I went here in December 2009 for the first time and liked it so much went back every night of my 5 day holiday! They have a good policy of only allowing single guys in as it fills up with couples so they keep the balance just right. I met some good people here and had fun every night. The hosts are lovely people although not swingers themselves. whaich is a pity as Angel is bloody gorgeous! I would not hesitate to go back if I'm in Playa Del Ingles again.


3rd Jul 2010 - 7:49pm
snj2001's Avatarsnj2001
excellent little club not on par with the likes off chameleons or libertys etc but still does the job when you are on holiday clientele where all very pleasant and angel and rob who owwn the place are just delicious especially when angel gets on the pole mmmmmm


1st Apr 2010 - 4:43pm
This club/bar is first class,all new in march 2009, we went MARCH 2010.. most nights.
All the rooms have a shower,and very very clean, air con, great atmosphere the hosts rich and angel are vey genuine and fun!!!she's hot on the pole..see for your self!!!
You will get a warm welcome, and the rest???.
This is a first class venue,we would recommend this club to any swinger over in gran-canaria.
Had lots of fun in there.THANKS guys . mike&gee BEST AFTER 12.00 MIDNIGHT....


30th Jan 2010 - 11:26am
Went January 2010 entrance is opposite a very busy bar where they shout abuse at you as you are waiting for them to answer the door to let you in. Met by a very friendly couple, we ordered a pint and a half of draught local beer and we had a look around. This is just a small pub basically with a pole dancing pole and some beds partitioned off in the corners. We drunk our drinks and asked for the bill - we were charged E9.50 (about £9.00), when we questioned this we were told you get a free locker key? Didn't see the point of staying as there was only one couple and one local at the bar. Didn't go back. Spent most of our time at the 2X2 swingers bar where it is happy hour from 10 to 12 and is by far a better and busier club.


20th Jan 2010 - 8:57am
We went october 09 lovely & clean, fantastic hosts & some really lovely people.


23rd Nov 2009 - 4:37pm
This club/bar is first class,all new in march 09, we went all october 09.. most nights.
All the rooms have a shower,and very very clean, air con, great atmosphere the hosts rich and angel are vey genuine and fun!!!she's hot on the pole..see for your self!!!
You will get a warm welcome, and the rest???.
This is a first class venue,we would recommend this club to any swinger over in gran-canaria.
Had lots of fun in there, and going back in march...THANKS guys for a fun month. mike&gee

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