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Hanley, Stoke On Trent
67 Bryan Street
Stoke On Trent
0757 807 3490
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Possibly the most sumptuous club on the planet. The perfect place to meet hot, sexy people in a relaxed and friendly setting. Perfect for swing virgins and experienced swingers alike.

Two floors of fun with two dancefloors, playing the best music mix in SwingerLand. ChillOut spaces and a great choice of themed playrooms, (lockable and open), plus orgy areas and dark room.

Covered and heated smoking area. Electronic cigarettes ARE allowed inside, (but not in play areas, please).

Car parking for 300 cars just 20 metres away. Safe and secure location close to, but just outside town centre,

No need to bring your own alcohol. We are fully licensed and our prices are fantastic. You won't get ripped off at Adventures.

We are NOT a wet club, so dress up to get noticed. We've done everything to make your night as sexy and special as YOU are.

Friday 10pm - 3am Mixed Couples / Single Girls /Single Gents
Saturday 10pm - 3am Couples & Single Girls
FREE membership to Swinging Heaven members. Please print & bring your photo profile.
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Your Reviews of Adventures Swingers Club


22nd Oct 2012 - 9:52pm
Hi all, we went to Adventures on Saturday 20 October, this was the first time that we had visited a swingers club. We were greeted by very friendly owners/staff and was given a tour around which we found very clean and well set out. We were very nervous but the people there were very friendly and made us feel at ease very quickly. This club is like a normal night club but with benifits. We would highly recommend here for both people who are unsure if to try swinging or people who have been swinging for years.


22nd Jun 2012 - 10:05pm
Outstanding night club based club. Hot people, great music and then later.......... wow.

Keep up the good work and to all the people thinkin about it - get down there and get involved


5th Jun 2012 - 8:33pm
We went to adventures on the 2nd of june it was our first time there and i can honestly say it is a fabulous club we were NOT disappointed. On arrival we received a very warm welcome,we were given a guided tour and introduced to many people.It is an immaculate club in all areas with good music and a great atmosphere.There is a great bar with fantastic prices to match and many areas where you can play, chat or chill.There are a couple of dancefloors where you can have a boogie.We will definitely be going back soon as we had lots of fun and met lots of great people, we would recommend it to all.


8th May 2012 - 9:31pm
We attended the club on a Sunday afternoon, at a mixed social event.

We must preface this review by stating that we went to this club to Kev and Kat’s social event, so it wasn’t on a regular night and naturally social events are generally quite a different affair to a regular club night. We were also could only stay until 9pm, as we delayed our departure back to London so we could only give the club a brief visit. (We arrived just after 6pm)

The club itself is in the premises of a former pole dancing club, so the décor is much what you would expect. The layout is effectively on two tiers. You step up into the reception and then the main part of the club which consists of a long bar, DJ booth, good sized dance floor and various seating areas. From there you can access one corridor which leads to six lockable play rooms, and on the other side leads to an enclosed area which would have been former private dance booths and are now playing booths effectively. Adjacent to this there is a really dark, dark room.
From here there are steps down to the lower tier, where there are toilets, a locker and cloak room, a second lounge area which also had an orgy/bed and cinema room. From here this an outside terrace for smokers. Parts of this downstairs area were a little cold, probably because of access to the smoking area, but otherwise the club was warm throughout. The owners who were numerous in number made sure we were given a tour, and they were always on hand if we needed anything and prices of drinks are reasonable (It’s not BYOB)

Many of the people there that day were from the website whom had organised the social and it was nice to meet some people we had spoken to for years on line but had never actually met and we were soon talking to a bunch of regulars. The music was a journey through the decades from the 60s to the 90s (They had hit 1987 when we had to depart) and we met a single guy called David, whom was a good example of how to behave as a single man in a club. (He spoke to us both and wasn’t pushy) There were other single men in the venue, but they mostly hung around by the bar but the ratio was good.

Its hard to judge this club on anything other than the social we attended so our comments are mainly directed at the layout and facilities but it would certainly appeal to regulars of Chams who want to go somewhere where they can actually dance and not just sit in the Jacuzzi and the music suited the generation of the clientele (Hey I remember when ‘Time of your life’ was number one for ten weeks, so include myself in there) People were friendly and although we were the youngest couple there we didn’t mind that it was mainly a more mature crowd as we will talk to anyone. Again we emphasise this was a social.

The club itself is obviously still a work in progress and the décor is a little inconsistent but the location of the lockers/cloak room seems to be in the wrong place. Some people obviously like to change once they arrive at a venue, so you do have to walk through the main space to get to them as they are right down the other end of the club. The smoking deck being past the open room with the orgy bed / cinema (A great space) means that getting a blast of cold air up the arse is going to be a common occurrence. These are not major gripes, just things that need addressing if at all possible but we can see with the design of the space, its problematical to set up a changing area near the entrance without losing considerable space in the night club.

There is going to be a great deal of comparison between this and other venues in the immediate area and no doubt some reviews will get very territorial and its not for us to question the wisdom of setting up a club that offers a similar experience to others close by but it seems to put people in the position of having to choose one or the other. Based purely on what we have seen (please don’t point out to us what other nights offer, let other reviewers do that for the club) we think Adventures will appeal more to those who are from the older generation of swingers, and less so to those who came to it from the energetic dance / rave era. This is a purely subjective comment and we fully accept others may feel differently. If Chameleons is your second home but occasionally you want to dance instead, you will not feel out of place here. We are fully aware that we need to come back and see what the club is like on a Saturday to get a fuller impression. Thanks to Kev and Kat for organising the social, they are a super friendly couple.


17th Jan 2012 - 12:47pm
Our first visit to this club and in fact to this type of club. We usually like the "wet clubs" with a jacuzzi to relax etc. but decided to try a "night club" style for a change.

The club itself is spotless and all new as only recently opened and lots of room for growth if the numbers require. Good atmosphere, friendly staff and cpls who made us feel very welcome.

Its a great layout with a real bar (pretty cheap too) and DJ, dancefloor and pole for the ladies who like to strut there stuff ;o). We had a really relaxed night and will be going back soon for a theme night.

Definitely one for the "younger" cpls this club and we are hoping to be there with them often!


26th Nov 2011 - 3:20pm
2nd visit this time on a night when there were singkes there. This plave is certainly a lot btter than the average club. Music mix, great bar prices £1.20 for a Jack Daniels and double Smirnoff £2.00 wow. Couple of single guys were chatty, not sheep following people round and in the end were loads of fun both on and off the dance floor.

This place really is great


6th Nov 2011 - 2:20pm
We went to Adventure last night 05/11/2011 on the opening night.

The place was just as I expected for an ex lap dancing bar... quite plush,

drinks were fairly priced,staff were helpful especially the couple behind the bar, the doorman & the guy in the suit showing people around.

There was some nice secluded/dark areas to play & a small dance floor with pole.

There was about fifty or so couples in & they were mostly locals I think.

On the down side it was a bit cold in some of the play areas, we also saw a fair few people fall over the steps.

There is also very limited spaces on its own car park, the main parking areas are across the road & there public pay & display with no patrol/unmaned

Also it did have a younger persons feel to it,that didn't bother us as we knew dance type swingers clubs tend to attract the more show & no go type patrons who mostly go in groups/clique anyway & so make it dificult to meet new people.

The club did open on the night before & I think that caused some confusion.

The night was themed as a wear white/virgin dress code & as we made a trip out to buy something new, found that the hostess made an effort in red (shame).

Overall then we enjoyed the night & the club, yes they had some teething troubles but good overall.

We would visit again but, it does need a wider audience to apeal to.

Please note this review is honest & unbiases with no connection with this club whatsoever!


5th Nov 2011 - 2:37am
First rate. Good music (Ed is certainly the king of swing) friendly people of all ages, a variety of locked and unlocked playrooms and a well stocked reasonably priced bar all help to make this new venture (or should we say adventure) a hit in the club world.
We would strongly recommend this club to both new and seasoned swingers.

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