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Empire Cinema Club
80 John William Street Huddersfield
01484 540978
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Very sleezly sex cinema. 1 big room , 1 smaller & 3 private booths. Has strippers on twice per week . Mainly gay/ Bi but some couples in occasionally. £8.00 entry.
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Your Reviews of Empire Cinema Club Swingers Club


23rd Feb 2009 - 5:37pm
Hi all lot of cpoules in on fridays and saturdays with T.V in there to thay seen to be makeing a real go off getting couple in there let see more plzzzzzz the club as a new email address and have up dated there web site thx s$a


12th Feb 2009 - 6:38pm
Payed a visit last Friday in my frillies.Nice staff and contrary to other reviews , nice clientele. Soon had some action and taken by a couple of willing guys.Plenty of cock around and took a couple of loads in the mouth.Sleazy yes, great value and great action yes.I will be back.


20th Jan 2009 - 2:31pm
went the other sunday afternoon. only been in about 20mins when acouple came in. so i thought go for it, i sat next to her and let my hand rest on her leg. this was all she needed she unzipped my fly and took my now stiff cock out and started sucking me off and let me come in her mouth.they then moved next to another blok and repeated the action.i told my wife about it when igot home and she wants to try it .although the empire is not the most tastefully decorated place,it has plenty of action.


2nd Jan 2009 - 11:41am
Hi just to let other couples know Friday seem to be a good night been on a Friday for the last 10 weeks and all way had couple's in . the down satires cinema has had a make over better with new leather setters in there lot better for couple's nice crowed of guy seen to get in there now all ways been friendly with nice staff let keep sporthing them as its the only one left in the north s$a


2nd Jan 2009 - 11:41am
Hi just to let other couples know Friday seem to be a good night been on a Friday for the last 10 weeks and all way had couple's in . the down satires cinema has had a make over better with new leather setters in there lot better for couple's nice crowed of guy seen to get in there now all ways been friendly with nice staff let keep sporthing them as its the only one left in the north s$a


22nd Dec 2008 - 4:36am
aa999's Avataraa999
Oh my god, dirty , dirty dirty. The place is terrible , smelly unclean and dirty a real flea pit.


29th Nov 2008 - 3:55pm
Went to this cinema in October after reading about it on the net. Spent a full day on a Tuesday and half a day on the Wednesday and had a greta time on both days,Theres the main cinema which holds around 30 people, a smaller cinema with room for about 10 and a private room that holds 3 or 4. The strippers were very sexy and there was some interaction with the audiance, i got a few feels of tit and pussy but they don't seem to like too much touching. The Cinema shows top quality porn ( differnt types on different days), plenty of crossdressers there and most men wanking openly in the cinemas, a lot of the action happens on the back row so don't sit there if you don't want the Person next to you to reach over and start playing with your cock, it will happen. 1 couple came in while i was there and fucked on a small stage at the front of the main cinema, they didnt seem to want anyone else to join in but it was good to watch anyhow.
i sucked a couple of cocks while there and left a happy man, would definately go back. Lovely friendly staff too.


21st Nov 2008 - 2:19pm
karentv28's Avatarkarentv28
I managed to get a day to myself in October and ventured down to the club. yes it's in need of some money spending on it but for the money what can one expect.
Day time visit for me. There were about 30 or so guys in on the day. Me dressed as karen managed to attract some attention but there were obviously some gay guys in who were only interested in the guys.
Movie was not quite to my taste but you pays your money you takes your chances.
Managed to have four sessions with three different guys, one of them had me twice, while there. So yeah there is action there if you want it depending on your preferences.
Nice people who manage the place, made me feel welcome. The coffee girl was a delight.
I will go again.
Give it a try. It won't break the bank.


16th Sep 2008 - 2:07am
lacetop's Avatarlacetop
went to the empire in August 08. I like it
There are plenty of guys wanking and wandering in and out
I always go in stockings and frillies. great place to meet
Taking my partner in late Sept. She will be dressed for the occasion so am looking forward to it.
Good films and dirty atmosphere . excellent times.


8th Sep 2008 - 12:09pm
Hi i would like to say that we love the place it is a cinema not a swinging club ...u can watch 5 or 6 hours of films and see stripper all for a £10 if it was a swing club that would be more like £25 OR £30 ....we have meet couple in there and lots guys the new lay out seem to be going down well HOPE TO SEE MORE COUPLE IN THERE ITS FREE TO COUPLES AT THE MOMENT


27th Aug 2008 - 2:46pm
Jimbo2000's AvatarJimbo2000
You'd really have to be desperate to enjoy this one. Smelly, dirty, expensive, full of old men wanking to inferior porn on a very grainy big screen. Filthy toilets mostly not in working order.
Aging, fat, grubby TV's wandering round trying to blow everything in sight.
Yuk and double Yuk.
If there was any minus star ratings it would score minus 3.


26th Aug 2008 - 8:03pm
Hi just thought id let you all know about the new inproved Empire.I went 22nd August and was amazed how the place has changed,a new cinema room in what was the coffee lounge with two rows of bench type seats and a 32 inch screen,the coffee louge has moved upstairs in place of one of the private rooms and one is still there for those who want privacey,new non slip flooring and new seats in the coffee area soft seats in the room,On walking to the toilets along the back of the cinema i was suprised at how clean it all looked once in the toilets there was not the normal pile of kitchen role but a brand new hand dryer (yes folks electricity as come to yorkshire)making the toilets feel a lot cleaner,walls have been painted throughout all in all the place feels a lot better. The staff are still as friendly as ever and there was a mixture of customers sadley no couples.I can really say that if you are looking for some adult enjoyment in clean pleasant surroundings then the Empire is the place to be.


17th Jul 2008 - 10:01am
been going sone years, had great day wed 17th july, a few Tvs like me in, a lovely lady dressed in maid outfit, serving coffees! (tues-Wed only, made the day really enjoyable, shes great!:) Couple came in early evening, again lovley cple, well behaved guys inc me lol had some fun and having a lady there interacting with the customers and chatting to them makes females more relaxed going there...and are able to chat, and not feel under too much pressure.Films were hot, and mostly crystal clear...! Perhaps one day 2 cples will have a bi party lol

Because of improvements have given it a 4 rating. keep it up Stevie :)



6th Jun 2008 - 7:34am
Went 05/06/08. Just missed stripper but was talking to her as she changed. Entered cinema both small cubicles had males in opening wanking. The main cinema had a few males watching porn. After watching for a while noticed two males either side wanking, one on the right hand wandered onto my cock. Before long I had my pants round my ankles and shirt shoved up was well with both of them playing with cock and ball fondling and sucking, nipple play and finger fucked. Came twice. Enjoyed the atmosphere but place needs cleaning up.


2nd May 2008 - 12:51am
great place to go for sleeze and filth, guys openly wanking over some porn, 2 cubicles that have a lockable door, been a few times and each visit been horny.


2nd Mar 2008 - 3:01pm
Palledoro's AvatarPalledoro
went yesterday for first time; I had not been in there more than 10 minutes when a guy sat next to me and put his hand down my trousers; ended up in a private booth with two guys; one playing with my arse and balls whilst the other sucked my cock and made me cum. Will be back on Monday eveing if anybody is up for it


5th Jan 2008 - 7:55pm
Been a member since 1991 but it went down hill in the late 90s so not been for a number of years. Following he reviews I decided to try it again. So 3 January I put my wife's lacy knickers and made my way down. after rejoining I went into he cinema. What a surprise nice big clear screen, no think smoke (the ban is good) and reasonably clean. After watching a bit of the film I went for a walk round. The toilets have changed and now have a wipe board for messages, phone numbers etc. Then I tried the coffee room, but to my horror no coffee maid. Seems from the note on the wall she no longer works there.

After a drink went back to watch the film, undid the trousers hand on dick and enjoyed playing with myself while watching the film and being watched by other people present. After while went for a walk round again, tried to talk to people but got no real reaction. maybe next time. No couples present but it was midweek. Will be going again, next time wearing both lacy knickers and stockings, hopefully someone male or female may want take up the invite, or even invite me to one of the rooms.


4th Dec 2007 - 7:14pm
I've been a regular at the Empire for 3 or 4 years and usually go on Mondays or Thursdays when the strippers are on. I understand other users' comments who complain that the place is dirty and full of scruffy bleeders. Well, yes it is but if your bag is fun with a tv you will have no complaints. Just don't expect the Ritz or luxury hotel with suite - more like deep in the Spui of Amsterdam. Capiche?


3rd Nov 2007 - 2:43pm
Gingerchox's AvatarGingerchox
We went to the Empire on what was our first introduction to this lifestyle on the foolish notion that the atmosphere would be akin to a hedonistic version of the Gaumont! We felt uncomfortable as soon as we arrived, single men loiter in small groups at the entrance to the main screen room, eyeing you with a mixture of suspicion as well as carnal possibilities! This is all fine if the bargain basement of sleaze is what turns you on, but a gentler introduction for us would have been more appropriate and to honest we can hardly complain, since it was us naively venturing into their environment.

We did have a quick circumnavigation of the main screen room, stood at the back and were quickly joined by several blokes(and a tv), making fake journeys to use the less than hygenic 'convenience'. Poor Ginger was initially flattered by the attention, perhaps not fully realising she was the sole female attention available to the masturbating hordes!

We quickly made our excuses and left for the 'comfort' of a private room, complete with porn film on a loop and used tissues screwed up and left everywhere in testament of the true purpose of these booths. Nonetheless we had a very sexy, furtive fuck, to the sound of occassional thumps on the door and requests for viewings, not surprising since Ginger looked gorgeous and resplendent in her heels and holdups. We left soon afterwards, vowing never to return, although we can definitely see the attraction to more seasoned swingers and would probably consider a return visit at some time again during our journey on the swinging odyssey.

The plus points to this establishment are most certainly the reception staff who were extremely nice and helpful, they are credit to the Empire. Try it, but if you're male don't take your partner first time, and if you're female take some nightclub bouncers for protection!


23rd Sep 2007 - 10:59am
jbenn177an7's Avatarjbenn177an7
this place wants setting on fire, poor toilets poor area for tea coffee , its an absolute disgrace, below average films, and some of the people in there should be introduced to soap and water. james,(who wont be back)
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