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Pleasures in Kent
Club Name:
Pleasures in Kent
Off M20, Junction 4.

Click here for directions and a map
07753 514 077 (Maggie) or 07732 318 132 (Steve)
Club Info:
Pleasures is situated in Kent, the garden of England.

Maggie & Steve own a beautiful house set in private grounds, surrounded by fields and woodland.

Both Maggie & Steve have lived in Kent for all of their lives and have decided to host private parties, as they found there was a need for them in this part of the country.

Pleasures prides itself on its friendliness, cleanliness and fun!

If you have any questions or would like to book, simply call Maggie or Steve, or visit their website.
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Your Reviews of Pleasures in Kent Swingers Club


19th Jul 2009 - 8:38am
visited friday 17/ a couple so cannot comment on the couples nights but as a couple/singles night have to say not worth the travelling.had a single guy follow us for 1.5 hours without saying a word,and the rest of them just stalked around the place.we love the hot tubs and came prepared but one look at them kept the towels firmly in the bag.glad i saw them before they were used and the floating scum mixed in.couples were very cliquey and despite plenty of cleaning material nobody bothered to clean up after a bed before you have fun realy puts a dampener on it.eventually had a little fun with two guys who arrived together but have to say it was the best of a bad area way to big and why the pole?no music and wrong place for it.far too many open rooms of which only 2 got used and not enough closed rooms for this type of night.perhaps sat they are used more,so make them adjustable with the use of optional very careful on steep stairways and wooden walkways esp in heeels or after a drink.maybe we picked a bad night but there were enough people and a very poor atmosphere.have been to much better places that are much easier to find.


11th Jun 2009 - 12:07am
The decor was odd, atmosphere just like any house party. smokers seemed to dominate, and the idea of old containers painted matt black being sexy? No thanks. We found the place cliquey and there was precious little action that we saw. Would not go back.


16th Apr 2009 - 10:48pm
Aprille's AvatarAprille
Sorry but I hated this party. I went on a Saturday night, a couples night. It just didnt get me in the mood at all and I'd had a very horny day with my buddy so was naturally expecting that to continue into the evening and I am not a shy person and I have a high libido but when at Pleasures I just wanted to hide away, this for me is really unusual as I am exhibitionist and always kick off activities and am always up for it. Was far too seventies for my liking. There were lots of couples but everyone really kept more or less to themselves. It could of been any normal house party as nothing actually occured until about an hour before the place shut!?! I didnt find the combination of food and swinging a good one, I mean, you go to a swinging party to swing, not to eat and yet everyone was busy tucking in? Who wants to snog someone whos just eaten an onion barjee or a prawn cocktail??? I certainly dont. There were a few attractive couples about but half were just really not good at all. I have never felt so turned off at a place in my life as I did at this place and how can one get in the mood when you can hear and see the host doing the washing up? I'm sure the people that run it are very nice but this place wasnt for me, I just wanted to get out of there all night and felt quite depressed. Give me a nice intimate club with single men and couples anyday, I will be avoiding house parties and wont be heading back to Pleasures again or couples only events either, didnt do it for me.


26th Jan 2009 - 6:44pm
We went to pleasures for the first time on friday 16th Jan. Both a little nervous - you know how it is. After being let in we were given a tour round by the lovely and very sexy Ali who was worth the Journey on her own. She gave us a great tour and very soon made us feel very welcome and relaxed.Nothing was to much trouble for either Ali or Dave. The place is much better than we expected. We were especially impressed by the cleanliness and the friendlyness of everyone there. Ali's other half Dave greated us at the bar after our tour. He to is well worthy the journey. Check him out girls. If your that way inclined like me you will oggleing both Ali and Dave all evening. We enjoyed every minute of our night. Pleasures is definaltey the place for us. The atmosphere is great and having a bar (not many clubs that we have been to have one) was a real treat.Our drinks were safe in the fridge and Dave and Ali even pour your drinks out for you and genuinley make you feel very welcome. After an hour or so we began to feel like regulars and if we lived closer we would be there every week. Everyone there was lovely and boy did we have fun.We were really impressed with the different rooms, two hot tubs and the sauna. To Steve and Maggie you have a great place, well done, its a credit to you. I hope we meet you next time we come. We will be back very soon possibly on a Saturday but more likely on a Friday (work committments on Saturdays get in the way). To Ali and Dave, thanks for being perfect hosts and making us feel very welcome. See you soon we hope. Andy if you read this get in touch, you have our number. The smilely faces xxx


8th Dec 2008 - 11:05am
Mrsgoggins's AvatarMrsgoggins
We went to Pleasures with another newbie couple and had a fantastic time. All the staff were very friendly and helpful. The other guests were also friendly and amenable. The rooms were all spotless and well laid out. Everyone seemed to have a good evening and we'll definitely go back again very soon.


28th Oct 2008 - 6:32pm
We went to plesures on Saturday. We had a great time as usual. Love the new set out of the bar etc..... Keep up the good work.


25th Oct 2008 - 3:55am
Just got back from PLESURES.....WOW fantastic..... this was my 1st party and it will not be my last

the place is spotless and as a single guy i thought i would struggle to talk to people ( face in the crowd ) this however was not the case

ALL the folks tgere were great and very welcoming i did not see any of this 'clicky-ness' some people have mentioned ?????

i had lots of encounters,1st with an AMAZING woman called SUE...her husband and another guy, ( GOD she was hot---thanks Sue xxx ) 2nd was with two girls me and two other guys and finally three girls and four guys this was without any question one of the best nites i have had in a long time ..... NEWBIES get ya-self along trust me it rocks.....



26th Jun 2008 - 9:10pm
Dave Mel
Went to pleasures last friday 20th, nice club but have but one thing we were not happy about ,met three guy's and not one of them had any condoms .have you got any one asked look guy's think safe sex


4th Jun 2008 - 11:40pm
Sheila and I took our friends on 31may and had a great time. It was our first time to anything like this so we were very nervous. The hosts and regulars put us at ease straight away - if you are new, this is the place to go. We will be back soon :)


26th May 2008 - 11:17am
We went to Pleasures last saturday night which was a couples/single females night. Having found the venue we were directed to a large car park area at the rear of the premises. We had met up with a couple from SH before arriving at the club and the four of us received a genuine warm welcome from the staff. We quickly paid our dues (a very reasonable £30 for us both) and went onto to a guided tour of the place from Amanda. As we went round all of us were pleasently surprised by the lay out, the standard of cleanliness and the thought that had gone into making this club - it was very impressive. After the tour we were shown the bar, friendly staff sorted out our drinks and labelled them and it was then down to us. Some good music was being played in the background which was nice. The other important thing we noticed straight away was that everyone there seemed very friendly and only to willing to chat. We did not witness any clicky groups which are prominant at other parties we have attended. It did seem as though everyone there would be willing to talk to us! after a bit of barbeque we did our own tour and started to appreciate the thought that had gone into this place - we really did feel at home and relaxed - which I'm sure is the objective the owners are looking to achieve. There were two sizable hot tubs, a sauna plenty of clean discreet playrooms, a dungeon and a swing (well recommended!)After quite a few good laughs with some other couples, a nice dip in the hot tub and finishing with a very sexy play with another lovely couple (thanks Mike and Kate!) we headed of home. We both agreed it was about the most enjoyable night we had had at a swingers club. This wasn't down to just one aspect but a whole number of things that this place has got just right. We would not hesitate to recommend Pleasures and can't wait for a return visit!
Just one thing the owners may wish to consider. The music has critisized in the past. Last saturday was not over busy so the background music was good for us. If it gets busier then you might consider have a 'party' hour where you bring the volume up and encourage people to get on the dance floor for a boogy - sorry if you do this already.
All in all a very nice experience, we had some great laughs and some very sexy fun - that's what it's all about.
P.S. Mike and Kate - if you read this drop us an email as we would love to meet up again!


11th May 2008 - 9:23pm
Had a great first time at Pleasures in May 08. Maggie, Steve and the staff were very welcoming and gave us a guided tour of the club. Very friendly, good atmosphere, clean throughout. Particularly liked the love swing! Would definitely visit again...highly recommended!


13th Dec 2007 - 10:43pm
I would agree about the music and the atmosphere,
hopefully the owners will take heed of your comments janmark. I think this place is as fun as u make it, and i don't visit too often because of the click, the hosts are lovely, house is great, this place has the it factor, and i hope they do something about it, then it might attract us more xxxxxxxxx


4th Nov 2007 - 12:57pm
We have just got home from a night at pleasures and we are sorry to say that we will not be going back agian. We have been to lots of clubs over the years and this has to be the worst by far.

We will give it a little praise as it was clean etc but why don't the people who run the club realise that you need an atmosphere, one that makes you want to have fun and enjoy yourself and others. There was hardly any people there and those that were seem to all know each other and did not want to talk to anyone else. Maybe they should think about turning up the music and get a bit of a vibe going. There is a dancing pole but who is going to use it when you can't hear the music.

Sorry to sond like we are on a downer but there are lots better places around.


4th Jun 2007 - 10:31am
We have been on 2 occasions to this venue now. Both times on a Saturday night which is couples only. The place is great, clean and comfy! We found everyone there very welcoming and friendly! On both occasions have had fun with couples in the downstairs rooms, which are clean and heated (but also have a fan if the action gets too hot!! lol!) . Also on offer are some great hot tubs and a sauna. Had our 1st experience here with 2 other couples at the same time (highly rated!!) Music in downstairs rooms could be a bit more up to date (Dolly Parton not the best for getting you in the mood!!) Dungeon is fab, Sex Swing even more so when you get the hang of it (excuse the pun!) hosts go out of their way to ensure the place runs smoothly and everyone enjoys themselves. This is def the place to go for new peeps to the club scene. We are looking forward to going many more times in the future.


31st May 2007 - 2:12pm
hi loved club single male had lots of fun.. want to say thanks to sue and mick had such a good time i will be giong back asap thanks john


12th Apr 2007 - 12:45am
we love this club, our fourth time last weekend Easter bunny night and as allways had a great time, Maggie & Steve make you feel very welcome.
We had some fun in the new dungeon and the sauna.
A nice friendly atmosphere, we'll see you there!!


27th Mar 2007 - 1:05am
Had our first Newbie experience here on Saturday 24th March.
Great venue, clean, welcoming, relaxed and full of incredibly sexy couples.
This is a completely no pressure environment. Maggie and Steve and wonderful hosts, and the facilities are superb. Go with confidence and enjoy the evening, whatever your experience or tastes.
We will be cumming again!


25th Feb 2007 - 10:11pm
bnr24fun's Avatarbnr24fun
Hi all

Well we must disagree with the previous posting. We went in Feb and having been to a few clubs & parties we can honestly say we felt it was a good venue and very welcoming hosts.

The club is as described in the website and yes some underground rooms.. great

Of course with all clubs swinging or otherwise there are groups who know each other, and people being people will tend to talk to each other, if you are new you have to make the effort...that is if you want to.

We most definitely will go back.

All the best

Bren & Roy


25th Feb 2007 - 12:33pm
dippergt750's Avatardippergt750
Have to agree with last review. Very "clicky" all the regulars seem to be lifelong friends, odd for a swingers venue I would have thought? Anyone not "in" is basically ignored. Basically, newcomers get to talk to, or play with other newcomers only. Beautiful venue physically, but most uncomfortable otherwise.


1st Feb 2007 - 6:01am
Visiting_wife's AvatarVisiting_wife
This was the first club we had ever been too,, and we can honestly say it will probably be the last! The other guests were very clicky, and we witnessed a couple (drunk) being very abusive to some guy, just for looking at them!!!!! So sorry Maggy & steve, we hated your club... N.B The actual establishement was spot on, very clean and cosy.
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