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Erotic Parties for Discerning Adults

We hold erotic parties at a luxury location near Heathrow:-
Couples and Singles - EVERY FRIDAY.
Couples only - EVERY SATURDAY.
Single Ladies are welcome at all of our parties. You must book online in advance to attend these parties.

Facilities include a covered heated swimming pool, a sauna, an indoor and outdoor hot-tub, a dance area, a meet and mingle area, an exhibitionist ballroom, an open swing room, a large darkroom, a harem room, a cage room, an erotic cinema and both lockable and open playrooms. We also provide smoking and non-smoking areas and complimentary soft drinks, tea and coffee. As this is a house party we do ask you to bring all your own alcohol.

We provide towels for all the wet area facilities.

We start at 9.30pm and finish promptly at 3:00 am both Fridays and Saturdays. We do ask any newcomers to arrive before 11.00pm so that we can provide you not only with a warm welcome but also a guided tour of the extensive facilities.

On Fridays we limit the number of single men to less than the number of couples with the exception of the last Friday of every month when the ratio is one to one at the request of our members.

Please book online to attend our erotic parties and for info regarding membership ID, costs, dress code etc, please visit www

We now hold a weekly NATURIST PARTY every Wednesday night from 6pm-midnight with a naturist/lingerie dress code for couples, single ladies and single guys – no booking necessary.

We are also now open every Monday night for our BI-NIGHT PARTY from 6pm-midnight. This is exclusively for bi-sexual and bi-curious couples, guys and girls - no booking necessary.


(Please check out for the dress code for our fetish parties on the 2nd Friday of every month).
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Your Reviews of AbFabParties Swingers Club


17th Dec 2014 - 9:37am
Monday night, 15th of December, AbFabs..., a real night to remember ; ) we had emailled a couple of guys, a couple and a lovely lady before going, but fully expected just to get shown around and maybe have a bit of fun to ourselves. How wrong were we, almost as soon as we arrived one of the guys found us and we started chatting just as the guy from the couple invited us into a private room - so within 5 minutes we were in an 8 person orgy! Still smiling, still can't believe it and so want to go back for more. We had a brilliant time and tried so many new things ;)))

Definately recommend this club xx


9th Nov 2014 - 11:44pm
We visited this club late ( 11.30pm)on Halloween, Friday night after a night in London. It was singles n couples night. Lots of peps anda nice mix of young n older.
Been to other clubs and this was well laid out plenty of rooms and play areas.
Single guys ,or Zombies,don't follow us and say f all cum say hi otherwise you end up freaking us out.
Dungeon was good but needs some tools/whips. Will bring our own next time.
Smoking areas are too close and you end up having to walk through a dense mist of cough cough blah...yuk.
Good club---maybe too many ugly men.


12th Oct 2014 - 10:34pm
We on Saturday night, not been there for seven years WOW the place looks great now its come a long way. Fantastic facilities and extremely clean.
Well worth a visit we will be back again soon.


18th Sep 2014 - 12:19pm
Newbies to AbFabs
My Partner and I decided to try your establishment last Monday.
We chose a Monday because we thought as it is a Bi night we would not get pestered, we are also both are very open minded,
I made a slight mistake with ref to the dress code but we were told it did not mater and what I was wearing was ok
My Partner on the other hand had chosen a daring outfit as per your advise which she got numerous good comments about.
We had done our research on the club and knew that there was a bring your own drinks policy, we had also read that some times people drink your booze by mistake, so we even took extra just to make sure our night was not spoiled by something petty like that!
Once we got to you and went though the joining process which was quite harmless, we were given a very through show round.
The size of the club is initially daunting but u get used to it very quickly
The facility's are great and every thing was spotless!
Once the show round had finished we were left to explore on our own
We have been to spa's before and found the rules on some things very oppressive but at your club as long as everyone is respectful of each other anything goes
For example my partner and I both smoke and we also like being intimate whilst smoking
So we went to one of the 3 smoking areas and did what we love doing, well
no one told us off and no one pestered us, ok we had a few bystanders but hay that's what we came to your club for lol
We had a great time at your club and at no time felt the need to do anything in the countless private areas which are well turned out if that's what you want
We enjoyed ourselves the hole evening and met some great people,
We were made very welcome the whole time and even though we are voyeurs not swingers we had an amazing evening
And we are already planning our second visit
Thank you very much indeed we will be back


14th Sep 2014 - 9:47am
Went last night sat 13th firstly parking in the overflow car park was ok apart from the rough terrain with mrs in high heels and dodging cow shit.
Club again had lots of sexy people in it but no atmosphere. There was a few nationals in there and no manners or politeness. Security guards in the dungeon watching your every move and also the rest of the club. The music is still in the 80's come on guys maybe buy a new cd. We remember when David and caz used to run this place and it was a great place to go and even mix with them both sadly this can never be but club just feels like they take you money and please your self. We decided to find a new club which is a shame


25th Jun 2014 - 10:41pm
romanticbabe's Avatarromanticbabe
Couples mill around watching and waiting for other couples to start playing but that's wrong. Just play then others would join or lose their self-consciousness. The single men can't do anything without partners. If you go as a couple and you don't enjoy it, it's because you didn't get the party started. We do this the few times we are able to go and it helps others lose their inhibitions and play.


24th Mar 2014 - 9:46am
We visited ADFAB for the second time on Saturday 22nd on a party night. so many couples were there it was very busy, we had our best night at a club to date. looking forward to our next visit soon.


4th Mar 2014 - 11:09pm
Read the reviews and as a single guy decided to go along last night (Monday).

What a fabulous place and a fabulous night. I was made to feel very welcome, given a very comprehensive tour and then started to explore. The place is huge with something for everyone.

5 Stars and I can't wait to go back.


8th Feb 2014 - 9:54pm
I went there for the first time on 7/2/14 , I was shown around was made at ease . I enjoyed the night


15th Dec 2013 - 2:35pm
We went to Abfabs 14/12/13. First of all the staff are very friendly and they make you feel at ease. The place its self is very clean and tidy, lots of great rooms to go too. It was a busy night, lots of couples there but disappointed in the fact there was not much action going on, it seems there’s a lot of couples happy to do nothing in a swinging club? Will go again, fingers crossed next time more couples will get into the swing of things. If your thinking of going as a couple please get in touch.


2nd Dec 2013 - 4:47pm
We went along last Saturday night (30/1113) and it was our first time back there in three years. Lots of good improvements, good heating in the outdoor walkways, spotlessly clean, nice hosts, BUT…….It was sooooo sooo quiet and not a lot going on at all. We have found before on Saturdays and this was still the same, there are more voyeurs than players. So despite the cleanliness of the place and the nice staff I think we will be giving the place a miss in future.


5th Oct 2013 - 7:43pm
fasy57's Avatarfasy57
We went on a friday night for first time. We were little bit aprehensive to go. But it was absoloutly amazing. The club is so clean, would go again and again. Its a hidden jem in a small vilage near heathrow. There was no pressure from anyone. What a great night. Highly recommended to any new comers. Well done to the owners .


15th Sep 2013 - 7:57pm
we had our fist visit to abfabs on sat 13 sept and is very different from other clubs staff very nice and made us feel at ease. there are some great areas and the whole club is very clean and tidy. we made some nice friends and had a really good time and would recommend this club. great atmosphere will definitely be back for more xxxx


23rd Jun 2013 - 11:05am
cool4catz's Avatarcool4catz
We had our first visit to Ab-Fab last night. We would certainly echo the positive comments about the friendliness of the staff and the general facilities. A couple of observations:

1. We think the club needs a lot of people to fill it and is just too big otherwise. In our experience the best club nights are when a momentum of sexual activity builds up and permeates the atmosphere of the whole venue. Last night people were scattered in small pockets over a wide area there was no real sense of a party. Also, just as it started to pick up in one area the sound system failed and that killed the atmosphere stone dead.

2. Our glorious summer continues, well maybe not. Between rooms you have to walk along a lot of partially tented exposed areas. When it's cold like last night that doesn't really make for a 'hot' atmosphere in any sense of the word.

3. There seemed to us quite a few couples who were probably quite curious to see what goes on in a club like this but didn't give any indication they had any intention to play with themselves far less anyone else. They looked and acted like people paying to go to a zoo as they watched some of the couples playing. We like playing in a group room, but only ones where people are naked and busy having fun not gawping like teenagers at a copy of Razzle. It completely put us off and was probably the second least sexual atmosphere we've experience in a club to date.

4. Given our observations in 3 it would be interesting to see what that same crowd would do if faced with the Vanilla Alternative type scenario. To watch in the play rooms you have to take your clothes off (the rules). With so many people playing it is far more natural to play even if with your partner and not swinging than to stand and watch; when in Rome etc.

Anyway, we totally accept it was one night and we don't suggest it is what you will find as other reviews here will testify to the contrary. However, it was our experience so it might also be what you experience. However, given all the other positive reviews and how pleasant the staff are we intend to give it another go latter this year on what might be a night when a really big crowd turns up.




10th Jun 2013 - 3:44pm
We have been thinking of trying Abfabs for a while but never got round to it but after last Sat 8th June we wish we had gone sooner.

We arrived about 10ish and very surprised as to how busy so early. We registered as necessary and were given a very comprehensive tour of the club. We were amased as to the size and to all the facilities.We firstly went back to the dungeon area and by this time people were beginning to enjoy themselves .After a tasty first play we went to the cinema and wow everyone was so friendly.By this time we were relaxed and ended up in just stockings and sussies with lots of naughty fun


19th May 2013 - 9:07pm
dnncfun's Avatardnncfun
We went to the club last night saturday 18th May. Very nervous when we got there, but the staff were very welcoming and put our minds at rest. The staff were also very friendly and extremely helpful. We had a brillant evening so much so that we have booked to go again on the 1st June.


26th Apr 2013 - 8:39am
I was there on Weds 24 April. Went in the afternoon to the last couple of hours of Kestrels and then stayed for Abfabs. Once again - good mix of couples an singles, no doubt helped by having a fairly sunny afternoon.

Quite a bit going on, as ever - but there was also a long game of nude "piggy in the middle" volleyball in the pool which was great fun and a nice way to get talking to some other people. People came & joined in, and then left as and when they wanted. Great fun & I can't think of another club where you'd get that!!

My only gripe about this great club is that it's not closer to Manchester!!


6th Apr 2013 - 11:29am
We went to AbFabs for the 3rd time last night (Friday) and it was awesome, again. Good, clean venue with cooled soft drinks on tap and the option to take your own wine. The professional staff were really friendly and welcoming. Excellent facilities with lots of variety of locations for fun; from dungeons to hot tubs and our favourite the summer houses! We have already met and played with some great people and are looking forward to our next visit. 5 stars.


6th Feb 2013 - 5:43pm
maybecouple's Avatarmaybecouple
Went here for the first time last Saturday, 2nd Feb. What a night! Managed to fulfil just about all our fantasies in one evening. Grope room was brilliant, as was the cinema. Mrs Maybe got fucked more times that night than she could have dreamed of. Best bit by far was meeting 2 other couples in the dungeon and locking the door. A true first for us thats left us very hungry for more of the same. Good, clean venue with cooled soft drinks on tap, professional staff excellent facilities which were not over promised on the website and a very chilled atmosphere. Only negative was the ratio of single men to couples was too high for us. That said, we will definately be going again.


17th Jan 2013 - 8:41pm
Already members at Kestrels Hydro and decided to go to adfabs last Saturday and join as members.

This is the best sswingers club in the south-east by far!

Really well run (Russell was on that night, very professional), the standards of this place sets is a benchmark to others, although we do not feel there is any competition.

Try it out, see for yourselves :-)

M&J x
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