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Liberty Elite
Watling St
LE17 4HU
01455 552237
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Liberty Elite is an exclusive members only swingers and fetish club and is considered THE UPMARKET CLUB for those pursuing a liberated lifestyle.

We have our own excellent premises, a substantial hotel which is NO LONGER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. It is now a dedicated adult venue where people can meet in a pleasant, relaxed convivial atmosphere whilst enjoying various adult themed evenings and events. The premises, having been the subject of a £500,000 refurbishment program are maintained to the highest standards. Additionally we are able to offer ON SITE HOTEL STANDARD accommodation.

We are conveniently located in the Midlands, in the centre of the UK's motoring network and are thus within comfortable driving time for the majority of people.

SH endorsed review by Bear69 & Bambi July 2009

Liberty Elite (A5) Lutterworth.

This club is situated in an ideal location, it has a large private car park and extensive ground to the rear that you can use at your leisure.
You enter through a door at the front of the building, and are greeted by a friendly member of staff to sign you in. You then go into the large lounge with fully licensed bar and an array of seating, were you can relax and chat with a drink.
In the lounge there is a door leading to upstairs were you will find 4 playrooms, and a toilet/shower room.
At one end of the lounge you go through a door that takes you to the changing rooms with lockers (£10 refundable deposit) and ladies/gents/disabled toilets, then through another door to a large play area with 4 double beds together in the centre of the room, another 4 double beds, sofa and a playing chair. The state of the art spa is situated in this room at a raised level, and holds up to 24 people.

At the other end of the lounge is a dance area with a pole,(disco is on at night) tables and chairs, sofas and another double bed situated behind a curtain, fetish equipment also adorns this room, and is bought out on themed nights. There are another 2 rooms off this part of the lounge, one has 2 double beds and the other has a range of fetish equipment (custom made).
Doors lead to outside were there is a smoking area, tables/benches/chairs, and sun lounges when the weather permits. A BBQ is available if you feel peckish.

There are also 12 chalets in the grounds should you wish to stay over, all have TV, small fridge, double bed and shower.

The club is not overlooked at all, so fun can be had outside as well as in.

The decor and cleanliness of this club is of a very high standard, the staff and owners are friendly and only to willing to help you in anyway possible.

We would recommend that you take a look at their website, and try a visit.
You will not be disappointed.

Many thanks to Gina, Colin and Luke for welcoming us.

Bambi & Bear.
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Your Reviews of Liberty Elite Swingers Club


27th Dec 2014 - 8:47pm
We as a couple are so pleased this club has seen the light and re-introduced single men on a Friday. Since going all couple nights we have not been to the club. Now single men will be allowed back on Friday, we will start to attend again.


16th Oct 2014 - 4:21pm
Went early 2014. We used to be big fans of this club but it's gone right downhill. The accommodation is disgusting. The crowd has changed. It's quieter. And the owner doesn't give a hoot. Hopefully at some point they will get a good manager in and bring "libs" back to it's former glory but at the moment we're steering clear.


12th Apr 2014 - 7:01am
We are a couple who have enjoyed the Friday nights. With single guys, we are not looking for other couples and as such will not be visiting again, it's a real shame they decided to stop the single guys


25th Mar 2014 - 8:19pm
We had a fantastic evening at Liberty Elite on Saturday. Around 30 couples, a mix of ages and a great atomosphere. It's a big place, with lots of areas including your own private room if that's what you fancy. Although the big hot tub room is definitely worth a try!

The place is spotlessly clean and the manager is uber friendly.

We'd definitely go back.


12th Mar 2014 - 11:11pm
Have been to Liberty Elite many times on both Friday + Saturday nights. And we agree with the last review that a mixed night is often more fun and less clicky.
Fridays where sometimes quiter than saturdays, But usually far more playing going and a differnt vibe and better atmosphere, We shall miss them.


23rd Feb 2014 - 8:09pm
We are members of Liberty Elite (couple) and are very disappointed that you have decided to change to a couples only club. We find such nights as boring as single men bring a feeling of hunt into the feeling of the club. Thus, we will not be attending anymore events at your club.

We felt we should share our thoughts with you, as we feel our opinion will be shared with many others. We cannot see why you would want to do this. Whilst we feel it is a wrong decision, it is your decision to make.


21st Dec 2013 - 2:43am
We went 20.12.13. First time ever to a club, a little apprehensive at first, but the minute we walked through the door and met by very friendly staff. We enjoyed each other and met some very nice people. The Jacuzzi was very good. Th club is very very clean and this is one of the main reasons that we will be back.


26th Aug 2013 - 9:51pm
we went to liberty elite on fri 23rd of august, this was our second time in two weeks lol the atmosphere was electric perfect mix of couples and singles,we started the night in the bar area with a few drinks to steady the nerves then we moved into the jacuzzi and met some really nice couples then we moved onto the middle beds were we had lots of fun,with lots of couples if you know what i mean lol.
me and the hubby were so nervous our first time but was put at ease the moment we walked through the door by the staff and other members,this is such a friendly club we would recommend to every body x


18th Aug 2013 - 3:22pm
joseph_gabbs's Avatarjoseph_gabbs
Had a great first night out at this club, and will 100% go back again, it was occupied by polite and well mannered people, my advise is to go and get into your towel asap, I was worried I would look daft in my towel, I was wrong to feel that way, you stand out like a sore thumb with your clothes on.. lol the place is clean and the owner a super nice guy. There is no pressure to play. My wife was so horny we where still at it at 7 am lol....


1st Apr 2013 - 2:08pm
We haven't been to libs for about 4 years, but decided to give it another go. Seeing as it was the Easter weekend and having Monday off we thought we would try a Sunday night, we have been on a Saturday before and were impressed. We were unsure if we would be the only ones there but the places was a nice sort of busy - not rammed but enough people to give the place atmosphere.

The place is still amazing cleaning and well fitted out. We'll definitely be back!!! Thank you for a great night


16th Mar 2013 - 1:32pm
Our first vist to liberties and worth the wait - great facilities, great staff and lots of people having fun. Met some nice couples and wish we had got contact details of the couple from W Wales - drop us a line if you read this and let us know when you are going again ! Lots of play in the spa room. Spotlessly clean, great value drinks. Will be back very soon.


5th Nov 2012 - 12:47pm
We went Saturday 27th October for the Halloween bash. The layout of the club feels just right, there's a reasonably priced bar, lounge area with log fire, large dancefloor with DJ, huge playroom with massive jacuzzi, and lockable rooms upstairs. There's immaculate Hilton Hotel style toilets, plenty of onsite parking and a midnight buffet.

"Libs" is definetly a luxury venue but more importantly it was full of friendly, good looking, happy couples which made for a sexy relaxed atmosphere and muchos fun!


15th Oct 2012 - 10:45am
went along recently to the new owners birthday celebration night. Ade and bridget the new owners, have turned re-fubished this place, to premier league standard. Everywhere is spotlessly clean, they have play rooms to suit all tastes, they have a large open social and dance area, and certianly the night i went was full of very very sexy folk. If you want a relaxed atmosphere full of, freindly sexy people, then this is the place for you. Liberties for me, has set the standard other places should aspire to.


1st Oct 2012 - 6:30pm
Hi all.

We went to Liberty Elite on Saturday 29th September and thought we'd share our thoughts. First of all we are newbies and have been to one other club just once (Vanilla a couple of months back. Why were we so nervous? We are asking ourselves that now as there really is no reason. The staff were fantastic and we never felt like people were being pushy at any time!

Liberty - We absolutely loved the layout, bar area, chilled are and dance floor and it really is a classy place. The car park right through to the grounds at the back of the venue are immaculate. It was cowboys and cowgirls theme and even though we didn't dress for this, about half of the people there did and looked fantastic. There were plenty of sexy ladies and some good looking gents too although I'm led to believe on a Friday there are a lot more people there. With that said we had a look in the play area but it was packed full of naked people with no room at all to have some same room fun, but there are also lockable rooms upstairs if you just want fun together of with others with a little more privacy. They also have all sorts of themed nights which we plan to join in with next time.

All in all this seems to be an outstanding club and even though we only mainly stayed in the social area/dance floor we had a top night and cant wait to do it again. We look forward to meeting more people next time and plan to mingle a bit more now we are finding our feet :-)


2nd Aug 2012 - 1:59pm
Been to Libs recently and it was the first time since Ade and Brigite took over and all we can say is WOW. The club was full of nice attractive friendly people, full age range and we were made to feel very welcome. We had a fabulous night and would strongly recomend a visit. The music was fantastic with a packed dancefloor and the decor was amazing. The playroom and jacuzzi were packed but we still found nice quiet areas as well. We had a chat with the owners and they have lots of new exciting plans for the club. This club s a 5 star club and will soon be the number 1 club in the UK, thats if it isnt already. R & J x


13th May 2012 - 4:43pm
We visited the club on a ‘Couples Only’, Saturday night in May of 2012.
Liberty’s has always been one of our favourite clubs in the UK and we were regulars there between 2006 and 2008. The club went through some rough transitional times in 2011 where a few different managers came and went before the new owners Ade and Bridget took over two months ago. They had been regular members at the time we visited before and it was hard to forget them trying to put their tent up in the torrent downpour of rain in the summer party some years before.
For those who haven’t been to the club, it’s best accessible by car, though a cab from Rugby station will cost you around £15. The venue itself is a good size. Once past the small reception/cloak room, the heart of the club consists of a rather decadent lounge/bar, with a dance floor round to the right side off of which there are two playrooms, one of which contains a sling that you can shag and fly in at the same time (We are speaking from first-hand experience here!) There is plenty of seating and a fetish area curtained off behind the dance floor. To the left of the bar there is real burning fireplace with snugs and seating alcoves, and the stairs to the small second level which consists of four decent sized lockable (good improvement) playrooms, and a toilet / shower. These now all have proper air con in them as opposed to just a fan. Further on down stairs are the two changing rooms with lockers, one for singles, one for couples, and the main toilets are on the left and are very clean and modern. Through the next set of doors takes you to the Jacuzzi room, and main open play area, which contains a large bed in the middle, several more around the outside, and the sit down Romanesque style Jacuzzi, which now comes with three different lighting settings. (We like the dark purple one, but you might have to debate over which one stays on) The Jacuzzi itself also has three different modes, and can fit a good 10 couples, (More tried) At the back of the club there is a heated covered smoking area and a series of stables converted into accommodation, worth booking ahead if you’re planning on staying over. These are £50/55 and come with an en-suite with either bath or shower, or both. The beds are decent though we did our best destroy our one through practical use, and failed, which is always a good sign. The rooms come with flat screen TV and complimentary tea, coffee, juice, toast, cereals and two bottles of water. There is a fridge in every room, plus a hairdryer and toiletries.
Libs operates a membership scheme which you don’t have to pay on your first visit, so you can check the venue out before deciding if you want to join. (You join on the second visit) although we went on a Couples Only night, we have been here on a Friday before, and the single guys are fairly polite and decent. Last night there were couples of all ages and around 30 couples in all. We were aware however that because of a themed event coming up in two weeks time (Which we are also coming back for) the club had slightly lower numbers than normal, but it still seemed busy enough and never felt empty. People made an effort to dress up here, and people got up and danced, there is always a DJ on Saturday, and many people stated they came for exactly that reason. It was also pretty friendly, and wasn’t cliquey at all. For one couple it was their first experience at a venue anywhere and they took to it like ducks to water (literally, as they were in the Jacuzzi half the night) Liberty Elite has the best Jacuzzi in the country, which has recently been refurbished. The club hasn’t changed dramatically since we last visited, but there are lots of subtle changes in the décor, lighting, furnishings and the playrooms make better use of the space than previously and there is a lot more fetish equipment as the fetish nights here are very popular. The buffet is far less basic than previously and there is more of it, plus little things like the plates of Jelly Babies on the bar are all nice touches which don’t go unnoticed or uneaten. The Staff here are very friendly and professional though the bar girl rather plays down her good looks with her Dennis the Menace stripey jumper. The managers, Pete and Kate (Pwwoooooarh!! Yum yum, the man from Del Monte he says ‘yes please, cover her in honey and serve me for breakfast!) are really great too, clearly working very hard to be the engine of the club, while Ade and Bridget do the hosting and look after old and new members alike. Around midnight you will catch Ade giving out a tray of free shots of Pernod and Bridget a free pinch of your arse. (Reminds us of some other hosts we know) There was no shortage of action there though we ourselves were a little limited when it came to playing that night as no soon as we had arrived at the club, so did Mrs Parties painters! (God, would six hours more delay been too much to ask…?)
Anyway…. The club also runs photo shoot nights a few times a year, where you can come and have your pictures taken for your profiles on line, take them yourself or the club will do it for you. We’ve been to one of these before (They are normally on a Thursday) and well worth attending, especially if you want good quality pictures. Obviously cameras are not allowed in the club at any other time. The club may have taken a momentary dip a year or so ago but it’s clearly recovered and is now as good as it ever was. Those who found this there favourite club back in its heyday should make an effort to return as they will find it much to their liking. Liberty is one of the most upmarket clubs in the UK, when people ask us which club is closest to a club in Europe, we often will direct them here and they have plans to add a great deal more to the venue in the near future. The accommodation does need some new carpets but it’s already on the to do list. Otherwise it’s hard to say anything negative about the venue. If you’re new to The Scene, it’s a good first choice; one of the main strong points of the club is the design of the layout which would lend itself well to a nervous first timer. We recommend you attend the monthly themed parties if you want to attend on the busiest night. We rated it four and a half out of five before, and it still rates the same in our book. It’s not for those on a budget but if you want quality, you don’t buy from Kwik Save, and that chain of shops did go bust after all. Recommended.


5th May 2012 - 4:04pm
Love2bump's AvatarLove2bump
Went last night 4th may, very busy indeed, love this club a lot it has a very friendly vibe, mrs bump certainly got very friendly with a certain someone ;)


29th Apr 2012 - 9:04pm
went thurs 26 bi nite with my female friend club was buzzing and getting better all the time again was also nice the couple from nottingham spoke to us if near the end of the evening hope next time we speak more if you know who u are i reccommend this club its by far the best classy.


28th Apr 2012 - 5:37pm
mdp's Avatarmdp
went last night great, clean friendly lots of fun , ladies pleasure night . cple night next time g/f can sample pussy aswell xx


28th Apr 2012 - 4:10pm
mdp's Avatarmdp
went fri 27th april wow g/f was spoilt will be going to cpls night next hope to see you there
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