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Main dogging sites and directions for cheshire, including major towns and cities: Chester, Stockport, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Runcorn, Macclesfield, Crewe.

Alderley Edge

  • The popular Wizard car-park now appears to be closed at night, so try the layby on the road in the woods down the lane opposite.
  • The main car-park (National Trust) at Alderley Edge near Wilmslow.

Birchwood Forest

  • Birchwood Forest Park car-park after about 9pm.


  • Broxton Picnic area, off A41 Broxton roundabout.. Very active dogging with couples, singles and gays.


  • Burtonwood (near Warrington) - from Burtonwood services (eastbound) go across the motorway on the service road that leads to the other service area, then straight over the new min roundabout and take first left (Wrights Lane). Follow this road until it bears round to the right and there is a track that leads down away from the lane (its actually called Lime Kiln Lane but isn't signposted as such) there is nearly always activity down this track at most times of the day.


  • Mow Cop Castle for good daytime dogging fun. Also Mow Cop road has four laybys for day and evening dogging.
  • The small wood at the rear of Bosley Cloud near Congleton.


  • Crewe Park (Queens Park). Many couples have been seen dogging here, among the bushes. Follow the A50 to Crewe Station and carry on past, it's well sign posted.


  • On the B5152 Delamere station just before you come over bridge past the station there is a little road on your right. You get some good dogging from couples there mainly on Friday evenings.


  • Gayton on the Wirral. A very good dogging location at the car-park off Station Road right down on the front.

Little Budworth

  • There is a small car-park at Little Budworth near Oulton Park.UPDATE:This location is no longer open - closed by Cheshire CC using a bulldozer late last year. Been replaced by the car park for Oulton Mill picnic site near Little Budworth and a public car park near the Carrier pub in Hatchmere about two miles away.


  • Macclesfield Forest car-park is a great dogging spot.


  • The car-park by the Boathouse Hotel is very good for dogging - some nice action there.

siddington cheshire

  • in the carpark by the lake (redesmere) or near the main road 1st layby where the old loo's were. on the picnic tables


  • Chadkirk Lane off Dooley Lane.
  • Tiviot Way Junction 27 anti clockwise off the M60. Come off and veer left about 120 yards up on the right hand side under the barrier. Carpark at the back. Or if quiet sometimes at the Mill Car Park on the opposite side of the road.


  • As the two laybys on the Congleton to Macclesfield road have been closed because the council are using them to store gravel,I always go to the small lane oppersite astbury garden centre on the A34 out of Congleton. There are loads of little laybys down there,it just needs more people to know about it!!! Spread the word doggers.

Back Lane Congleton

  • dark carpark at night can be very quiet

back lane playing fields

  • a quiet car park with no lighting that is easily assesible

Birchwood car park daytime fun

  • Ive been to birchwood car park for fun in the day time, so far every monday morning at 10.00am we meet and walk to the band stand in the park or into behind bushes, both many women and men have been presant so join us,

birchwood forest park

  • police now patrol forest park at least 3 times a night.

birchwood park

  • Have watched a few couples in the car park, early evening 7 to 9 mon to fri

Bradfield Green

  • Moss Lane, Cheshire, on the A530 - turn in by the Coach and Horses pub, lots of spaces along the lane and a great secluded track past the bend. Loads of action after dark!!!


  • Now bulldozed over!,

Burton on the Wirral, bottom of Denhall Lane

  • Some great action about 12 at night down there!!


  • Burtonwood (near Warrington) - from Burtonwood services (eastbound) go across the motorway on the service road that leads to the other service area, then straight over the new min roundabout and take first left (Wrights Lane) Note this is now closed!!!
  • Please note that the site at Burtonwood has now been closed off by barriers after complaints from residents nearby, I have heard that some of the action has transfered to the nearby Burtonwood services toilets


  • has now been closed of ,by car ,but if you park car at the entrance to the blocked off road,and walk down the lane,there is plenty of seculded area to meet couples or singles
  • burtonwood has been closed off for about 4 years now.

Burtonwood - Wrights Lane

  • Still in use now that the contractors have gone. Afternoons and evenings.

burtonwood, wrights lane

  • Couples have started to come back here, late afternoon and early evening. Mostly want to be watched


  • have tried the burtonwood site but the roads are now blocked off and look to have been for some time


  • Old Alder Lane, just over the railway bridge. This is a quiet road just off Mill Lane. Activity at most times of the day. Couples mainly after 8.....

Chadkirk Country park

  • Good carpark and M/f toilets in daytime.Secluded lane and picnic area at night.Secure and easy to see any unwanted approach!!

Cheadle Village, Abney Park

  • Abney Park surrounded by trees and hidden paths, anytime of the day and night never locked but be careful of genuine people with dogs and walkers.


  • On the canalside, best leave the car parked nearby. From Telford's warehouse to Cheyney Road bridge, couples and gays frequent.


  • just past the entrance of chester zoo, not the new entrance but the old one, at midnight theres always somthing going on by the layby!!

Chester - Matalan Car Park - Sealand

  • Great place to have a good time from midnight - 3am mon- fri really worth a visit if your local :-)

chester lakes

  • This is a fun place with plenty ofswinging campers and others. Have had some great nights here. One to add to the ever growing list of dogging and swingers locations around Chester. Its just offthe Doddalston road on the right hand side. Well sign posted.


  • Oakmere car park oppersite the lake on the delemere to frodsham road. Lot of gay men parked up in the day.Car park shuts at 4 oclock.


  • Dunkirk Lane to car park

Dunkirk lane Hyde

  • Dunkirk lane in Hyde

Eastham Ferry

  • Eastham Country Park Car Park just off junc 6 of M53 take A41 towards Birkenhead and follow brown signs to Eastham Country park about a mile or so from Eastham Village - down B5132 to Eastham Ferry. Dogging action (both str8 and gay) through the day and night both in the carpark and surrounding woodlands and park.

Eastham ferry pub

  • By the woods in the far car park after 9pm, good scene More ladies needed though..... Most nights, especially Friday and Sat and Sun Night.....

Eccleston, Chester

  • Public car park down by river, gets busy with couples and singles after 10pm

edgeley reservoir car park

  • Some good late action at Edgeley reservoir car park dark and quiet

Ernocroft Layby- Glossop Road

  • Tucked away layby at the bottom of Ernocroft Lane, Marple Bridge. SK6 5RX. Hidden from the main road, frequented by couples. Perfect dogging location :)

hartford layby

  • Hartford layby is a good dogging place plenty of action there day and night cafĂ© shuts at 3pm so any time after that is good

Hartford Picnic Area

  • Good at night for couples gays and Cd's

Heaton Moor Road, Stockport

  • Side of Co-Operative Supermarket in the Heaton Moor Village Car park, gets busy during the week in the evenings past 11pm as very quiet usually with couples and few single men. Very Quiet location


  • There's a great secluded car park at the end of Banks Road in Heswall. It is 400 yards from a restauraunt though so I would reccomend leaving it untill at least 1am before you venture down there to give any non-doggers chance to leave.
  • Wittering Lane in Heswall (just off Delavor Road) has quite a big field with no gate along it, It's ideal for some privacy and even better for some outdoor sex.
  • Little car park at the top of Beacon Lane, then into the woods for some strong action after 10

Heswall Hall

  • Great car park for dogging. Generally from 11pm onwards. Very nice times I've had there!

holford avenue

  • at slow and easy pub,turn down hill,1st right on to housing estate up the hill,take 1st right down holford avenue to the dead end aload of action seen at end on left only seen stuff at night,absolutely nothing in day light hours

Horse shoe pub car park willaston

  • Quiet car park any night after 11.30

Hough Common

  • Small litle parking with small woodland just off from M6. Take first exit off next roundabout, follow signs, straight across next roundabout, over bridge, then next left on right after 1/2 mile

layby on macc to congleton road

  • couples and gays/ bis. Quite a few regulars. Good atmosphere generally. Needs more couples though


  • Turn into Agden Park Lane opp the Wheatsheaf Pub and at the bottom of the road where it goes left you go straight on into Froghall Lane. At the bottom of this no through road there is a turning area. Right next to the motorway so some noise.


  • stage lane car park. pull up and get out of the car and walk up to the bridge. best nights seem to be wednesday and friday, normally going on either on the bridge or under it

Lymm Dam

  • Dark secluded area of more than 15 acres, plus the area known as The Bongs. Used to be VERY busy a few years back. As the potential to be a great spot for dogging at night. In the day it is busy with families so best left til after darkness falls. See you all there!

New Brighton

  • Jct 1 M53 turn left, small lane on the left heading to the beach. It is great and there is plenty of action

New Briighton Dunes

  • Great locaton for both couples and males, the best time is after 8pm when the dog walks have all gone home. Their are 2 areas on the sea front and the car car park direction are take the 2nd left off the New Brighton bye pass by the golf club.

newgate, wilmslow

  • the old tip site, very secluded.couples,gay...lots of land.many quiet places to play..........

Newton Lane

  • Newton Lane off Summer Lane Preston on the Hill. Big lay by and woods near by for good car fun from dinner time till late at night


  • Off Navigation Road on to Yarwwod Close, under arches carpark on right very dark and close to houses, but you can also wander down towards river path some action there or in car park

Off A57

  • Quiet lane good for dogging Fri/Sat night. Moat Lane

Old Alder Lane, Warrington

  • Just over the railway bridge. Cpls and singles.

Oulton Park

  • The small car park opp Mill Pool have seen daytime dogging there. Small gate lock at night unless the ranger forgot to do it of course (on the down side its a very open area easy for non doggers to view !)

park gate

  • To night hot huny lads looking for hot sexy girls

Pennington flash

  • First car park on left open till it goes dark. Busy daytimes mainly men but the odd couple

pennington flash (lowton)

  • inbetween warrington and leigh entrance opposite the firestation off the main road. head down the track to a very large but dark car park to find lots of action and lots of regulars. spot well worth trying

Pickering Pastures

  • A closed park, so it is outside where you have to leave your car. Its great fun and next to the River Mersey. Have great fun there

Poynton Pool Stockport

  • Ideal place for action, people from all places, from 18 to 60. Magic.

Queens Park, Crewe

  • A good dogging location here, however, pick your times, as its very muddy after a spell of rain, so if you're into 'over the bonnet' fun, beware - don't sink into a muddy puddle the minute you step out of the car! Also, police patrols have increased here too, mainly due to the fact that the 24 hour garage up the road has been robbed during the night hours, so the plod now patrol the area, including the dogging car park, to see if any undesirables are hanging around? Just be careful, and make sure any cars that you signal to, are not the boys in blue, it could be a little embarrassing!!!

Ridge Car Park Marple

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday nights apparently on the grapevine not that I would know! But if you into it's a well known place for the Marplites

risley/culcheth. silver lane

  • Early evening between 7 and 9 best for couples wanting to be watched

roughwood lane alsager

  • Some good action by gray gate down the lane to the salt line,afternoon and early evening mainly most look for a white van...


  • Banky Lane just off the m60 junction for Carrington,turn right at lights the road doubles back ,continue down the lane a very secluded car park at the rear. Also 2 sports grounds on right if open good for fun.

sale water park

  • a relatively dark car park on the left of the track which is very popular. surrounded by lots of bushes to make it secluded

Savoy road Jct 16 m6

  • Savoy road Crewe mostly truckers want to play :) I go regular just give then a knock or summit GAY STRAIGHT CPLS ANTTHING GOES MOST NIGHTS c u there x

Shakerley Mere

  • Shakerley Mere picnic area, Allostock, Cheshire. Some good fun on the car parks after dark

Shakerley Mere car park

  • Its very quiet and the gates are always left open. I have been there a few times and spotted a few cars there. Shakerley Mere is situated between Goostrey Holmes Chapel and Northwich.

Shakerly Mere

  • Two car parks,one usually used by anglers, but main car park has some action in evenings,also toilet block has some action but are locked up in the evening

Silver Lane Cultcheth Warrington

  • Loads of action on Silver Lane on a Saturday night at 9pm couples playing and singles watching and helping

Sound Common car park

  • A rural deserted car with plenty of space for exploration. Its quite small but well worth it

Stage Lane Lymm

  • Turn right into stage lane from mill lane small car park on left 100 metres from turning dog walkers till dusk walk over canal bridge into wooded area with benches or stay in secluded car park.


  • Walkerwood reservior, go up Huddersfied Road, then turn right on to Brushes Road. Go all the way up until you cum to the reservior. Watch out for the speed bumps... Great place, and nice & quiet & secluded in the evening for watching all the fun you want..... Dog On.


  • At Portwood roundabout near Tesco there is a carpark in the vale there

Stones Manor lane Hartford

  • Has been quiet lately but a good place for couples, carry on down to the end of the road and park on the grass verge under the trees. used to be 3 or 4 couples a night but needs reinventing a little.

The Gun Site, Wallasey

  • Take the New Brighton exit from junction 1 on the M53 motorway (A554). The third turning on the left leads into Green Lane, which in turn leads to the Gun Site car parks. It is possible to continue further, through the dunes, to the Sea Front car park. Be careful as the police pop in on a regular basis.

Thurstaton common

  • Car park on telegraph road. Great place for voyuers and exhibitionists. Very straight couple oriented and very polite people. Single guys not normally made to feel welcome.

valley park behing crewe baths

  • doggers always here including some gents with large cocks


  • The Old Gun Site - has a car park, open fields and sandhills

Welkin Rd, Stockport

  • Off the B6104 Stockportd Rd West. Half way along, entry on left. Nice secluded area for outdoor/car meets. Just watch out for the odd dog walker.

Werneth Low

  • Quarry car park. Couples & gay activity evenings. Watch out for dog walkers especially weekend daytimes

Whatcroft hall lane off the A530

  • Turn down whatcroft hall lane off the A530 ( king street ) till you go under the bridge stop on the lay-by just past bridge anytime but best after 22:00


  • a little wooden shed at the top of the dip past the boot. allot of action in the week nights, mainly friday night and sometimes sunday afternoons


  • come off the bypass on to linnards lane towards the far and up the hill there is a lay-by on the right its for Str8 couples and swingers best about 22.00


  • Rilshaw Lane Meadows

Winsford Cheshire

  • New Bridge, drive past the salt mine follow the road all the way to the end and turn right.

Wistaston Green Road public car park

  • If travelling on the A533, from Middlewich (M6). Turn left at the Rising Sun pub. Follow the road for about a mile and the road dips. There is a car park on your right - just before a bridge. Dogging takes place in the car park or in the nearby bushes after 12.00pm. Excellent location.

witton mill

  • car park i locked every night 8pm summer 4 pm winter


  • Head towards council refuse the road towards Sainsbury's in Northwich... but carry on along a short lane, over a single track bridge and into car park...I've enjoyed gay / CD and M/F dogging there...very quiet spot.

Please let us know of any cheshire dogging locations that you know of by clicking here

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