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Dogging in Durham

Main dogging sites and directions for Durham, including major towns and cities: Durham, Sunderland, Stockton-on-Tees, Darlington, Hartlepool, Gateshead, Washington.

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Bishop Auckland

Over the Viaduct towards Crook there is a small carp-ark on the right, along with a picnic area and old railway (walkway). Dogging action after dark.

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Picnic area on A68 near to Crook with 24 hour toilets. Lots of wooded areas, popular with both the gay community and doggers.

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On the A66, eastbound from Darlington towards Stockton. A long layby, set back from road, about half way between Darlington and Stockton. Late nights around 11.30, various activity including male/female couples.

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The lay-by at Swan House in Darlington is located about one and a half along the Darlington to Corbridge road and is surrounded by trees. There is a secluded path leading away from the area, and this is where the dogging action takes place. The site is also used by the local gay community.

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Newton Aycliffe

South of Newton Aycliffe on the A68 towards Corbridge. A layby just past the Caravan Dealers on the left. It's surrounded by trees with lots of dogging activity with couples and singles. Especially at the weekend.

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Off the A1 take the A689 exit to Rushyford, south of Durham. Before the roundabout is a long lay-by behind trees. Gay area but known for dogging couples as well.<strong>Update:</strong> We've been told that this layby is now closed - anyone care to verify this, so we can remove this dogging site from here?

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Seaham car-park on the sea front next to Seaham Hall gates and on the coast road towards Ryhope next to the railway.

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Come off the A19 and follow towards Sedgefield Racecoures. Take a right at the round about and you'll end up at Hardwick Hall. Best between 7pm and 2am for couples.

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A184 heading west from Testos Roundabout. Take first turning on left down country lane. Used mainly by gays, but some doggers. Flash brake lights for action.

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Tow Law

The picnic site right next to the B6296 is used by couples. Salters gate is 2 miles north of Tow Law off A68. Heading north out of Tow Law on A68 passed the salt dump and picnic area on right, proceed for 0.6 of a mile to crossroads and turn left and follow the road to the wooded area at the old POW camp - exceptional on a fine day but not when raining. Ideal for indoor or outdoor dogging activities.

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layby at golf club at castle eden good at week days 9am till 11pm

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a189 Testo roundabout

The country road is now been targeted by youths who are damaging cars BE WARNED KEEP AWAY

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this layby has now been deemed "emergency stopping only"

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A19 North nr A689

Police monitor this location and it's not really used anymore

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A19 Wolviston

This lay by is now closed. It is access only to a property. Everything has now moved to A689 goin into Harltepool.


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a19 wolviston

Just north of the A689 turn off a layby on the left hand side - tends to be gay lads - very good daytime

now only access for residents

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A19 Wolviston

Now closed. It has been converted into an access road

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A19 Wolviston

Just north of the A689 turn off a layby on the left hand side - tends to be gay lads - very good daytime.

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A19 Wolviston

Now closed; Police will prosecute anyone stopping resident access only.

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head southbound along the A66 towards Darlington, go past the old petrol station that is now called 'Rent-A-Ramp', about 500 meters down the is a secluded laybay surrounded by trees and shrubs. good action after dark for couples and bi, leave interior map light on to signal for action.

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A68 after Caravan Park

Swan House on A68 layby after caravan park under surveillance by police great care needed if there at night a friend got a real interrogation by the cops

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