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Main dogging sites and directions for durham, including major towns and cities: Durham, Sunderland, Stockton-on-Tees, Darlington, Hartlepool, Gateshead, Washington.

Bishop Auckland

  • Over the Viaduct towards Crook there is a small carp-ark on the right, along with a picnic area and old railway (walkway). Dogging action after dark.


  • Picnic area on A68 near to Crook with 24 hour toilets. Lots of wooded areas, popular with both the gay community and doggers.


  • On the A66, eastbound from Darlington towards Stockton. A long layby, set back from road, about half way between Darlington and Stockton. Late nights around 11.30, various activity including male/female couples.
  • The lay-by at Swan House in Darlington is located about one and a half along the Darlington to Corbridge road and is surrounded by trees. There is a secluded path leading away from the area, and this is where the dogging action takes place. The site is also used by the local gay community.

Newton Aycliffe

  • South of Newton Aycliffe on the A68 towards Corbridge. A layby just past the Caravan Dealers on the left. It's surrounded by trees with lots of dogging activity with couples and singles. Especially at the weekend.


  • Off the A1 take the A689 exit to Rushyford, south of Durham. Before the roundabout is a long lay-by behind trees. Gay area but known for dogging couples as well.Update: We've been told that this layby is now closed - anyone care to verify this, so we can remove this dogging site from here?


  • Seaham car-park on the sea front next to Seaham Hall gates and on the coast road towards Ryhope next to the railway.


  • Come off the A19 and follow towards Sedgefield Racecoures. Take a right at the round about and you'll end up at Hardwick Hall. Best between 7pm and 2am for couples.


  • A184 heading west from Testos Roundabout. Take first turning on left down country lane. Used mainly by gays, but some doggers. Flash brake lights for action.

Tow Law

  • The picnic site right next to the B6296 is used by couples. Salters gate is 2 miles north of Tow Law off A68. Heading north out of Tow Law on A68 passed the salt dump and picnic area on right, proceed for 0.6 of a mile to crossroads and turn left and follow the road to the wooded area at the old POW camp - exceptional on a fine day but not when raining. Ideal for indoor or outdoor dogging activities.

A 66 east bound out of darlington towards stockton this layby is now closed

  • the layby that is half way to stockton on left hand side is now closed


  • layby at golf club at castle eden good at week days 9am till 11pm

a189 Testo roundabout

  • The country road is now been targeted by youths who are damaging cars BE WARNED KEEP AWAY


  • this layby has now been deemed "emergency stopping only"

A19 North nr A689

  • Police monitor this location and it's not really used anymore

A19 Wolviston

  • This lay by is now closed. It is access only to a property. Everything has now moved to A689 goin into Harltepool. Cheers

a19 wolviston

  • Just north of the A689 turn off a layby on the left hand side - tends to be gay lads - very good daytime now only access for residents

A19 Wolviston

  • Now closed. It has been converted into an access road
  • Just north of the A689 turn off a layby on the left hand side - tends to be gay lads - very good daytime.
  • Now closed; Police will prosecute anyone stopping resident access only.

A19 wolvistonroundabout

  • private road that used to be the old old a19, quiet enough always busy

A6 eastbound/Stockton

  • This layby is now gated and locked so of no further use to doggers.


  • head southbound along the A66 towards Darlington, go past the old petrol station that is now called 'Rent-A-Ramp', about 500 meters down the is a secluded laybay surrounded by trees and shrubs. good action after dark for couples and bi, leave interior map light on to signal for action.

A66 from Darlington to Stockton

  • Eastbound layby on a66 from Darlington is now CLOSED GATED AND LOCKED please update

A68 after Caravan Park

  • Swan House on A68 layby after caravan park under surveillance by police great care needed if there at night a friend got a real interrogation by the cops


  • between howden and bishop on the a689 just after the cross roads there a left turn in a layby (just after the one on the right)
  • Police are in every hour to check and are taking names and car reg numbers

A689 on way to H/pool

  • Unsign posted layby, sheltered by trees. Very good spot. Mostly gay guys and couples from time to time. More couples and females needed for sexy flirting. Weekends good, can be busy during the week nights as used as a truck pull in.

A689 Rushyford

  • Now being constantly monitored by Police....keep away very dangerous

a689 rushyford

  • a689 rushyford layby is active for gay male sex. Was visiting around 5pm and had some good fun.

A689 Toward Hartlepool

  • Take A689 Hartlepool turn off, just after the 50mph limit there is sign posted parking. It's a large lay-by shielded by trees. Plenty of people getting to this location late from 9PM till 2AM but definitely needs more couples and females. Very rarely monitored by police and a great location.

A690 Stone Bridge

  • The road after Stone bridge pub car park which used to be the entrance to the now closed dairy is good after dark . its a dark area with little or no traffic.

barnard castle back roads leading to lead mill

  • Gay guys couples tea time secluded area no police

beamish museam

  • Beamish backroads loads of action

Belmont near Soccarena

  • Tonite 9pm Me and girlf. Come watch. 2nd right after durhams ground. Quick dirty fun

Between Darlo and Stockton

  • Layby on a A66 now closed

between eaglescliffe and teesside airport

  • head for tesco eaglescliffe take first exit at roundabout and straight over the next one, follow road under bridge then theres a long left bend followed by a long right bend on this bend is a lay by located to your left pull in and enjoy single male, females and couples

bishop auckland to spennymoor road

  • head from bishop auckland to spennymoor go past the petrol station on the right and take the slip road on the left behind the trees before you get to the first roundabout.Excellent weekend dogging action

bishop aucland

  • the viaduct now is monitored by police regular....very risky few been caught out!

blackhall rocks

  • carparks on the way to beach.come off coast road by corner shop and fish shop.follow road down to under viaduct.follow road round to the right.few couples been seen playing late afternoons after work.


  • carpark at the back of industrial estate busy between 12 and 3 am on a weekend


  • On road to burnhope from south moor there is a road leading to the old champmanswell opencast site. Nice and quite and ok for day or night time fun


  • top of burnhope big green area looking down on lanchester cples getting bk here now dark nights usually fri nites after 9 30pm


  • For anyone close enough to Bishop Auckland Butterknowle is a small village down from Cockfield. If you drive through Butterknowle, there's a car park on the outskirts of the village. Always dark, no lights.

Castle Eden

  • Over from the old brewery behind the bus stop, park up n wait for action or walk around the gate and make sum action!!
  • This location is now closed metal gate been erected across the entrance .

castle eden

  • lane behind bus stop opposite old brewerey. very quiet very good daytime. only one way in so you can see whos coming

Catterick race course

  • the car park facing catterick race course, set back towards the trees, and in the car park behind the pub facing the race course.... held after 11pm

causey arch

  • picnic area, mainly gays although a few couples and the occasional tranny, police pop in during day, fairly quiet at night

chopwell woods

  • after dark in the main carpark at weekends plenty of action there anything goes

claude terrace murton

  • follow road down to claude terrace to the bottom and past sea view walk make sure your car headlights are turned off as you come past sea view walk and park in middle not to near the bottom with your engine turned off and have fun this is a new spot so enjoy and be safe from 12-4



cowpen bewley

  • the nature reserve and walk way gates are open till late and benches are avialable the lane is also easy to use and no police


  • crimdon dene carpark on a night nights vary.


  • The location you mention near crook has been closed


  • peases west sports center, from crook on the billy row road past white pub on the left 300 yrds turn right go along to end of road..... loads of couples after dark...

Crook & Tow Law

  • im sure that these 2 area's Crook:Picnic area on A68 near to Crook Tow Law: The picnic site right next to the B6296 have now been block off from the public and not in use any more.


  • i repeat the layby half way between darlington and stockton on the A66 eastbound is now closed it has a gate on it so you cant get in

darlington and walworth castle

  • head out of darlington through cockerton and head toward walworth castleas you go up the country rd the rd bends sharp left but there is a turning right take the right and about half a mile up there is a wooded area on the right pull in and flash your lights for action



Eaglescliffe Nature Reserve

  • The nature reserve car park halfway between Long Newton and Eaglescliffe, about half a mile from the industrial plant on the right if coming in from Eaglescliffe. Very secluded, hardly any traffic, the perfect spot for fun after dark.

Eden Place picnic area

  • heard that this is just place is just getting off the ground, no too secluded but safe enough apparently. heading towards Stanley on the A693, turn right at the roundabout and follow sign for picnic area. remember this is only new so dont be frustrated if its a little quiet at first. Doggers only seen upto now.

Field off motorway bridge between gilesgate mini roundabout and belmont

  • Park near entrance and a quick flash of the lights will let people know


  • fishburn industrial estate go down the bank ,just past the ambulance station turn left into the industrial estate parking at far end Plenty of trees and woods for cover
  • on road from fishburn to butterwick after riding centre on right where the road bends turn into layby then go down the lane VERY GOOD couples mid afternoon and evening

gate 4, teeside airport

  • when you get to middleton st george, follow down the hill and go under the bridge. as you get under the bridge, there is an immediate right bearing road. follow that road until you get to a right bend, in front of that bend, you'll see a huge gate with a 4 on it. this is the bottom of the west end of the runway and is often used by couples for sex sessions late at nights.


  • follow the darlintgon road out east towards the airport, as you carry on past the airport, you will see tesside airport rail link next to the road, carry on heading towards the ici factory, you will see a layby set off from the road on the right. this is where alot of dogging also takes place. word of warning!!!! security camera watching layby and airfield landing lights might also make the action visible from the road at night. otherwise, i have been told its a good spot and used often. this is the east end of the runway.


  • top of loud bank at greencroft near annfield plain old water board place very good for outdoor fun high wall all around great for couples and singles


  • picnic area just past hamsterley on the way to shotley bridge , mostly gay , bi but some cples. anytime day or nite
  • picnic are past hamsterley on the way to shotley bridge . mainly gay/bi but also cples , anytime

Hamsterly forest

  • Lots of outdoor fun in the forest on a weekend by fun couples,friday,saturday night 7.30 onwards,esp on the outskirts of the forest

hardwick hall, sedgefield

  • this location has been closed for about 3 years now.


  • off a19 onto a689 towards hartlepool long layby just after newton bewly good after eight and before eleven couples singles etc

Hedley Woods

  • Police clamping down on this site -

hedleyhope nature reserve car park

  • on the B6301 between Tow Law and Cornsay Colliery, is Hedleyhope Nature Reserve where there is a small ideal quiet car park for fun or go for a walk, it is shielded from view by trees when heading from tow law ..used this our selves a few times best after dark due to walkers and families in the day..


  • Hetton country park & lakes car park, the top car park at end of industrial estate best time usually weekdays around 8pm onwards. Straight and bi fun ..... See you guys there

Langley park

  • Old fire station near doctors surgery - new couple and singles meeting site

long newton ,coatham forest

  • lots of parking and sucluded woods area mainly used by gays good night and day



Malton near Lanchester

  • Thursday, Friday or Saturday action after 10pm. A few couples also get in Saturday lunch time.

malton park lanchester

  • small car park action after it is dark 8pm on

malton picnic area

  • cpls during summer time also some gay action durham to consett road

marsden grotto

  • famous spot in shields secluded car park total darkness brake lights to iniciate action .

morrisons seaburn back car park

  • great doggin site total darkness. just by beach

Near Warden Law

  • follow road from Houghton le Spring to Seaham turn off left past Warden Law into secluded lane often cars parked there at weekends

newcastle on tyne

  • drive along bottom road,paralel along riverside , car park on left , at the back of n/c arena open 24/7 , big green gates , before you get to business park, some dogging and gay and bi activity


  • near the swings on a weekend after 9 p.m.

Newton Aycliffe

  • South of Newton Aycliffe on the A68 towards Corbridge. A layby just past the Caravan Dealers on the left. It's surrounded by trees with lots of dogging activity with couples and singles mainly gays.


  • NW Ind est far top corner lay-by next to northeast motor salvage, ill be taking the girlfriend there 2nite at 8:30pm


  • car park next to football field, great after dark.

rawland gill car park

  • great action also derwent caravan car park see you,s there

redworth hall

  • after dark a very large car park secluded and woods near,,

Rowlands Gill

  • left turn towards Maguires Chip shop and the social club carry on along road until just before the Bridge turn right towards Tesco and on your left is a secluded car park. Be careful as the ground is bumpy in the car park and walkers use it during the Day.


  • Was fine when we were there 2 weeks ago. Passed it last night - not closed.


  • just to let people no the layby of the a1 towards rushyford os still open


  • Monitored by police, We've been spotted a few times. times can vary from dinner on Sundays to 12midnight Fridays Never seen couples apart from us!
  • Hi, layby is not closed but mainly gay/bi guys. A few couples use it but not many. Used to be better!


  • hi your description says this is closed , was only closed due to road works , this is now open again and in use, although there is a cafe van in there during the day ,action can still be found and into the night

salters gate

  • excellent area about 4.30pm for activity was up recently you won't be disappointed,couples later on evenings at weekends

salters gate tow law

  • a few cples getting back here on a sat lunch time also fri and sat nites


  • the car parks at seaham are now patroled every hour and monitored daytimes by cctv


  • Loads off action with c/ds and couples Tue and Friday nights, good night had by all

Seaham, Noses Point

  • From Seaham harbour travel south on the new road.This area is easy to spot because of the two wind socks flying. Small carpark at entrance, continue past this parking area .. approx 1/4 mile further along large car parking area, no lights. Only one road in can see vehicles coming in.Busy during days with walkers,but good after dark. usual flash interior lights on and wait to be approached. Or be brazen ... start the show yourselves!! Happy dogging ..see you there.

seaton carew hartlepool

  • the blue lagoon, just along for seaton golf course, best late at night between 11pm and 3am


  • now has lockable gates so nothing possible.

silksworth ski slope.

  • Fri & sat nite atfer 10 pm

stanhope sewer works

  • One mile west of Stanhope turn right into sewage works plenty of action weekends

Stanhope, Bishop Auckland

  • At The Top of Crawleyside bank, heading towards castleside, there is a small car park to the left, Dogging After Dark!


  • straight / bi action, located in roker retail park car park sunderland near stadium of light and metro station. main nights wed-fri but used 7 days a week. turn on reading light for attention. cya there...

Sunniside Nr Towlaw

  • Tried this spot last week, quite a few getting there just after dark, well worth the trip, nice one doggers, keep it up.
  • Sundays seem to be popular at this spot, normally after dark although iv heard of daytime action. mostly married couples and single males/females. Its really opened up my eyes and the mrs loves it. people travelling far and wide to go there, excellent spot.
  • Head south on the A68 through Towlaw and turn left on the bend after the petrol station, sign posted for Willington. Continue this road for about half a mile and bear left before the first house in Sunniside, follow this back lane for about half a mile to where it bends sharp left and park up. Had some good action there in recent months, well worth a visit. Have fun.

thorpe thewles walkway

  • this is now gated and closed but the lane is VERY long to park up and the picnic area and benches are available to use. loads of parking space. can nevr get locked in. in summer nights this can be a great place just use the benches for gang bangs


  • Throckley site just off the A69 is now being monitored by the police as farmer and nudists are complaining about the activity in the lane we got busted by the police recently as I understand it this is actually due to fly tipping and boy racers fleeing up and down the lane You have been warned: activity in the lane is now being reported and car reg no's taken and forwarded to the police
  • Travel from the A1 to A69 west, take Throckley Ponteland turn off, go over the A69 just on the roundabout after the bridge you will see a private road next to the bus stop with TANDO, written on a gate post, go along the lane you will find lots of pulling in spots, or go to the end next to the nudist club, loads of action, all couples some single men. Great dark spot, road only used by nudist so they don’t bother you we have used it for months and no bother.

towlaw and crook

  • both these locations have been closed for atleast a year now.

ushaw moor

  • picnic area between ushaw moor and esh winning mostly elderly men wanking each other

waldridge fell

  • wooded area on left as heading towards edmondsly used frequently by gay men but also occasional couples, though more so at night

Waldridge Fell

  • Near Chester le Street. Gay / Bi / couples, best after dark as the car parks are used by walkers during daylight hours.
  • Mostly Gay male to male crusing and pick up.....couples after dark....very busy!

waldridge fell near chester-le -street

  • head up waldridge road from chester-le-street there are 3 carparks 2 on left they are best and one on right lots of gay fun up here.Just be careful of the dog walkers

waldrige fell

  • carparks off main road


  • Stephenson industrial estate car park next to football field turn off next to northumbria centre. Day and dark need more couples


  • Crowther Road, near to Holiday Inn, small car park on right hand side next to allotments. Plenty of wooded areas around. Few cars after dark


  • the Wildfowl park now has barriers and the lane beside it also. Though James steel is still ok.
  • wildfowl park car park and james stelle park they is few dogging places and they are good place quiet area so u dont get disturbed
  • if you get to fatfield bridge on the side where the pubs are there is a lane along by the river opposite the biddick pub . if you drive along just before you get to the farmhouse there is a track on the left go up there its very dark hopefully this will catch on

West Auckland

  • Along the old railway line there is a small wooded area. Dogging ction after dark, and sometimes during the day.
  • On the A68 heading towards Darlinton from West Auckland, layby tp of hill. Friday nights after 12pm 3 or 4 couples in most Friday nights


  • The carpark near the river inbetween willington and Tod Hills!


  • Turn off at Wingate then go straight across to the whey bridge alongside the garden centre follow the road down to the caravan park there's gates up but if u turn into the caravan park n park up you can walk around the gate and down to the action. DON'T MISS OUT!!


  • Dogging site A19 Wolviston North of A689 Access only No Parking at any time. Police patrol & camera's


  • bad idea police now use this during the day to dogs !!

Please let us know of any durham dogging locations that you know of by clicking here

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