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Main dogging sites and directions for essex, including major towns and cities: Chelmsford, Basildon, Romford, Southend, Colcheter, Harlow, Brentwood, West Ham.


  • Fairlop Water, Barkingside Essex. There are two car-parks. Car-park one (close to the pub) is good after 8/9 pm and this park closes around 11.30 pm. Car-park 2 is good for mid-day sex. Closes around 6pm.


  • Langdon Hills Country Park. Park outside the Church in the road sign posted One Tree Hill (off Dry Street) walk back to Dry Street and up the footpath into the woods. Some gay action at this dogging site, but plenty of wooded area for couples and doggers.


  • A small car-park opposite the Camelot Pub in Chigwell. You can often watch couples fucking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11pm onwards.


  • Holland Haven Country Park, situated on the coast between Clacton and Frinton-on-Sea. A big place, but some car fun is to be found with occasional joining in.


  • Dogging in Colchester can be found at the car-park in Friday Woods on Friday and Saturday nights after 10.30. Quite a few couples in cars.
  • Also, there's a great dogging site at a place called Cudmore Grove, on Mersea Island.
  • On the A120 between Colchester and Braintree. Going towards Braintree on the A120 go past the third turning on the left to Coggeshall then look for a white P on a blue background sign, Layby unseen from road as is behind trees, action all the time, mostly gay, but some couples for dogging at night.

Danbury Ford

  • The long grass has been mowed recently but still an active dogging site. Follow road out of Boreham Village towards Danbury, on back road about 1 mile after bridge over river, turn left where signposted to FORD, half a mile down on right, park up, walk into field, go down to bottom, hang around for a while, and have fun.

Hainault Forest and Country Park

  • There are two car parks here but the furthest one is where all the dogging happens. Also, people leave their cars & go into the woods for action too.


  • Church Road, Hutton off Hanging Hill Lane and Hall Green Lane. Opposite the church itself, there is parking for about 4 cars with a footpath and some woods right on the edge of the parking area. Great action for voyeurs some nights.


  • In the bushes off the bridleway on the edge of Belfairs Park Golf Course. Most weekend evenings in the summer. Mainly straight but some gay. Very open and friendly for dogging.
  • Behind Leigh-on-Sea station via side road is a large amount of parking by the sea wall (not the station car-park) or further down over narrow bridge is tarmac parking by the boat slipway.
  • (Similar to above but...) Leigh Marshes - just behind Leigh-on-Sea Station. Go to 2 tree island, past the golf range, over the bridge. Car park on left, and opposite this car park. Walk to the furthest bird hide, amongst the many bushes and undergrowth.


  • Halfway House on A127 between Romford and Southend. A fantastic dogging site, with action all the time. Going towards Southend from Romford, approx 10m on left, look for a pub called The Halfway House, turn into their car park, drive past the front and out onto lane on right, turn left onto lane and almost immediately on left park on road, go into field and walk around, won't be long before you encounter some dogging action. This site is actually part of Thorndon Country Park, so look out for dog walkers etc., but most people are there for the same reason as you, so go on, have loads of fun.


  • In the bushes and trees by the disused toilet on the Chelmsford end of Witham - very active most nights, mostly gay but some couples too.

1/2 way house A127

  • Still plenty of gay action.


  • site seems to be happening again.

A120 Coggeshall Road layby

  • Be Careful of 6 hidden cameras. This area is not private. Policing frequently

A120 Layby between Colchester & Braintree

  • July 2013 - There still seems to be quite a lot of activity here, mainly gay/bi but worth a look.

A127 layby next to halfway house

  • if you park up in the layby just before the halfway house (southend bound) and look approx 150 yards ahead and to the left you will see the bottom end of the country park forest and if you head in towards there you will find mainly gay action amongst the trees. please take away any rubbish with you as its this that spoils sites like this for others.

A128 slip road

  • I went there with my husband and was shared with 2 dirty old men,who were sitting waiting on of chance .fantastic

back gate to hylands park in chelmsford

  • looks like a good place to meet after dark easy to get into the park from there

Behind Leigh station

  • An update on the Leigh station site. Instead of going over the bridge past the driving range, take the car park on the right before the driving range. It's the one on the sharp left hand bend. We have had several great nights there

behind leigh station

  • just an update,my gf and i go to car park just over bridge past golf range,there every second thurs night,come enjoy her!And many thanks to all the guys that made it a night to rememeber for her last time out!

berwick woods

  • car park is unlocked all night and is absolutely dead at night so fill your boots people

Berwick Woods

  • Big country park with car park. Lots of woods nearby. Good for meets shortly after dark. Car park's rarely locked. Lots off access to park. Just be discrete as paths frequently used by joggers / dog walkers

Berwick Woods Rainham

  • Discrete car park and nearby woods and fields very quiet and lots of places to be unseen, many gay and bi guys walking dogs and having fun in the long grass during summer days.

bradwell church

  • turn off A120 by the swan pub follow road n just past church on left u find a laybi on right plenty of walks there with secluded area`s were plenty ofcouples n gay guys go day or night... iflooking for a good time with a well hung guy then im there most day for the ladies or couples


  • Half way house now has big fences all the way down so no fun there and tylers commen has the gates locked all day now to stop any fun, so lets find some new places in brentwood and romford and get em posted up guys!


  • Childerditch carpark off childerditch lane. Near Thonton Park. Weekdays and weekends.

brentwood centre

  • park in main carpark then walk round main sports feild mostly gay bi best 7pm 11pm come and join in

Brentwood essex

  • Lincolns lane half way down is a dirt track well used by couples for sex in cars not always doggers so go careful at ist till you get a signal lincolns lane is between weald road and coxtie green road not far from bootsale at noak hill

Brick Fields, Cranham

  • In the woods near mainline railway line...newish scene but couples and bi/curious/gay in recent weeks putting on show...towards rear of woods usually in middle usually from 10.30am - 3pm.Parking in main field and walk down footpath till see the rail line and walk left towards the thickly wooded area.

broaks wood

  • couples fucking, friday & saturday nights, after 10.30, good, private spot

broaks wood halstead

  • between halstead and gosfield, up and coming now the 120 has been complained about.

broaks wood Halstead

  • 1 car park really good at night as you can see anyoe coming from the road, couples Friday and Saturday nights

buckhurst hill

  • opp the Monkhams pub by the Bancroft Rugby club lots of good bi/gay and some female action all ages

bulphan old brentwood road opposite the plough motel

  • set back off the main road this is a very busy spot for bi gay and straight fun. Turn left opposite plough motel and follow road round until past last house on left. It is a through road which joins back onto A128 but lots of stopping places ans bushes for outdoor fun. Lots of evidence of fun here as in clothing mags etc.

burnham on crouch

  • friday nights 10pm the car park down by the marina at the end of the town mainly young couples some joining in and watching

canvey island

  • Could people udate more accurately about any spots close to canvey please as i try all the places and have no luck !
  • Canvey heights nature reserve along side kings park to end of d road plenty of parking best times after dark few benches at top of hill to sit/lay on for sex all types attend some dog walkers.

Cely Wood - Upminister

  • If you park in the car park and walk the path on the right, action goes in the first wooded area you come to. Been quiet the last few weeks due to the weather, but action had been picking up lately. Best times are around 4-6pm all days. There has been some daytime weekend action, but not lately, so would give that a miss.
  • Not sure what the guy who updated this is talking about. There has never been dogging at night at Cely Wood, nor has this ever been said. Of course the carpark is shut.... at night. Cely Wood is a DAYTIME site, and I've just got back from some seriously naughty action. Have to be more careful when the schools break up, but right now, there action is pretty much every day around noon. Park in the carpark, follow the path to the right and loiter in the wooded area.... you wont be disappointed. Mainly couples though, no bi or gay.

cely wood - upminster

  • not sure exaxtly what goes on there but def no action as of late except someone hanging freshly washed underwear off trees to make it look like some sort of orgy takes place

cely wood upminster

  • just an update on this location really. The barriers on the car park are locked at night so no access to car park for vehicles plus it has height restriction in place.

Cely Woods

  • Have been here on numerous occasions as very local to me and not a thing going on.


  • FOLLOW the a120 past coggeshall going towards colchester till you come to the cross roads of earles colne and coggeshall turn left to wards earles colne and follow the road to the end turn right and take your very next left this turning is concealed as its on a bend if you have gone under the bridge you have gone to faronce you have turned right you will be driving for a short while in a reidential area dont worry you have only got a few more yards till you see a sign saying chalkney woods follow up the single track road which will lead you to a large well covered and enclosed carpark this road is a little bumpy but dont worry good point with this site is that you can see other vehicles approaching with out them knowing you are already there well hidden but a great site to take your playing too hope to meet you there it is used quite a lot for dog walkers during the day but at night there is action


  • turn into navigation road from springfield road take the 1st turn right wharfe road go right to the end theres a large car park well out of the way never n=been at night but looks promising

Chelmsford, Admirals Park

  • Quiet spot behind the car park off rainsford road..

cherry orchard park rochford

  • very very quiet,go over there everynight around midnight,come join me ladies!

Chigwell country park

  • Chigwell country park carpark near David Lloyd centre after 22.00 weekdays and weekends. It is quite well lit so you need to be a bit subtle but there are a few naughty couples playing. I saw a couple playing and displaying on Fri a month ago fantastic!

Chigwell Country Park,

  • Chigwell Country Park,. park up in one of the car park that is nere and go into the wood good for day meets to

Childerditch and Halfway house

  • Its worth mentioning that both these sites are mostly gay. Also the authorities are very aware of the sites and actively policed. This is mainly due to it being a large and popular country park for families and dog walkers. There have been numerous incidents reported of doggers actively and at times aggressively harrasing non dogging members of the public. Boy racers also meet at the chiderditch car park and often anti-gay slogans can be seen graffitied at the site, urge caution.....

Chingford plains

  • Behind the Queen Elizabeth hunting lodge. Can get busy but needs more couples and single females.

chingford plains

  • Turn into rangers road from epping new road. Go past the pub on the right. Turn right then it's about 500 yards on the right.

coach house fort east tilbury

  • after dark this place comes alive with public shows check it the day it is quit busy with tourists

coal house fort - east tilbury

  • Car park is now locked night times

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury Village

  • Many people have seen and heard ghosts at this dogging area and the Fort has featured on TV's Most Haunted program. The place has got a spooky feel to it, which just adds to the excitement! There's good night time action after dusk, especially in and around the old WW2 concrete out buildings near the river. The car park is locked at night, but you can park along the road just before the church (about 50 meters before the car park entrance). There is public right of way (on foot) 24/7 in the Forts grounds and along the river Thames footpath, so there is no problem there. Park up and walk down to the entrance and follow the footpath in front of you (keeping the Fort to the left of you, the path bears round to the right, then straightens up). Before you get to the river you'll see the concrete out buildings on your left. You should meet up with like minded people along there most nights. Have fun!

Coggeshall A120 layby

  • The ground next to the layby has been ploughed up and there is now no undergrowth or cover. It is very muddy and exposed, Also with the tress cut down it is very exposed to the road. Not a good site.

Coggeshall Layby

  • Trees have all been cut back. Not sure that the gay dogging there still continues. Be extra careful.


  • Mersea road past the army ranges ,a lay by on the left next to woods on a downhill section before Fingeringhoe turnoff . Gay action in woods


  • along the bridge by abberton reservoir most nights

Colchester - Fitzwalter Road

  • Park few yards into this road and wait. May need to flash headlight but be patient, it's a new site. Ideal for beginners to be watched as relatively quiet and very safe.

Colchester, Hilly Fields, Sheepen road

  • Defo dogging site most evenings. Straight and gay

coppermill lane Walthamstow

  • Go down to the bottom of coppermill lane there is a quiet car park on the left an ideal spot if ever I saw one !!!!!.


  • On the Danbury , Bicknacre road. Head towards bicknacre from Danbury on the back road were Kelly's turkeys is. As you approach the wooded part of the road turn right into a car park with a height restrictions on. Mainly couples and single guys . Usually busy after half 10 on the weekend. Week nights provide a bit of seclusion .

Danbury Ford

  • Just with in the last few weeks, all the trees have been cut down by the local land owner!!!! So the scope for fun has been cut down big time!!!! Manly gay, but some times couples...Happy Hunting

Danbury ford

  • 2014 review. Site is active... Mostly gay and bi, but occasionally couples come down. Winter time: action takes place in cars or edge of the wooded area. Summer time: action takes place in cars or at the far end field of on the near woods and far woods. Park up and be patient.


  • Epping New Road after the Wake Arms roundabout, first car park on the left takes you about 100yds into the forest. The gate has a notice saying it's closed at night but that's yet to happen when I've been there

epping forest

  • 17/3/2011--first parking area heading towards theydon bois. Like piccadilly circus as in cars in and out constantly once dark. Even had people walk up to my van and look in hoping for action! Definitely the place to be and forest is well secluded. The further you go in the more discreet. I jog naked there every night and want some action! So come on boys and join me?

Epping Forest

  • Head towards Theydon Bois from Wake Arms roundabout first parking area on left. Park up and discretly go in to forest mainly Gay and Bi most fun around midday and early evening but be careful of horse riders !

Epping Forest car park opposite Woodbine pub,Honey Lane. Near junction 26. M25

  • Go in forest in daytime. Very convenient.

five lakes tollshunt darcy

  • weekends five, lakes car park,couples & single action both nights

Folkes lane

  • Best place ever even when gates are Locked just park up in the layby down the rd a bit and walk in the park. Loads of bushes and private space around .
  • Been here numerous times and nothings happening here. shame.

Folkes lane on the A127

  • Very secluded but a great place to play just park your car in the car park and go for a walk it's not very busy i've been there three time now and got lucky once and been late on another occasion so not bad odds i'll keep going as i think it will get better..

Folkes Lane Upminster

  • Folkes Lane is just off the Southend Bound A127 just before the M25. Halfway down the lane on a sharp bend is a Car Park for the Folkes Lane Woodlands. Daytime between 10.30am and 1pm its a hive of activity. You need to park in the Car park, then walk into the Park and turn left, follow the path and you will come to a bench on the right, behind the bench is a Stile. This leads to secluded spots in the woods. Nobody apart from Doggers use the inner woods. Getting better all the time.

Folkes lane, Upminster

  • Have been there a couple of times to play with the wife, lovely big parkland / wooded areas to loose yourself in but sadly never seen anyone else wanting to watch or play. Will keep going though as we love it up there

grays Davy Down

  • opposite the traveller site,and by sainsburys,very active friday and sat nights after dark. warning during the day used by dog walkers,so be careful where you tread

grays davy downs

  • 19/3/11 - the main car park is never closed. It's small but nobody around after dark. There are 2 entrances and both take u straight in. Just head towards ockendon from sainsburys roundabout. Both entrances on left.

Greenstead Green

  • Your entry needs to be amended as there is now a locked gate and the area is prone to car break ins if left unattended. Thanks

greenstead green

  • between greenstead green and stistead is a national trust car park, open gate and drive in, many cpls fuck there.

Half way house

  • Just an update on the Half way house site which you have listed under Romford. There are now Double yellow lines at the site to stop doggers parking up.

Halfway house

  • Now that the gay cruising has stopped here it is now happening on the other side of the A127 just off of the A128 in tilbury road which is the first turning on the right as soon as you have come off the roundabout onto A128 southbound, its mainly after 10pm most nights its slowly picking up since the end of the halfway house

Halfway House

  • Regulars at Halfway House have experienced boy racers driving up and down the road throwing items out of the cars and racing off, this has been increasing lately so becareful when visiting apart from that still regular action!
  • There has been a metal fence errected the full length of the lane on the pub side.There is also a sururity guide on the entrance to the country park takeing car number plates of people travelling up an down the lane and into the park.

halfway house A127

  • This used to be a great spot for gay action and some couples but just recently a new fence has been put in place the whole length of the road leading from the side of the pub to the main car park and as a result and nothing happens here anymore. Boy racers about now looking for trouble so be very careful. Such a shme and cant work out where people now go ???

halfway house update

  • Last night I got beans thrown at me out of a car of youths down there.


  • halfway house,in brentwood.the whole place has been fenced in from burger van all the way down to the halfway house only way in is through the ain carpark in park

halow 414

  • head out of harlow by harlow station on the 414 hertford bound about half mile on your left theres a small parking place by the river nice and quiet day or nigh times


  • The car park outside the Range, from midnight onwards. Lots of ladies flashing and couples. Avoid like the plague gangs of young guys who are definitely not looking for dogging
  • The car park outside the Range, from midnight onwards. Lots of ladies flashing and couples.

harold hill cental park

  • just off of gooshays drive turn on to petersfild and then left in to the park it just stating so you have to wait about a bit.. on weekend 11 - 3 am straight people..

Harold Hill romford

  • harold cout rd Harold Hilll under the railway bridge turn left in the car park either stay in car or go 4 a walk along the path in the woods from 9 am till 2 pm then after 7 pm car park shuts at 9,30 lots going on great 4 first timers

Havering Country Park

  • On the embankment leading to the Lake there is plenty of Gay action at weekends.


  • A secluded car park just past the Clements Hall round about on the left up a long road going to Edwards Hall Park, off the main road going into Hockley, being as it is a newish location there is not much activity at the moment, but it is an excellent location for dogging, so get up there and get dogging, and maybe I will see you up there sometime


  • As head to Sudbury turn left after Henny Swan Pub .1/4 mile secluded beet patches.Couples.

Holland Haven Country Park

  • Local residents & dog walkers very unhappy with the volume & blatant action here, so have complained to the police. Bushes have been cut so people in the woods can be clearly seen. Regular police patrols, car parked locked at dusk and car park attendants also let the Old Bill know of any action. Locals taking car registration numbers, so be warned!


  • Hornchurch Sports Centre, as your driving in the car park on the right, there is a dark corner and a field behind it which goes into a forest which is slowly getting busy for bi/gay action, picks up when the carpark clears from the sports centre users at around 1030pm onwards!!been using this location for several months now but be great to see some new faces!

Howe green (chelmsford)

  • On the roundabout coming out of chelmsford going to the A130 take the Howe green exit (one before A130) then immediately left into small turning. There are houses near the bottom of this dead end, but on sundays at about 10.30 women and men head to the middle of this little road for some action. See you there!

hylands park chelmsford

  • 16th june 2011 - had amazing sex in the woods with a sexy lady. Plenty of places to get naked as woods go on for miles. Also lots of wheatfields. Ideal at night cos hardly any one around. Main gates are locked but you can still access park and woods on foot.

james cooke woods

  • Go past Olivers nurseries. witham. on left after sharp left hand bend is a car park. small but discrete. i meet there weekly and a regular guy

langdon hills

  • Been using this for a bit not seen anybody there yet.its in langdon hills at the end of the road called lee capel lane purfect for parking up.


  • Behind Leigh station a great place hubby and I go most evenings but very late

leigh marshes

  • update about leigh marshes. Cars of youths trying to block the bridge with traffic cones, when you get out to move them they try to jump you, so keep an eye out.

little warley common

  • Nice little car park with plenty of bushes to have fun in, mostly gay. Needs a few more new faces


  • car park on the right between loughton and epping new wife and i go there most saturday nights having fun. Mostly single guys, so offer more couples and females. Good fun though.

Magnolia Park

  • Behind the park, the nature reserve is discreet and perfect for meets.....


  • on the small beach, mostly older guys, quiet sometimes , but ive been picked up there twice

mountfitcht castle

  • went to mountfitcht castle last night. 12 9 2012 fantastic place loads off couples.

Mounthfitchet castle, stansted mountfitchet

  • Near the end of the car park very dark in the evenings loads of dogging oppitunits isn't lit up so Anyones welcome to join ;) ------ but no gay activity has been seen mostly couples flashing and sexual happenings

off hall rd rochford.

  • drive down the newish rd towards the bp garage & new car dealers.a new carpark is just off that rd on the right before car dealers.should pick up if word gets about.

old sainsburys car park in stanway

  • many couples play there

one tree hill

  • the car park nearest to the a13 bridge, had a couple of good sessions there, one couple patrol up and down until a group of guys gather then they put on a great show, daytime mainly

paglesham. near rochford ,essex

  • follow the road all the way to paglesham,when u reach the plough&sail pub turn left,follow the unmade road down to the boatyard carpark and just park up anywhere,the carpark is the place to be for car fun,for outdoor fun leave the car and walk back up the lane,just past the little parking area on the right is a gate with barb wire just undo the chain and walk in(but be very discreet when entering and re shut the gate),the area is very sucluded and wooded with bushes and is surounded by a little river so its very private and totally great for outdoor fuck fun,or go through the boatyard and theres lots of sea wall to the right off the black shed(be aware the sea wall area is heavely walked by bird watchers},,,a happy few people use this location,,,just be polite to the boatyard people(you can just walk through the boatyard to the sea wall with no probs as its a public right of way)..well see ya all there and happy

petches bridge

  • petches bridge, near finchingfield, braintree

Pike Lane, Upminster

  • Off St Marys lane just after the Thatched House Pub (coming from Upminster)there are a few pull in laybyes. Couples and some bi/gay action...


  • (its on the old a130 road there are two stoping areas use the larger one park your car walk in to the field a little bit down the road the are some old pill boxes witch can come in use when geting hot and dirty


  • the woods on the corner of old house lane

severalls ind est

  • Plenty of truck drivers looking for couples, single females, angel some guy action. Cum and say hi

shotgate park in wickford

  • This is a gold mine. the park is never closed with plenty of quiet areas for lots of fun. it is a quiet resatental area so just have a bit of savi when you go and dont park to close and allert the locals. Find the shotgate shops and go into fanton way and just as the road bends to the right...turn left and the park is there, there are two or three other ways in but i dont know them...sorry but im sur you will find them as its such an easy area to get around. I was there tonight and i had a lovely big cock and i am going back there tomorow for some more fun. aparantly this is a under used place with so mucg potential you would not believe guys.

Shut heath woods

  • In between Wickham Bishops and Great Braxted on the left hand side just past fork in the road turn into where looks like farmers fields with 5bar gates sometimes closed but never locked. Drive down to second field and park on the left daytime action as well as night. Is used by walkers either with dogs or without but can add to the fun. Hope to see you there

south woodham ferrers

  • rugby club carpark The only time this carpark is used by the general public is on Sat and Sun. All through the week it is a hive of activity for the local dogging community. To get to the site you need to follow signs for the de ferrers centre off of the a130 and the rugby club is 5 minutes from here (look out for the sign advertising for new players)


  • temple farm industrial estate sothend rugby club car park very quite

St osyth

  • Martins farm country park at st osyth is a great place for car fun or open air fun. The lane is opersit the oaklands holiday park on the colchester road. Dont use the carpark after 5pm as the gates are closed but you can park up on the lane as its a dead end road. Loads of grass land and small trees to get in but beware of dog walkers.Is very popular after dark when they go. Was treated to a couple last week so come and get this new area popular.


  • If you take the old A13 from the 5 bells going to stanford-le-hope then when you get to roundabout with car sale showroom on the right take the 2nd turn off then go over bridge then you will come up to the one tree hill country park park anywere on the left hand side walk into the woods and have fun mainly bi/gay but have fun also keep eye out for dog walkers


  • Been told the first layby after the stansted turnoff on A120 heading towards Dunmow/Braintree. Mostly gay dogging site. Head into the bushes above the layby. Be careful main road!

the chase,eastbrookend country park

  • seen plenty of action here drive down as if your going to cemetry but stop anywhere on l/h side before cemetry u will c plenty of action . getting better all the time . i have noticed that thur/fri night r the best , however u do seem to get a few straglers during the week . you just got to try your luck .sorry best time for this is between 5pm-5am give it a shot

Thorndon country park car park halfway house.

  • Still active mainly gay action. go into main car park in the country park itself and either hang about in your car or walk down the sloped grass towards the back of the pub itself where you will see the wooded areas. wont be long befor you find others looking for the same as you. car park charges of £2.20.



two tree island

  • plenty going on couples dogging after 9pm

Two Tree Island

  • Most nights in the first car park on the left as you go over the bridge, mainly gay/Bi just sit up and wait for the interior lights to illuminate for action. Approach with manners and who knows whats on offer. up to 0200 at weekends occassional tranny working the cars

tylers common off nags head lane brentwood

  • great place to get naked. straight bi or gay. some great hiding places to watch others play whilst remaining hidden


  • sunnings lane off stubbers lane. Single track lane with plenty of places to pull in and bushes to have fun behind.

victoria park laindon

  • good for couples gays most nights park in four seasons car park gross road and into park

waltham abbey

  • picnic area part of lea valley nature reserve on main trunk road from waltham cross just past holdbrook estate. great for ladies to flash and in car fun through the day/
  • picnic area part of lea valley nature reserve on main trunk road from waltham cross just past holdbrook estate. great for ladies to flash and in car fun through the day/
  • please note the mentioned area between w.abbey and w.cross no longer exists it is now a building site for the 2012 games

Walton on the Naze

  • The old customs tower car park on the naze at walton. Action takes place in the bushes most days, gay and straight.

walton on the naze

  • behind the railway station great car park plenty of good spots mainly nights

wansted park

  • wansted park behind the wanest flats starting of the alderbrook avenue on you right near the football ground,great action there,couples,guys,gays

West Canvy Marsh

  • Roscommon way turn left into carpark at roundabout. Some activity gay in back of car park on the left hand side. Usual signs interior and brake lights early eves. Not all there for the same reason. Be careful as regular spot for bird watching.(feathered type)

West Tilbury

  • New after dark experience, sencond gate on right as you come up cooper shaw road or first gate on left if coming from Low street past the cottages from the railway lines. If gate oipen pull in, gate note shut if cars parked.

westcliff on sea

  • along the cliff tops along clifftown parrade upto westcliff hotel action goin on there mostly gay but need some couples n doggers.

whipps cross, snaresbrook

  • car park , nights, loads of couples


  • Land at bottom of Station Avenenue has never been a dogging site and is now a building site!


  • go down station avenue to the very end passing the station. At the end of the road pass through the gap in the hedge into the field. cross the first field turn left after the gap into the second field you will come to gap into woods, its used for meets, good hunting.


  • On the a127 the dick turpin pub. Round the back in the little car park after hours norm about 10.30


  • Road development of A12 now finished, sadly the toilet has been demolished, but activity slowly returning to this site.
  • A12 layby first exit going colchester bound is definately back on As of 12/8/13 many cars most nights gay/bi guys Go into bushes
  • Sadly the witham area has gone ,due to redevelopement sad

wodside park benfleet

  • head right to the end of the road to the locked gate park and head to the woods just behind gate mostly couples some gay. after dark right up to 4:30am

woodside park woods daytime

  • park by the swings and head down the path in to the woods some gay action durin the day have seen and spyed on some couples/

Please let us know of any essex dogging locations that you know of by clicking here

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