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Main dogging sites and directions for london, including major towns and cities: City of London, Greater London.


  • Lovers Lane - lots of action alone there, go over Hammersmith fly over towards Richmond when you get to the first round about there a petrol station on your left hand side, take the 2nd exit from the petrol station where the one way fly over starts, then keep driving till you get to a bridge with a set of traffic lights, turn left, this takes you along the river and all the way round lovers lane. plenty of action at night and lots of places to park and have fun.

Clapham Common

  • Mainly Gays although you do get the occasional couples putting on a show.


  • The lane that leads up to Dulwich golf course just by the tollgate - Very busy at weekends there's normally one or two couples in cars so lots to see!

Kenton, north of Wembley NW9

  • Open space / Barn Hill recreation area on the Fryent Way A4140. - Many couples in cars afternoon/evening. Many young Asians. Some participation. Generally a relaxed attitude about watchers.


  • new rd, abbeywood, london se2/ with woods ether side of the road

Alexandra Palace, North London

  • The car park by the Ice rink is used by couples and some gay guys from around 10pm to 1am Busier late in the week Thursday through to Saturday and quieter the rest of the week


  • Loads of places around Beckton. Behind Gallions reach by the new buildings. In the Sainsburys car park by the recycling bins as well. Common ground for some good action.


  • Green Street Near the farms as you head Towards Shenley A lot of discreet locations near the Forested Area

bromley by bow

  • past devons road dlr station first left stright down to a dead end mainly people vist after dark

burgess park

  • Since the regeneration of the park there are so many places to have fun. Most couples use the bushy area by the exercise machines on new church road . A lot of jogging cyclist and dog walking couples generally use the area day and night.


  • Dukes Meadow, off the A316 turn in at bottom of Chiswick Bridge into Dan Mason Drive,road runs along the river then under a small bridge, turn right and follow road back to riverside and lots of great places to park up for fun ! road continues on back to the A316. This is a fantastic place with so much potential yet much under used,

Chiswick boathouse

  • Just along the river there are couples looking on Sunday nights but there's not many straight fit men .mainly gay blokes

clapham common

  • follow long road past the skateboard park, take the first left then first right

coombe lane, croydon

  • Take coombe lane going towards addington. past Lloyd Park tramlink station and look for Oaks Lane on the left.Turn left and immediately turn into a dirt car parking area.Walk away from the entrance towards a brick structure at the end, on the right . are a couple of paths into the bushes and some clearings with plenty of evidence of action.Dont know if this is a regular place, but worth a try !

Copthall Grounds NW4

  • Just off the A1, Copthall sports grounds theres is a carpark and in the evening usually after 10pm you will find couples in cars hanging out...


  • a small woodland car park of the purley way near a park very secluded


  • Great dogging location ! Am new to the area, took the missus. Only waiting 15mins before 3 guys arrived. Very polite, lots of fun. Mrs got a very good seeing too !

DULWICH Golf Course Lane

  • Golf Lane by Golf School, halfway up. Great dogging location ! Am new to the area, took the missus. Only waiting 15mins before 3 guys arrived. Very polite, lots of fun. Mrs got a very good seeing too !

Dulwich london

  • by the tollgate every weekend start tonight 14/03/2015 at 10pm

Dulwich Tollgate

  • In dulwich by tollgate every night after 8pm lots of fun by the tollgate go up the hill nice place

Eastbrookend Country Park

  • Situated in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. RM10 7DR. Secluded car park on the right just before the entrance to the cemetry. Sharp turn after the Farmhouse pub, carry on past the first car park and onto the second. Lunchtime action - nights as well


  • Near pasteur gardens in the alley way at back of houses very disc; and private i love it there


  • A316 Layby into London. Truckers stop. Late at night males mainly in the woods.


  • A316 has new fencing so no going in woods.

finchley,wooded area behind the rocklands ,Gordon road

  • secluded wooded area behind block of flats,N3 1en,after dark plenty of activity

Fitzroy Square

  • Regular dogging on the wooden benches after midnight, the crowd usually are late night pub=crawlers.

Green Park

  • Loads of doggers after dark. Safe forcouples whowant toplay in central London


  • Great little spot just near the O2 dome. Drive towards the O2 along millennium way, just before you come to a set of lights, on your left there is a turning which looks like it leads you to those big gas chamber things. Drive down the ramp and pull up on the left. It's outside a traffic management depot (so 24hr access) but most of the guys are happy to join in :) very quiet although only room for around 5 cars. After 8pm everyday :)

Hampstead Heath

  • Wildwood rd woods lots of outdoor mmmf action always on Sunday after dark


  • the woods behind jack straws castle pub in hampstead london is probably the most famous of all dogging sites in london for gays

harvington woods

  • big open forest very quiet near chinese garage in beckenham its fairly new but have seen the odd couples and singles wandering in late at night friday saturday and sunday nights after 10pm


  • Westcombe drive, next to Barnet Football club. Take the turning between the green gates, half way down the road next to the football club. This is a dead end and will lead to a very discreet car park. LOTS OF ACTION! Getting VERY VERY popular after dark Thurs - Sun, mainly couples, lots of action!

Highgate Woods, Wood Lane N6

  • Very secluded, can go into the woods. Getting busier.

Horsenden Hill, Perival

  • Horsenden is a great nature spot in Perivale. I hear that occasionally it is home to natural activities of an adult nature some evenings. I cannot confirm this myself so far.

kenley common

  • On a Friday and sometimes a Saturday kenley common There is a wooded area and so hiding places to have some fun.

Kennington Park

  • Not far from Oval station - Bi-sexual (Gay and Straight very mixed)

leytonstone E11

  • whipps crooss hospital,boating lake


  • highgate woods highgate london in the ristricted conservation area as get off i go there when its a good day

Longton Avenue

  • Down by Wells Park, couldnt believe my eyes when i seen two cars with doors open and alot of action going on.


  • Avondale drive,there is small lake,and woods :)

mile end park

  • Mile end park, turn right , 14 min walk from 11 until morning, usually gays , single looking for outdoor fun, nice location, good for action, love getting bj


  • big patch of grass leading onto massive woodland very sucluded, foxes field park

Neasden Recreation Ground

  • Park your car on Aboyne Road, London (just of the A406.) take a walk through the footpath and in to the Neasden Recreation Ground and have fun.

North woolwich

  • North woolwich park. Mainly young couple s

North Woolwich

  • Beside the river, West of free ferry. Benches beside old anchors. Parking outside satellite dish complex. Caution - police do patrol


  • mitre bridge off srubs lane loads of action mainly old couples

paddock nature park

  • lovelly with many discreet places

pickets lock

  • just before you turn into pickets centre there is a road follow it down where you will find a car park on your left hand side

primrose hill

  • almost every night, mainly weekend all over.. couples, single guys and girls


  • Telegraph Road off Putney Heath. Past the Telegraph pub is a small car park. Dogging spot late night for local couples mainly weekends. Voyeurs or participants always welcome

River Lane Richmond London

  • This is a very hot spot in the daytimes weekdays and evenings. Near Ham off Petersham road

river thames path

  • park end of miles drive and walk down to river walk along path till it turns left and there is old gunners post cant miss it


  • Car park at Scratchwood closed by Brent council from Monday 20th August, indefinitely.


  • car park on the a1 between apex corner and stirling corner. always a lot going on here

Shooters hill

  • Theres loads of cars and vans loads to see . but be carefull the police do go the sometines

Shoreditch Park

  • Near the tennis courts around 10pm this location isn't the busiest place but its getting there.


  • Half way down Snaresbrook Rd, on right heading east, turn into carpark. Plenty of action in woods on both sides of car park. Often better than Hampstead heath!

southnorwood park female needed

  • Southnorwood park Is perfect for sex low key but too many men we need a lot more woman

Streatham Common SW16

  • Car park at the top of Streatham Common near The Rookery, plenty of action there

Surrey Quays Leisure park

  • There is a dark area by the Cafe East building. There is no lighting, hedges blocking the view from the main road and no security cameras looking over the area. The previous location in front of the cinema is too open. This corner has plenty of cover. Post code is SE16 2XU. I have seen some cars waiting in the car park but no action i have seen yet. Local businesses close after midnight

surrey quays se16

  • Mast leisure park, has odeon cinema, frankie & Benies, Pizza Hut, Old Orleans< Bowling Alley. Big carpark, everything is closed by midnight andcouples use the carpark in front of Odeon Cinema and side of Old Orleans, Shielded by Old Orleans at back of cars and hedgerow wall in front. Getting more popular, after midnight until around 4.00am

Thames Barrier Car Park

  • Eastmoor St, SE18. Wooded area around overflow car park

the small park in market road off callidonian road

  • mostly working girls but latley a few couples have been going there

Tooting Bec Common

  • Car park when you turn left from the road between tooting bec and streatham. Really quiet and deserted. Had a great time with 18 year guy and a Milf.

Under A40 roadbridge, A40, Uxbridge

  • This is a layby on the eastbound A40, Western Avenue, just after it ceases to be the M40, between M40 junction 1, (Denham/Uxbridge turn off) and the Swakeleys Junction (Ickenham). Doggers and gays park up in the layby, and walk to top of layby and pass through a gateway and down a slope. From this point onwards, you cannot be seen by motorists on the A40 above. At bottom of slope, walk straight on to a vast area that is the arches underneath the A40 roadbridge. Dogging occurs amongst the many arches of the road bridge, along the footpaths and in the surrounding dense undergrowth.


  • Walthamstow , Coppermill Lane , at the end of the lane is a quiet car park , ideal location for dogging .

Wandsworth Park

  • Mainly late evenings. Especially mid-week. More of a younger crowd and some regular girls turning up now. Girls 100% on the safe sex

Wanstead Park

  • Still very popular with a mixed crowd but take a walk down the glade toward the big lake and turn right toward grotto for more specialist fun. Bondage is great - lots of places to be tied to and very discreet!


  • Most nights have 4 to 5 couples. Plenty of wife swapping and interaction going on. There are many different spots. Which makes this the ideal dogging playground.

Warren Lane Carpark

  • A small carpark on Warren lane, just off the main road between Stanmore and Bushey in Herrtfordshire. Seems to be quite busy from afternoon onwards with singles, couples and gay action too.

Whipps Cross

  • East Londons best dogging site. Opposite the hospital in the three carparks by the lake. Plenty privacy in the forest and load or action after dark.

whipps x

  • car park of snaresbrook road, mainly gay, but quite a few couples as well.


  • the boat house is a building site now and snearbrook i have checked there are only men no women or couple


  • wisley..go down the a3 towards portsmoth just befor the m25 goes under turn off and then drive straight across the round about as if u was going back on two the a3 take the first road on the left. then on your left is a car park. couples & if your in to it gay's in the wood's. have fun xx

Woodside Park

  • Regular dogging enthusiasts enjoy themselves here. Located close to Wood Green tube.

woodside park

  • any one about for fun tonite about 11

Woodside Park, N12

  • ["Regular dogging enthusiasts enjoy themselves here. Located close to Wood Green tube."] Actually, that should be Woodside Park tube station on the barnet branch of the northern line, for all you eager-beavers who were planning a nocturnal trip on the piccadilly line, instead. :) Golem

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