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Main dogging sites and directions for wiltshire, including major towns and cities: Trowbridge, Salisbury, Swindon, Chippenham, Devizes, Marlborough, Warminster.


  • A303, 2 miles East of Amesbury. Turn off south just east of 'Beacon Hill' towards Cholderton, dirt layby and woods 200yards down. Best times 4.30pm till dusk.


  • Salisbury on the A36 Southampton Road. Car-park opposite the college. Best time after dusk.


  • Badbury Clump car park, just off the A420 between Swindon and Oxford, on the way to Faringdon.


  • A great site to visit is TogHill, the UK's premier dogging site, no doubt! Leave M4 at J18, head south on the A46 towards Bath. Turn right at the roundabout, turn right after half a mile into picnic area (well signposted).

A36 Pepperbox Hill

  • the entrance to the car park, is at the top of the hill on a very busy road and narrows from dual carriageway to single lane at this point when coming from Salisbury


  • layby/old road on the amesbury to salisbury road as you go up the hill out of amesbury keep left and go up the old road. good daytime action
  • the layby on hill coming from amesbury to salisbury is always watched by police


  • B3353 layby at bootom of hill. No houses just open fields no police. Nice area.

Barbury Castle, Swindon

  • Wiltshire's most well known location. Always busy with doggers 24/7 couples, single men n women! Worth a visit for sure!

caps lane

  • caps lane or park lane near hayward big lane good at night time for all


  • Down Westmead lane where the old meat factory (Hygrade) is located you'll find a few parked cars. For people that don't the area you turn right just before the Emery Gate parking in the town centre, keep driving past the factory where there is several quiet places where people meet. Only seen couples and single men before.

Chittoe Heath

  • On the road from Chippenham to Devizes, a long no through road lane. Used for gay dogging in the daytime and couples usually at night. Good action here most days.
  • Some nights there are local youths there who harass you if you drive in to see what's gong on. Can get quite nasty.

chittoe woods

  • just out of melksham as you go to calne love to get more couples there

Christian Malford

  • Located between Chippenham and Lyneham main road . Parking for walkers and fishermen by the River Avon (bridge). Couples and single guys seen late evening.

Clanger woods on a36 between yarnbrook and westbury

  • A36 between yarnbrook and westbury it's just opposite heywood horse Center Iv banged a girl whilst her friend watched then I done her friend. Good action most nights

Clatford woods

  • The forestry woods just outside Clatford, near to Marlborough. Nice secluded site starting to be used by couples. Very handy picnic tables for some outdoor fun too. If a little busy here, head into the woods for privacy. Great little place this!

Danbury hill fort

  • Follow the signs off the a343


  • go straight up water lane keep going straight when you pass the last big house on the left willow brook the dogging site is about 800 yards on left this is probally the best one I have been to starts about 11.00pm enjoy.

Heywood (westbury)

  • Layby on A350 ideal to meet a trucker

J18 M4

  • Forget Tog Hill most of the time as the chavs have found it and it's nowhere near as good as it once was. Better is the car park just off J18 of the M4 on the A46 towards Bath (signposted Picnic Area). There are woods just opposite the entrance to the car park itself where you will find gay action pretty much 24/7 (look both sides of the path opposite the car park) and late at night you'll find couples meeting in the car park, often going on to The Barn for some more private fun.

Jcn 18 M4

  • Was a lot of action here a few years back but now 2011 its to be avoided like the plague. Half the time it's crawling with cops who not only park up at the weighbridge next door but regularly drive around to question any suspicious motorists & activity & Tog hill down the road is worse. The lanes and back roads are now regularly patrolled, often with camera cars and spotlights

Lacock Road, Corsham

  • Going out of Corsham towards Lacock on Lacock Road there is the entrance to the lake on left and before you come to the football club on the right there is a car park. couples and singles.

lydiard park

  • seems to be a new location one couple in particular there put on good show

m4 jct 18 car park a46

  • Sept 2012 What a place was there last night (Thursday) 2 couples in car park, girls where stunning, one gives good blow jobs, the other in front of car has stunning tits and is so pretty, had poss one of the best blow jobs every from her, spoke to them afterwards and they tell me they go there about once or twicw a week, This place is defo picking up again late at night

mere public toilets

  • good place for gay/bi action any time of day

moulden park - Swindon

  • be very careful here - police are patrolling on a regular basis - couples have had their details taken down by police




  • wooded carpark opposite entrance to racecourse, straight couples summer evenings after dusk mid week on seems best. Discreet in woods.

shaw country park

  • very new secluded car-park and woods in shaw just of the roundabout opposite skurrays garage night times couples varies as park has only recently been created

Smallgrain Picnic Area

  • On the road over the hill between Devizes and Calne. On the opposite side of the road to the Golf Club House and a little nearer to Calne. Some action in the car park, more in the picnic area and woods.

spine road

  • good for dogging at the car parks down the spine road and good to go down to the forest at night if you aint scared


  • At the bottom of groundwell ind est


  • Nightingale woods off Vicarage Lane in South Marston. Veryquiet and dark also very little used. But an excellent place for dogging couples. singles etc
  • Stratton car park down from the kingsdown pub and over the bridge on the left hand carpark
  • Badbury clump ( badbury hill) is not as described but out of Faringdon onthe 4019 to Coleshill & Highworth

Westbury Woods

  • Great place to meet. Decent size car park and never any non doggers after dark!


  • After clubs close the fun begins..

Please let us know of any wiltshire dogging locations that you know of by clicking here

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