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How to upload a photo

The more photos that you have on your profile, the more popular your profile will be. You can upload more or less any photos that you wish; photos of yourself, with mates, pets, prized possessions, the possibilities go on.

Uploading a Photo

To add a photo to your profile, mouse click onto Photos from the left menu, a few options down from the 'My Account' header. Next mouse click onto Upload .

Single Photo Upload

If you are just uploading a single photo, using the top photo upload option will be the easiest option.

Mouse click on 'Browse' and navigate through the folders and files on your computer until you've found the one that you wish to add. Double mouse click on the file or single click and press 'Open' to let the site know which one you want to add. Mouse click the green 'Upload' button to complete the upload.

What happens next?

Once your photos have been uploaded, you will see them appear under the header 'Images that were successfully uploaded and awaiting approval are shown below'. This means that your photos have been sent off to our Moderator staff to verify that they are okay to publish on the site. Normally your photos will be accepted within 24 hours and then published to your account.

Photo limits

The site will allow you to upload photos that are no more than 10MB in file size. All photos must be in a valid JPG / JPEG format.

If your photo is larger than 10MB in size or in the wrong format, you can easily reduce the photo this by resizing the file or re-saving the photo in a basic graphics program or the many web sites available on the internet that allow you to do this - most are free of charge so don't be confused by a site that asks you money to do this.