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I cannot see any photos

If you cannot see any photos on the site, thumbnail views or larger, you may have a security program installed causing this to happen.

No photos any where on the site are showing

The most common that has been reported is Kaspersky. If you open up Kaspersky, in 'Settings', under 'Protection', open 'Anti Banner'. Uncheck 'Enable Protection' or if you don't want to do this, uncheck 'Protection' then add the site URL to 'White List'. You will then need to restart your system.

You can see thumbnail photos but they won't open

The photo viewer uses Abode Flash Player which you will need to have installed on your computer otherwise it will not work. You can download this software for free through the link below:

Abode Flash Player

Simply follow the on screen instructions to download Flash Player and the installation - you may need to close and re-open your web browser for the installation to take effect.


Some web browsers like Firefox have options to block photos displaying on certain sites, or at all, to save on bandwidth. You may have accidently turned this on or clicked something that you shouldn't have. To rule out your web browser being the problem, it is always worth first trying an alternative web browser or running the browser you are using in compatibility view (Internet Explorer only available under the Tools menu).

There's many free web browsers available, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera - you can use any search engine to locate the right file you need to download these.

AOL web browsers

The site is best viewed in the latest AOL web browser 9.6 (best as of 24/05/2011). If you are using an older version of AOL and you are not sure how to update this, if you are on a Windows operating system, you should find Internet Explorer available under the 'Start' menu in 'Programs'. Open this program and navigate to the site for better viewing.