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Receiving photo comments and ratings

This help article explains about about your privacy options for receiving photo comments and ratings.

Photo comments and ratings privacy options

You can opt of of your photos receiving comments and ratings from other members in your privacy options.

Mouse click Settings from the left hand side of the site under the 'My Account' heading followed by Privacy.

Under the 'Photos' heading, you can change the visibility on whether comments and ratings can be left on your photos. These options include:


This means that any registered member can comment or rate.


This allows just your friends to comment and rate.


You can modify your options to just allow ratings or comments to be viewed or posted. If you want to approve comments before they appear live on the site, you can tick the 'Approval: Required' option.

Any changes made to the privacy options must be updated by mouse clicking 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Reviewing and Approving photo comments and ratings

Any photo comments or ratings that your account has received will appear in the Comments section on the left hand side of the site under the 'My Account' menu.

By entering this area, it will show what comments you have received for which photo, by who and then this was.

Deleting a comment

If there is a comment that you do not want to show, you can mouse click the red (X) icon shown after the comment on the right of the page.

Please note that this cannot be reversed once deleted.

Approving a comment

If you have your privacy options enabled so you can approve the comments on your photos before they are made visible on the main site, you can mouse click the green tick icon shown after the comment on the right to accept it. If you do not want to add it, mouse click the red (X) icon.