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My friend's 19 yr old slut niece

5th Jul 2013
Fact story by keven smithkeven smith
I was invited to my friend's son's wedding. I'd known him all his life and had occasionally met others of his family.

At the reception I got reacquainted with my friend's brother's and sister's and their families. Among them was Carla. She was my friend's niece, 19 years old and very attractive. I'd last seen her when she was 14 at her uncle's 50th. As the reception got under way I mingled and then sat with others for the meal and speeches etc. Then came the dancing. I danced with my friend's wife and other woman around my age (50) when Carla asked for a dance.

Let me tell you about Carla. She has long blonde hair a very trim athletic body and nice medium sized breasts. This night she was wearing a very figure hugging dress which was strapless.

As we danced I could feel her nipples against my chest. She whispered "Do you like? My parents think I'm a good girl but I'm a slut. Especially for older men." She rubbed against me and she could feel me getting hard. "Nice", she said. "Meet me outside in 5 minutes and I'll show you what I can do."

Five minutes later I was in the car park and saw Carla sitting in a car with the door open. I moved closer and she released her breasts from her dress. She drew me closer and the next thing I knew my zip was down and my cock was in her hot young mouth. For the next ten minutes she lick my cock and balls, took my cock all the way down her through and gave me some of the best cock sucking I've ever had. I soon told her I was coming and she happily swallowed the whole load. A few minutes later we both fixed our clothing and walked back inside.

The next day I was at home when there was a knock on my door. It was Carla. She said she wanted to finish what she had started the night before. In no time at all she was naked and we went into my bedroom. I told her I wanted to return the favour of the night before and went down on her young hot shaved pussy. I licked her and sucked her clit for twenty minutes and was rewarded with her screams and a great flow of juice. She was soon begging to be fucked and I happily obliged. For the next 3 hours (with rests in between) I fucked her in doggie, on her back, with her riding me. We used 4 condoms all up and each was filled with cum. Finally she asked me to fuck her arse and soon I was feeling my cock in her young tight arse and was cumming up there (she didn't want me to use a condom).

She and her family left next day but, before they did, she came to see me. She sucked me off for a half hour before I shot down her throat. She told me she was coming back in a few months to start a job and would have a place of her own.

I can't wait!!

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Comments on this story


8th Jul 2013
Keven, Lips has good advice for you... If this posting is for've struck pussy gold! Permit her to remain in your home...while she 'settles' into her new job...and locates her own residence. I'd say...might take her a few months to find her own way... In the meantime, introduce the young lady to mutual pleasures...and perhaps a few good friends...your male friends. Lovely lady sounds ever willing...!


8th Jul 2013


7th Jul 2013
Wake up!


7th Jul 2013
Neither can we wait for her to return


6th Jul 2013
Why don't you let her stay with you when she comes back in a couple of months?