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Wife Had Me Cuckolded and Buggered – Part Seven (Serving Master)

13th May 2007
TV story by Suzi_sheffieldSuzi_sheffield
After my wife Tina had had me seduced on my birthday by the beautiful transvestite Karen, and had succeeded in achieving her Masters aim of seeing her husband spunking helplessly in lust for another man (the gorgeous, delicious Karen another of his conquests), Master decided that the time had arrived to finally make clear to me the depths of my humiliation and degradation. Tina was told by her dominant seducer to arrange for Karen to visit me and her our home, but this time, he would visit as well, and explain a few things to me.

Of course after my sensational sissy joint wanking off session with Karen, I was overjoyed to be told by Tina that she would be visiting us again the following weekend. For me the next few days were an agony of waiting, but eventually the day arrived, and I prepared myself for my tranny lover as best I could, spending well over an hour carefully doing my face, selecting my sexiest, girliest clothes (black satin suspender-panties, top quality dark tan nylons, matching bra, strappy, high-heeled sandals, black pleated mini-skirt, and dark red top with plunging neckline). My new wig completed the look.

When Karen arrived Tina left us alone together for ten minutes or so unknown to me she was phoning Master on her mobile from the kitchen and Karen and I were soon in each others arms. She kissed my lipsticked red lips deeply, and ran her hands all over my feminised body. In no time at all my cockette was rock hard under my mini-skirt, and I was (still a bit hesitantly) stroking Karens balls for her, caressing their weight in my hands, and then running my painted nails up and down her pantied cock.

After ten minutes Karen had my skirt down around my knees, and my cock sticking rampantly out from the side of my suspender-panties. Just as she was marking my knob head with the colour from her lipstick for the first time, I thought I heard the front door being opened. Whatever it was I assumed Tina was dealing with it, and was too excited to think about stopping Karens tongue playing with the underside of my knob. But then the lounge door opened and a man I had never seen before entered the room!

I nearly fainted with shock. I had been caught in flagrante having sex with another man, both of us dressed as women, and both of us clearly loving it. I expected the stranger to be horrified. He was dressed in an expensive-looking suit, and had a business-like, no-nonsense air about him clearly not another sissy male come to join in the fun I thought! But then the situation suddenly got even stranger: my wife entered the room, and the man immediately took her into his embrace, rigidly held her there, and then kissed her on the mouth, apparently thrusting his tongue almost down Tinas throat.

My wife responded to him, closing her eyes in clear abandon, and sensuously wrapping one leg around him as he stood so tall and firm against her. My sense of shock deepened. Karen supported me as I half collapsed to the floor, my erection softening but still embarrassingly half-apparent. Then the man stopped kissing my wife, in order to speak to me. Your wife is mine now, he stated, my property to do with as I wish. Her body belongs to me, and you may no longer touch it. I have been fucking your wife for some time. I have not allowed you to fuck your wife. Should I wish one day to plant a baby in her, I shall do so. At my command you have been made to show us your true self, the pathetic, weak, girly man you really are.

You may call me Master. Before I leave here today you will be a cocksucker. I shall also have Karen fuck you up the arse. You will be buggered by another mans erect cock like the sissy wimp you really are, and you will be begging for more. Like Karen, you will be given a girls name. After this you will never fuck a woman again, but you will be penetrated and fucked whenever I decide.

The hours following on from Masters introduction of himself I can only remember indistinctly, although certain highlights do stand out in my memory. The single thing which most surprised me was being fastened in to, as had to be explained to me, a male cy device. This happened quite soon after Master arrived. He produced the device, called a CB-3000, and handed it to Karen to put around my genitals. It consisted of a penis-shaped, transparent, plastic tube, with a kink in it at one end for my now deflated knob-head to fit into. This tube was soon attached to separate plastic rings fitted around my ball sac both behind and in front of the root of my cock. The separate sections of the cy restraint were fastened together by thick plastic pins, with the central pin protruding just far enough for a mini-padlock to be secured in place. I soon found that although the tube was pierced at the end, and I could still carry out all necessary personal hygiene functions, I could not remove the device without a key to the padlock, and whilst it remained in place I was incapable of getting an erection, both because the hard plastic tube was too small to allow it, and because the device locked my flaccid penis into a permanently downwards-pointing position.

Karen explained gently to me that this will keep you fresh for Master. You will only be allowed to cum, or even have an erect cock, when Master says so. He could leave your balls filling up with frustration and lust for a day, a week, a month, or longer. Youll find you soon want to please him, and obey his every wish. While you are in cy you can still be fucked by other girls, and this should heighten your passive enjoyment of that as a substitute for being able to do it yourself.

If it gets genuinely uncomfortable let me know and Ill adjust it, but most girls find it is frustratingly easy to wear she whispered sensuously in to my ear.

To be continued in Part Eight.

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14th May 2007
's Avatar
what a series - my boyfriend would hate this haha