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My mates big cock

16th Jul 2007
Fact story by MM
3 weeks ago I invited one of my work mates home for dinner one Friday after work. We got home and my wife wasnít there I rang her and told her Ady was coming to dinner he needed cheering up as his girlfriend of 3 years had just walked out. Not a problem she said take him to the pub and Iíll ring you when dinners ready. My wife is in her 40ís womanly figure (size 16) and a pair of 38DD breasts, Iím 46 and Ady is 27.

Off we went down the pub and after a couple of beers he opened up to me about his relationship. His girlfriend Chris a tiny size 6 had trouble with the size of his cock. I laughed, he looked at me and said Iím serious, I could only fuck her when she was drunk then I couldnít get it all in. I told him Sam, my wife, has a dildo thatís 8Ē long and 3Ē thick which she loves playing with when the kids are out. Thatís nothing he said come with me. We went to the gents and he showed me his dick. It was 8Ē long and as thick as my wrist and it wasnít even remotely hard. My mobile rang it was Sam, dinner was ready.

We got back, I told Ady to go into the dining room and Iíll get the wine out. I went back into the kitchen and told Sam about what happened, she said she knew about his cock as at a works dinner Chris told her about it, but she said Ady wouldnít fancy a fat old thing like me.

We had a lovely dinner, I went out in to the conservatory for a smoke and left them 2 laughing in the dining room. I finished my cigar and brandy went in for a top up and when I walked into the dining room they werenít there I heard a noise from the lounge walked in and saw the biggest cock Iíd ever seen and Iíve been in some real dodgy clubs all over the world and whats more my wife was sucking on it like a woman possessed. Come behind me and get me ready for this she hissed at me. I undid her dress, underneath she had the full gear on stockings suspenders, push up bra and a tiny little thong which was hardly covering her freshly waxed pussy. Ady saw the gear and his cock leapt up at least another inch. It looked about 11Ē long but it was its thickness that was impressive. My wife had both hands around the base and the fingers were just touching.

I peeled the thong off her, it was soaking, I got behind her and started licking her all the way up to her arsehole, which she loves being played with. I stuck a couple of fingers in her pussy then a couple more. Thatís it she said open me up she said. She climbed up and positioned her self over the monster and eased herself down an inch at a time, every inch brought a stream of obscenities from her mouth. Oh fuck she kept saying this is gorgeous. I sat in a chair opposite stroking my little 7Ē cock watching as eventually all 11Ē were buried in my wifeís pussy. She started bouncing slowly at first then quickened her pace as she got used to the size. Fucking hell mate said Ady, no woman has ever done this before, I felt kind of proud in a way. By now my wife was coming every 3 or 4 thrusts, Ady grunted he was coming and pushed his full length up Sam she screamed the place down and just laid across Ady for a good 5 mins and gingerly climbed off his lap and walked to the toilet. I sat and looked at Ady and his impressive looking cock even when it was limp. Sam came back in sat at Adys feet and proceeded to suck the cum and her juices off it. Come over here she said to me I walked across come and play with this with me she said, I said is that alright I said to Ady he smiled and said go for it. Now Iím as straight as the next man but my wife promised something special if I played with his cock. I got on my haunches in front of Ady took hold of his cock and started rubbing it, my wife got underneath me and started licking my balls and rubbing my dribbling cock she went lower and rimmed my arsehole sticking her tongue up my arse. Go on suck it she said there are limits I said. Suck it she said forcing my head down on it. Ady had his eyes closed and head back. Sam got behind me and started licking my arse and sticking her fingers up it. Then I felt something bigger being forced up me I looked round and she was trying to get her dildo up my arse. After about 10 mins of trying she stopped got on her knees and said fuck me up my arse. Ady sat up to watch me perform on her I eased it up her she loved it it didnít take me long to cum up her arse, then Ady got behind her and fucked her pussy with her face buried in the shag pile, he really gave it to her. I got in front and she sucked on my limp cock till it was hard again then I wanked over her shooting my cream all over her face, Ady said he was coming and pulled out and shot his load over her face aswell.

We all laid there got our breath back, I said, Sam where are the kids. Tims gone with Jonathan and his parents to the coast for the weekend, Sarah is at a concert all weekend with her boyfriend. Thank god for that I said didnít want them walking in and catching us. We all laughed. We all showered together then shared our bed with Sam in the middle looking like a cat that got the cream. The next day was another story which Iíll tell another time.

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4th Aug 2007


23rd Jul 2007


19th Jul 2007


18th Jul 2007
wow, that is my greatest fantasy,watch my wife get fucked by a monster cock and then suck it in front of her, i'm off upstairs !! so horny


18th Jul 2007
Great story, got me really hard.