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a close shave for the wife

25th Jun 2008
Fact story by sues mansues man
my wife sue and i went on our hols without the kids fir the first time in 15 years, after a few days of lots of sunshine and booze we were out at a bar one night and the wife having drunk lots of cocktails was flirting with the young turkish waiters with sue now 40 she was quite flattered by the attention she was getting sue is 40 a size 10/12 with smallish tits fair hair and a nice bum ,at the end of the evening we settled the bill with sue giving each waiter a little hug whilst the third one had a good grope up her skirt which she didnt seem to mind. as we walked back to our appartment sue was all giggly and horny as hell, we passed a barbers which offered a shave for two pounds with 3 days stubble sue dragged me in saying you will get the benifit later in we went
one turk sat me down and started to proceed with the shave while the other one talked to the wife i had often had fantasies obout sue and other men but she always laughed it off my mind was working overtime when he had finished shaving me i joked that sue could do with a shave to my astonishment sue smiled and said ok but lock the door.
the guy talking to sue locked the door whilst sue laid on the massage table pulled her skirt up looked at me and said if you want this you take my panties off i went over to her and slid down her little thong icouldn,t believe we were doing this but i watcwed mesmerised as one turk rubbed shaving foam in my wifes pussy whilst his mate massaged her head and shouldershe then shaved her with sue moaning softly ilooked up to see the one et her head had pulled her top up and was playing with her nipples i had never felt my dick so hard i watcwed as oil was rubbed in to sues pussy with several fingers slipping to her pussy she didnt have sex with them but did feel the need to have a lady shave two more times that holiday the second time she played with thier cocks and sucked one off the third time was without me dont know what happened asked sue she said use your imagination

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Comments on this story


3rd Jul 2008


26th Jun 2008
fantastic story and a real turn on.


26th Jun 2008
If it's true then it's a great story and a great experience!