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Mates mum caught me wanking watching porn I movie

11th Jul 2009
Fact story by Paul FrancePaul France
I new my mates mum was in the garden our house over looks our front room I was horny as fuck she has big tits fit as fuck I was lying on leather sofa wanking watching a blonde bird sucking two big blk cocks I got up opened the patio doors turned sound up so she could her the bird in the film being fucked I went up stairs to get my step mums blk vibrator to rub round my cock I looked out the window and saw my mates mum in our garden creeping up to our patio doors to spy on me to see what's the nouise what was going on her nipples were poking thought her top like bullets I went back down stairs naked laid on sofa carried on wanking turning on step mums blk vibrator rub it around my cock I could smell some one smoking a ciggrette smoke in our front room I turned the sound down and started talking dirty out loud saying tina how I would like to suck on my mates mums tits and I often put a glass up to the wall and here her hubby screwing her I said out loud I would love to lick tinas hubbys cum out her pussy swallow the lot and love to spunk over her tits and her to fuck her filling her with my cum all of a sudden she was behind my in the room I felt a hand on my cock wanking me I closed my eyes she sucked me off I shot my spunk in her mouth she sat on the sofa lit a ciggy up smoked it and said would I do all what I said I said you bet well tommrrow I get hubby to screw me and you can clean his spunk out my cunt I have been screwing her for ages now

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Comments on this story


14th Jul 2009


12th Jul 2009
How old is the author of this, 6?


12th Jul 2009
Paul never mind the english lesson enjoy.


12th Jul 2009
Shockingly written


12th Jul 2009
This could have been aa good story if it had been punctuated, you had used sentences and paragraphs. It's just gibberish which is a shame as it sounds interesting. Nobody is expecting writers to be word perfect here but this awful.
Nothing personal Paul but were you paying attention during literacy hour?