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Wife gets screwed.

12th Nov 2009
Fact story by terryterry
So Paula had finally agreed to be fucked by another man. I knew Peter with whom she worked with was always giving her the eye, and I’d given him permission to have his way with her. Paula is 58 and Peter is 22. Their first sexual encounter was to take place in the shop where they both work. Paula , as shop manager held the keys and they met there at 8 o clock last Friday night. I spent the evening in a total state of arousal, wondering how things were going and hoping Paula would return home with a pussy full of spunk.
It was gone 1 am when peter finally dropped her off home. I was sat at the computer when she came in. Paula stood looking at me sitting there in just my boxer shorts, and sporting a huge erection. Looks like you’re ready for something she said as she approached me. Do you still want to do it ? she asked. Yes I do. Well you’d better get down there and taste me she ordered lifting her skirt as she did so. I got on my knees and saw her red knickers were soaked. I just shoved my face in there and the aroma of sex was overwhelming. I pulled her knickers to one side and was greeted with the sight of her spunky fanny. Paula let out a loud moan of delight as I plunged my tongue into her spunk fill fanny. The more I licked the harder she ground her pussy aginst my mouth before bringing herself to orgasm. I’ve gotta fuck you I said pulling her down to the floor. I just climbed on top of her and rammed my cock into her soaking wet pussy. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever done.

We have arranged for Peter to come round this Saturday.

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Comments on this story


14th Nov 2009
more details please sounds good so far xx


14th Nov 2009
Lovely stuff providing the load wasn't too big!! Good on her!


14th Nov 2009
's Avatar
Would love to hear more. The 1st time and saturday


13th Nov 2009
so what did she get upto?
some more details would be good.