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turkish fuck

18th Jun 2010
Fact story by turkishfuckerturkishfucker
my name is sue /i am in my 40s but have a good body,size 10-12 and could pass for some one 10 years younger, me and my hubby have just got back from marmaris ,the weather was very hot and i have a great tan ,while we were there we used to visit a local bar and one of the waiters ,memmet, was always around us. he was 21 so i thought he is not after me. any how one night i went in with some women i had met and about 1 am he was sat with us talking .he got closer to me ,then i felt his hand on my thigh under the table ,he kept sliding it up and down getting higher and higher , that night i had worn a tube dress that was quite short,with heels and a little thong. i dont know why but as he had his hand on my thigh i opened my legs , his hand went higher and rubbed my shaved pussy inside my thong , i dont know how the others didnt notice ,but i was trying to keep calm as he fingered me.
he moved away and later the others left but i stayed behind , memmet came over and i told him i had to go but i might come back later, he told me they closed in 45 mins,so i went back to my room. back at the hotel room my hubby was on the bed watching porn on the telly ,i told him about memmet and was shocked when he said go back and see what he does , so i did. when i got there memmet sat with me and when the bar shut we went to his little room / flat.he said he had to have a shower and went to the bathroom ,i was sat on the end of the bed ,when he came back with a towel wrapped around him , he stood in front of me and placed his hands on my shoulders , he said he had been thinking of me in the shower and was ready , i pulled the towel , it fell down and his big cock sprang out it must have been a good 8 inch and thick , it was about 6 inch from my face so i took hold and started sucking it ,after a few mins he told me to lay back , i did ,i lay back with my legs open then he knelt on the bed wanking ,telling me to undress, we were soon naked , he didnt mess about he was soon on top of me , he was rubbing my pussy and sucking my tits as i played with him , i guided him to my pussy, he pushed into me and started fucking me hard and fast, i told him not to come in me, but after 10 mins and a few good orgasms ,i felt him tense up and shoot loads of hot come in me , we lay there ,his come dribbled down onto the bed ,but he was still hard, he got me on my hands and knees rubbed his cock into his come then forced it up my ass, he fucked me for ages ,because i looked at the clock and it was gone 4, i finaly got back at 5 am, i told my hubby and he fucked me as well. in the 2 weeks we had a few adventures

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Comments on this story


22nd Jun 2010
So Sue, let's analyse this for a moment. You're in a bar with some other women whilst on holiday and your husband's not with you, you let a waiter you hardly know fondle your legs then let him finger your shaved pussy in front of your friends (they must have been aware of what was going on) then you go back to your husband and tell him and he tells you to go for it. You're back at the bar, then up to Memmet's flat where he fucks you without protection and you let him cum in you despite earlier telling him not to, then you let him fuck your arse, all on a 'first date'! You really are a first class slut wife, one to be proud of, my sort of woman! Hope you got fucked a lot more and you're going to tell us all.


21st Jun 2010
I bet Memmet loved fucking your mature cunt, I wonder how many mature ladies he has filled with his spunk both in the cunt and up the arse.
Anyway Sue did you get fucked by any more of these young Turkish studs. I bet your mature cunt was filled with the spunk of a few.


20th Jun 2010
Hi Sue
Nice story , but how did you feel inside letting some young turkish guy penerate your unprocted cunt. Please tell did you ever make hubby lick your filled cunt clean and if so did he obey you. I know all over the middle east that the young men love to fuck mature English married women. I know a female friend that goes to eygpt four times a year without her hubby, she love getting fucked over and over. Sue please tell us of what else has transpierd since that first time.
cheers jim


19th Jun 2010
Good girl Sue, now you've started down the road to becoming a true slut wife - and it's with your husbands' approval! I hope you got fucked a lot more by those Turkish studs, they love married, British women. My mate went to Turkey last year with his wife and she was fucked absolutely senseless constantly, now she's a fully fledged slut too!


19th Jun 2010
sounds good what was the bar called