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shaved smooth

24th Jan 2011
Gay story by K4MK4M
For many years now I have kept my cock, balls & pubes shaved smooth but I have always hidden the fact. Never showing myself in the gym showers our after football. I have always been sneaky by covering up with a towel or slipping my boxers on before anyone spotted my baldness in the trouser department.

Last week however after a swimming session in my local pool I was showering & as usual i was tucked into the corner shower so no prying eyes could see my smoothness. The pool was quiet & I was happily soaping my cock & balls enjoying the soft smooth feel that comes with shaved genetals. I was enjoying the feeling so much that my cock was in a state of semi erection. It felt thick & I had to stop immediately befor I had a raging hard on. In my excitment I turned to rinse the soap from my body & as I turned I was faced with a fellow swimmer. The Guy was in his 40's & he looked pretty fit in his trunks with his body glistening with water from the pool. As I checked out the guys body in micro seconds I had exposed my thick swollen shaved cock to this stranger.

He took no time in noticing my cock was in a state of excitment & he said something like " nice to see someone else who shaveS his pubes". I was shocked & embarased by the comment but was even further shocked as the guy dropped his trunks to reveal a lovely thick cock with a big pair of balls to match, all of which where beautifully shaved smooth.

I quickly left the shower area & got changed into my joggers & top. As I was about to leave the guy entered the changing area completely naked with just a towel drapped over his broad shoulders. "My names Nick" he said, as he pulled his cock here & there drying himself. His cock flopped about as he worked his towel around his balls. I was mesmerised by this show of exhibisionism & I could feel my cock swelling up inside my joggers & at the same time pressing out for the world to see my excitement.

Wait for me in the car park he said. I have some cream you may like to try. I nervously said ok & was met by Nick in the car park 5 minutes later.

Nick beckoned me to his car & I sat in the passenger seat as Nick sat next to me in the drivers seat.

Nick took a small bottle of baby oil from his sports bag & poured a little into his palm. He then lent across across the car. He slipped his hand into my joggers & immediately massaged the oil into my balls, stroking up the shaft of my cock ever few seconds. The feeling was magical & I streched back to let this stranger wank my cock & probe my arse with his oiled up hand.

The cock stroking became more frequent & stronger until it built up to a frantic piston like wank. It was all too much for me as I shot a thick stream of creamy spunk high up my chest leaving cum dripping down my top.

There you are Nick said. Hope you enjoyed that. Your turn next he said as I slipped my hand in his pants & rubbed his smooth hard cock watching his eyes close & listening to the groans of pleasure as I pumped his meat until like me also he creamed onto his taught stomach.

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Comments on this story


19th Oct 2011
wow i would of been sucking him from the start love to swallow,would love to go to a sauna be blindfolded used in the gym ,almost every gym have a sauna,nice when you get a bi couple in


1st Feb 2011
should have put your mouth there to catch it


28th Jan 2011
nice start to the story by way of the chance meeting. shame you didnt go further - or is there more to tell?


26th Jan 2011
Fond memories of my voyeuristic fun in the pool changing rooms, from very hairy to very smooth/shaved, not to mention the number of guys who seem quite unabashed of showering with a hard-on! Nice story.


25th Jan 2011