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She comes home with spunk filled panties

30th Nov 2011
Fact story by RickRick
For some time now my girlfriend has had nights out with some of friends.
They usually have a few drinks in a bar before going on to a club.
She always wear stockings and satin panties.
Last Friday they had gone on to a club and she had been dancing with a guy she really fancied. They had gone off towards the toilets and got into a cublcle. He had his hands inside her panties and was fingering her towards orgasm, which she achieved a couple of times.
Of course at this stage he wanted to fuck her but she didn't want to go that far. She did however, slip off her panties and wanked him off into them. Somewhat surprisingly he was quite cool about not getting a fuck as he said he really liked her and wouldn't want to force her to do soemthing she didn't want to.
They spent the rest of the evening dancing and talking and he has said he will be at the club again next Friday.
When she got home she told me all about it and said how sexy it felt driving home in her panties soaked in her come and his spunk.
She took them off and rubbed them all over my cock before I fucked her just in her stockings and suspenders.

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Comments on this story


3rd Dec 2011
nice story but bet it did not happen like that she was testing the water next time she will tell u she has been fucked full of cum mmmm


2nd Dec 2011
Nice you lucky man


1st Dec 2011
Nice idea. As one of previous commenters says, would she have really refused a fuck. I should re examine the panties and smell them to see if cum and spunk mixed. I think you maybe being set up for a cuck here. I should get her to bring him home next week so you can keep a careful eye on them LOL.


1st Dec 2011
that's what she told you!!!


30th Nov 2011
It's so much better when you fuck her when she's full of another man's spunk, try it!