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More sex in Benidorm without husbands 2

7th Aug 2012
Fact story by FranFran
I felt I should respond to some of the point, questions etc that have been raised. My name if Fran and not Mandy and when we got home neither Helen nor I mentioned anything to our husbands, but as we now each other better now, we will certainly do soemthing like this again.

To continue the story, I should first of all say that I remained a whore for the rest of the week and thoroughly enjoyed the attention and freedom it gave me.

I woke upthe following morning with a monster of a headache and could hardly get it off the pillow. Helen filled me in with what had happened the night before and I was horrified, even more so when she showed me the pictures she'd taken. I eventually got up at about 3pm and felt really fragile. I thought my pussy would be really sore, but it wasn't. Don't get me wrong I new I'd been well and truly fucked, but it didn't put me off the idea of sex. Helen suggested we should go down to the pool for some sun and gave me one of her thong bikinis to wear, which just covered my hole and the top which I took off at the pool was about 3 sizes too small. I fell asleep for a while only to be wakened by Helen who introduced me to a couple of real hunks that had come over to chat with us. Helen seems to have this thing for younger me, these guys were in their mid 20's and had made it obvious they wanted to fuck us. There was no way I was doing anything or drinking anything until I'd had something to eat, so we made arrangements to meet after dinner.

I quite enjoyed going out the previous night without underwear and even suggetsed to Helen that we should do the same again. She agreed and brought out another of her dresses for me to wear, this time it was a mini wrap over dress, which looked quite good in the mirror. She had a low cut mini dress which left nothing to the imagination. We met the guys in the bar for a drink. What became obvious immediately when I sat down, was that the dress opened up too easily and my guy Morgan got a real eyeful of my smooth pussy. I immediately pulled it together. The guys thought since it was their first night in the hotel, that we should stay in the hotela nd go tothe disco. What a great idea, I really wasn't up for a repeat of the previous night. We drank and danced for the rest of the evening and the guys escorted us to the lift. We were staying on the 4th floor and the guys were on the 5th. We were kissing in the lift and when we got to our floor, Helen grabbed hold of her guys and said goodnight and enjoy. Morgan pressed the button and off we went to his floor. I took my hand and led me to his room, opened the door and took me in. We were no sooner in than he had undone the tie of my dress and pulled it off my shoulders. Here I was again totally naked in front of a guy young enough to be my son, but this time I wasn't drunk and was aware of what was going on. He pulled me to him and we kissed passionately, as I unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his trousers. To my surprise he had no underwear on and no socks, which is such a turn off. He took me over to the bed laid me down and proceeded to pen my legs and lick my pussy, which was now very wet. He moved up my body and that's when I first felt his cock. It was really thin, but must have been at least 8 inches long. He slid it into me and started to slowly fuck me. The sex was great and I decided that I was going to stay with this guy for the rest of the holiday, despite Helen trying to change my mind.

Now I'm home I phone and text Morgan as much as I can and we've arranged to meet up again in the UK. Helen will be with us, as she found the guy she was with very athletic and had a great cock with fabulous staying power. Maybe I'll let you knwo what happens next.

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Comments on this story


13th Sep 2012
Some excellent stories Fran.Please let me know the next time you are over in Benidorm. I go there regular and love playing with sluts like you ;-)


8th Aug 2012
do tell us all and i wondered if you would carry on being a whore back home? plenty of customers on here. Um


7th Aug 2012
First of all, sorry 'bout the fuck up with your name Fran, dunno what I was thinking! I'm with Rob on this, are you sure you and Helen aren't eating a little pussy together on the sly? Good to know you've got a regular stud now, but I can't believe you've managed to keep from your hubby. This is, with Morgan being a younger guy he's bound to tell his mates he's fucking this slutty milf and they're bound to want some of the action too. So be prepared to get your brains fucked out back in UK as well! xxx


7th Aug 2012
's Avatar
NO 'maybe's' Fran...we all anticipate you'll keep us abreast...;) Still wonder how you can sustain being a 'whore' (your words to be sure) and hubby NOT aware. You sure he's not tapping into some other pussy? It would be quite fussing on his part...after all he's perhaps nailing his own private cunny on the side...;) Be that as it may, I'm also curious to learn more of Helen's relationship to you. There's a moment when it appears she relishes 'connecting' your lovely body to another guy or two...perhaps her own motivation? Lastly, are the two of you more than 'friends?' Fran, good series of and Helen, as others here have stated, ideal slut wives!


7th Aug 2012
's Avatar
horny as hell i wish my wife was more like you girls x