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Hubby gets sloppy seconds

24th Mar 2013
Fact story by JANE1956JANE1956
I'm Jane 56 and been married to Keith for 32 years and have 2 grown up boys now left home. I have worked most of my life doing a variety of jobs. Last May I started work for a major supermarket and made friends with 5 other girls/women, at break times they just talk about sex, sometimes with their husbands, bits on the side and even talked about using toys.

My experiences with different men can be counted on 1 hand although my Keith was not my first, but from the first time Keith fucked me, I get wet in anticipation of the next time he fucks me, and 34 years later I still do. I have never had one night stand ans never been unfaithful to my Keith.

Every now and again they had a girlie night out and I started to go with them, it soon became clear that the where on the pull, The first 2 times I chatted to couple lads but that's all, and went home to my Keith's pussy wetting cock.

Then one Friday night it was one of the girls (Lucy) 50th , she had, had a family BBQ party, but she wanted a party night with her friends, so we went to a club, something I have not done for years. Lucy soon found a table with a few lads on and made sure it was boy girl boy girl except there was a girl to many, that would be me, one of the lads Jake said I will ring Rob he's in the other bar. Rob came to the table the other girls were in shock, Rob was a HUNK late 20s early 30s. Jake said Rob this is Jane and we sat chatting, as night went on Rob put is hand on my knee and started to work his way up under my dress when he got close to my crutch I moved his hand away, and he started moving his up my leg again, He could not do a deal I had tights and pants on. I moved his hand again and yes he started again. I told I was going to the loo, as I got he asked if wanted a drink I said G&T please.

I went to the loo with every intentions of calling a cab, but I took my shoes, then took my tights and pants off, put my tights back on ripping the crutch out, shoes back on and pants in my handbag (what was I doing) and went back to the table putting chair right under the table so no one could see, whilst chatting to Rob I took his hand and placed it on my knee, and gave him willing smile, he did not take long before he found my wet hairy pussy, he finger fucked me for half a hour or so, when said I must go now, I told I would wait for him outside so the others didn't know we were leaving together.

I live opposite a public park, we got a taxi and got out the other side of the park, and I said we will walk from here, we cut though the park and got to within 100 yards of my home, sat on a park bench and kissed Rob for the first time, within seconds I was being fucked on a park bench by a man over 20 years younger then me, and within seeing distance of my bedroom window and my waiting husband. I had several orgasms before he pump his load into me, I kissed him good night and walk the short distance home. Keith was still up, he asked if I'd had good time I said yes, are coming to bed, by the time I had stripped off he was in bed, I kissed him passionately then pulled him on top of me, my pussy still dripping from Rob's spunk and Keith fucked me I had more orgasms as he filled my pussy with his spunk, 2 spunk loads in less then 10 minutes 1 by man I met just a few hours earlier the other by sloppy seconds none the wiser husband.

I've never seen Rob since, but Keith as had sloppy seconds again, and just thinks It's my very wet and excitable pussy

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Comments on this story


18th Dec 2013
Jane you need to let him lick you out afterwards he will love it


6th May 2013
I'd love to know about the second time.


5th Apr 2013
Good my favourite


25th Mar 2013
Good girl Jane, we all love sloppy seconds, Keith does too, only he doesn't know it yet! I hope you're going to tell about the other occasions you've been fucked. xxx


25th Mar 2013
What a lucky fella Keith is. Sloppy seconds is the best feeling in the world. Bet his cock feels great in there.