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Rios Health Spa

Club Name
Rios Health Spa
Kentish Town Rd
020 74850607
Club Info
Couples and singles are welcome at all times. With the exception of between 7:00pm Saturdays and midnight which is couples only, singles are allowed in after midnight.

See their website for more information.
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Your Reviews of Rios Health Spa


Well a lot of people complain about the number of men in this club. This suits us, we love showing her off, we arrived on a Sunday afternoon and as expected she was the only female, and about 40 guys. From the moment she arrived she stripped naked and we went to the pools, saunas, steam rooms and in each guys wanked openly while she displayed herself. All very polite just wanking and looking. One guy felt her arse in the large pool, a first for us, but he didn't go any further, check our profile pics to see what she is like. We love Rios for guys blatantly perving at her.


On early Saturday afternoon there was already a fair number of people, women and men. Many of the men seemed to be bisexual (suits me :-) It is clean and modern and friendly. (visited September 2013)


Tonight was our first ever visit on a Sunday and wow what a great time I had, got plenty of guys to play with and we will certainly be going on a Sunday again. Really nice bunch of people and the guys were very well behaved on the whole. When I said No they knew I meant it lol.

Thanks to all the guys who gave me a good seeing too, can't wait to do it again.

We had only ever been on a Sat night before so was great to see Rio's on another day/evening.


Johnny Depp could not pull in here!

I went to Rios today, Friday afternoon, and I can honestly say I have never seen such a collection of terrible-looking women. It was literally like a police line-up. They were all absolutely enormous, or very old indeed, and also not particularly looking for action, and when you throw into the mix that they were outnumbered by (again) terribly overweight old men by about 5 to 1, you have a recipe for a not very sexy time.

Which is a real shame because the venue itself is not that bad: the saunas and steam rooms are seriously hot, so is the hot tub, the play rooms are fine and although its not incredibly clean, it's not terrible either.

Basically, the club could be pretty good if they could somehow get better clientele, but it really was the murkier end of the gene pool when I went, and to be frank Casanova would have struggled to pull in there!

Can and must do better.


Been there Friday 5th Oct. late night.

There were loads of men and about 10 - 15 women and from those only 3 Naked.

Was a nice place and talked with a couple of ladies and guys over there.

Good place to wind down after a long day of work.