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30a Wainwright street
B6 5TJ
0121 328 3284
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Hi guys :)

I'm Bonny, the Manager of The Private Club. If you've never visited before you're probably wondering what we are all about. Well, we really are the UK's best kept secret, but we're trying to change that! We are the ultimate gangbang experience. A bona-fide wild sex club in the heart of the West Midlands. We host 6 greedy girl parties a week with not one, but two or more greedy girl party hosts, on Saturday nights you can expect a minimum of three greedy girls! Girls assured to leave you with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and totally spent!

The Private Club really is an unmissable sexy experience for all. We welcome single ladies and gentlemen as well as couples looking to swing or just broaden their horizons. A perfect place to let go of your inhibitions and have a hot and horny time! Ladies, if you've ever dreamt of fulfilling your fantasies, The Private Club is the place to be, whether watching is your thing, or getting right in the heart of the fun!

We love it, and we know you will love it too. Girls so insatiable they are ready and waiting to take on anything with a pulse; they're called greedy girls for a reason... Perfect for the woman who has always wanted to experiment with other women, most of our girls love nothing more than a good dose of girly fun! You just have to ask. Additionally, we host a monthy special 'Bi-Night' hosted by two bisexual swinging couples for those of you feeling adventurous! Try out your fantasies and meet like-minded individuals for some same-sex fun!

Whether you're a swinging couple, a single guy or girl, your visit will be a memorable one that we hope you will repeat again and again and again. After all, we all like to cum and cum and cum...

The Private Club. The UK's best kept secret. Accept no imitations, try the real thing!

Luv n licks

Bonny xxx
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Your Reviews of THE PRIVATE CLUB


Sounds really good, want too experience something new and attend on weekdays!!


PS to my earlier comment. No Bonnie, your girls do not let me leave "with a spring in my step" but exhausted body which I can hardly drag the ten minute walk to the rail station!



As a single man I can confirm this is a superb place to visit (I have been refused entry at other clubs even though they advertise as being "single male friendly", but never here at the Private Club) and all the girls working there really are nice, very sexy and seemingly can not get enough sex, some girls even doing both sessions on the same day. I have seen few lady visitors though but that might be because, for various reasons, I can't attend the evening sessions (they do two, one from 12 - 4 pm and one from 8 til late). If I have a moan at all it is that the ladies working there stop for tea, even if you are about to cum, if it's time for their break which has happened twice now to me. Very frustrating!

The club has all the facilities you'd expect and, while a bit steeply priced for a single male, is a lot cheaper than a "massage parlour" and you can stay for 4 hours having as much sex as you can manage if you want. All the action with the clubs working girls takes place in a large lounge area but there are private rooms for use with "visitors" (as opposed to the club's "working girls") if you want to use them too.

I would advise anyone in the Birmingham area to "drop in" to the club if you have a few hours to spare but do check their very well thought out web site first as they are not open 7 days a week.

Oh, and one last moan - why does the club have to be 100 miles from my home? Makes goiung more often (which I would love to do) very difficult!


Great club went 1st on a Sat party night and had great time,lot's of single men but very respectfull and "house" girls are hot,quiet a few couples also having fun.Next time we went mid week not expecting much but although only 2 ladies working there was more couples and less single men and it turned out at least as good as our 1st visit,love this place will go when ever in area 4 sure


Visited the club on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Friday was far better but then they did have a bukkake event taking place, so the place was full of randy guys. We were the only couple there on both days, but then I guess couples come out at night. Having said that... if you are a couple with a very horny female daytimes could be the ideal time for you. Bev certainly had a good time with guys and the gals. The staff are friendly and funny, the atmosphere is relaxed and the single guys know and respect the club rules and personal boundaries. Bev felt safe going to the ladies on her own, knowing that there wouldn't be a horde horny men waiting for her when she came out. Would like to see more couples there but apart from that this is a place where there is so much fun to be had and we will be going again very, very soon.