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30a Wainwright street
B6 5TJ
0121 328 3284
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Hi guys :)

I'm Bonny, the Manager of The Private Club. If you've never visited before you're probably wondering what we are all about. Well, we really are the UK's best kept secret, but we're trying to change that! We are the ultimate gangbang experience. A bona-fide wild sex club in the heart of the West Midlands. We host 6 greedy girl parties a week with not one, but two or more greedy girl party hosts, on Saturday nights you can expect a minimum of three greedy girls! Girls assured to leave you with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and totally spent!

The Private Club really is an unmissable sexy experience for all. We welcome single ladies and gentlemen as well as couples looking to swing or just broaden their horizons. A perfect place to let go of your inhibitions and have a hot and horny time! Ladies, if you've ever dreamt of fulfilling your fantasies, The Private Club is the place to be, whether watching is your thing, or getting right in the heart of the fun!

We love it, and we know you will love it too. Girls so insatiable they are ready and waiting to take on anything with a pulse; they're called greedy girls for a reason... Perfect for the woman who has always wanted to experiment with other women, most of our girls love nothing more than a good dose of girly fun! You just have to ask. Additionally, we host a monthy special 'Bi-Night' hosted by two bisexual swinging couples for those of you feeling adventurous! Try out your fantasies and meet like-minded individuals for some same-sex fun!

Whether you're a swinging couple, a single guy or girl, your visit will be a memorable one that we hope you will repeat again and again and again. After all, we all like to cum and cum and cum...

The Private Club. The UK's best kept secret. Accept no imitations, try the real thing!

Luv n licks

Bonny xxx
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Your Reviews of THE PRIVATE CLUB


Went on a Wednesday evening, was told it was a Gangbang night and it did exactly what it said on the lid. Really good night with no pressure and a lot of fun. Unlike other places that I have been to the ratio of Guys to Girls was just right. WOuld recommend to any one looking for some fun when in Birmingham. Club is out of the way on a quiet industrial estate but don't let that put you off.


Went mid-day early Jan - really nice staff and two extremly nice Greedy Girls - no couples but I guess that's more evening / weekends. Very tidy and clean, loads of rooms, all together a really great experience. I will be going back without a shadow of a doubt.


Visited on a Saturday night mid Nov 09. Was a special GG event and it did what it says on the tin. It's a swingers club, people having lots (and lots) of sexy fun all night. Met up with two other members socially and was introduced to the very friendly staff and owners who were committed to everyone having a good time. clean, friendly, loads of single guys for the ladies. Everyone was welcoming, respectful and without doubt all contributed to a great night.

The action centres round the main open room with a large orgy bed with comfortable rooms all around the perimeter. The orgy bed was enthusiastically used and the aircon unit is strategically placed to be ensure the most enthusiastic members didn't overheat. Soft drinks were available from the small bar and were reasonably placed.

Sick of standing round for hours before there is a rush before the clubs closing time? Then visit this place, a steady flow of action from opening time. Also there are quite a few single guys. They don't follow you round like sheep, they ask if it ok to play and know the score. most of all they smile because they are not treated like lepers so demonstrate outstanding manners. Highly recmmended!!!


I went to the lunchtime session starting at noon on Monday 21 September, and stayed for 2.5 hours. Easy to find (with sat-nav) & safe on-road parking during the day It was my first visit, but the staff were so helpful, taking my membership fee, £40 for one year, plus £40 single guy entry.I was shown round & then stripped for action. Lots of rooms, but all the action today was taking place in the first room, with two atttractive, curvy girls, occupying a circular cushioned dais in the middle of the room, and men could sit in comfortable armchairs around the perimeter.The action started quickly and was wild or the first two hours or so, with the girls often servicing three or four guys at a time (one in each hand, one in the mouth and the other in the pussy) and both of them open to receiving reverse oral from greedy guys like me between the rest. After the initial frenzy the action quietened down a bit as the girls exhausted the twelve or so guys there, although some of the guys were full of stamina and performed several times with each girl. Oh, for my lost youth!

Condoms ( on sale, with soft drinks, very reasonably priced)are required for penetration, but otherwise with oral or tit-fucks they were not required, so plenty of spare sponk to rub in or lick up, for those interested.

Both girls fantastic & very good natured. one surprised me by managing to keep her glasses on throughout all the proceedings (very sexy!), but I found that her copious piercings and associated metalwork got in the way of my cunilingus & tit-sucking, so eventually I gravitated towards theo ther one who had no metalwork & was more fun to suck. Everyone to his own taste, and both girls tasted great!

As I was about to leave, most guys were already drained, but I hope it livened up afterwards once they had time to re-group.

It was good to watch other guys performing & I learned a lot watching the other guys in action as well as from taking part.

Just before I left a guy & his partner/wife appeared, and she looked great stripped off in the sauna-I would have loved to stay and see them in action with the others, but business called. Can anyone tell me how things progressed after two thirty?

A great experience & I'll be back soon. Excellent value for money, a great venue, helpful staff & two great girls! What more could man ask for lunch?