Fen Drayton lakes. Car park at end of track but lots of paths to get away from it all. Better in spring or summer as can get quite muddy in autumn and winter



Isleham nature reserve plenty of hiding places got to be late evenings plenty of room aswell. ... View Comment

Witchford horse fields

In Witchford near pub is a horse field. There's track along side, if you go down you find a small field type place with a bench, semi lit. Would be perfect for some quickie fun at night. No action but would love to see some guys down there as is real close to my house


Southey Wood - TV, GAY AND BI

First time I've been there as I heard about it browsing the web. A few cars in and out, looked like gay cruisers. Took a walk into the woods where there are loads of little paths and niches and found an older gent wanking off in full girdle and stockings !!! Outstanding - I'll be going back. ... View Comment

crystal lakes

crystal lakes fenstanton caravan park weekends on the car park midnight fun very good spot for fishing



Blue lane wimblington turn down blue lane from wimblington you will go past Knowles transport follow the road down the road snakes quite a bit after the last corner the road goes straight look to your right and you'll see an concrete road turn down it then turn left and park behind the trees a great little spot at night time very quiet ... View Comment


Flagrass hill road, March. If you start from the Train station and go left on station road, then a right on the first small roundabout, follow that road all the way up and take the first Left, that's the road just go down it for a bit and theres a stretch where at night people like to go! there's a good bend at night on this road, nobody can see you and theres not much activity there lately!
Room for 2 cars on the bend but many can pull up on the grass next to the road and theres a rarely used farm a bit up the road where you can sneak in and have fun if youre feeling risky.. ... View All Comments

Fordham near Soham

Fordham bypass in the direction of Newmarket unused road and bridal path runs along side the road.
Secluded by tree planting and small wood. Parking off the bypass by metal gate or longer walk by parking just as you get into Fordham village and walk along unused road.
This is a new site but condoms are starting to build up ... View All Comments

Wansford lay bye, A47 / A1

Great location for Gay and Bisexual fun .
Visit on a regular basis and never leave dissatisfied , encountered a sexy crossdresser wearing stockings and suspenders and high heels who enjoys satisfying all orally .
Well worth a visit ! Look out for the crossdresser , allways obliging . Early mornings especially . ... View All Comments

Wisbech half penny lane

Half penny lane just off of new drove in wisbech there is a great dogging spot. A little way down the lane is a great location. Spaces for 7-10 cars and a small section of woodland. A few people down there a couple nights a week but would be awsum for a few more to come along ... View All Comments


at the bottom of "the green road" in sawston there is a field and if you turn left in the field there is a path and if you follow it down to the trees there is usually some people down there, there is a sexy cd usually down there in a dress, nice tight ass and great at sucking cock ... View Comment

Paul & jean

March: Flagrasshill rd of estover rd.
Half way down as you pass the houses there is a bend with lay by for 2 or 3 cars. Seems quite safe as you get plenty of warning of an evening as you can see head lights from each way, after dark 8-9pm most cars are looking for the same kind of fun. Usually turn interior light on and off. We met a nice guy on his own who joined us in our car, bit on the young side for us! Early 20s but wow did he have one? wife loved it lol.
We have been several times at different times but seems to be better Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings. Between 8 &10pm
Good luck ... View All Comments


Whittlesey nature reserve down new road is a nice place to park up and have fun


Cow Lane, Godmanchester

Very secluded area , follow the road to the bottom , I visited after reading about the location , to be honest it's a bit hit and miss , but on my third visit I walked down a path on the left-hand side at the bottom, just before the bridge and encountered a guy in silk panties pleasuring himself , Wow ! ... View All Comments


Meadowgate forrest in wisbech has pucked up recently. Out of the way and plenty of parking. Woodland area with a clearing in the middle. Getting busier and busier. People there most nights, men and women. Great atmosphere and no trouble. Easily found on google maps. Just search meadowgate lane, wisbech ... View All Comments


Wansford Layby near Peterborough is really busy on a saterday night especially down the bottom end.
Mostly gay guy stuff going on. Also plenty of oppertunity to meet people and chat.
It is getting to be like the old days with a good crowd.


Gog Magog/Roman Road

Just a friendly warning the local police are paying attention to this place again after taking compliants from dog walkers.



Brampton. river lane.
Head towards the RAF base and just after the roundabout on the way towards the a1 its on the left. A small road that goes to a carpark for about 4 cars and sits by the river.
Is a site for dog walkers too so from dusk onwards is best.


Southey woods near Wansford.

Lovely wooded area , car park and bit open but lots of little paths flowing in to the woods making it perfect for secret liaisons, lots of gay action was even fortunate enough to come across a tv/crossdresser the other evening . Very friendly guy dressed beautifully in silk panties and stockings . Well worth a visit ,I'm glad I did !



Dogging spot located in wisbech cambridgeshire. Half penny lane. Nice bit of woodland down the track. Close to A47. Used to be a hotspot but dried up. Slowly coming back onto the scene. People down there most nights and growing ... View All Comments


out of station, turn left then right at mini round a bout continue until you pass all the houses on right fields on left turn left into flaggrasshill road go past a few houses on the right anather 100 yrds up on a bend is a little parking area its very dark but always see couples parked up. been 5 times and had fun joining in 3 so not bad. needs to be dark when all the dog walkers have gone.
we normally park up leave interior light on until we are joined or the other way round, it seems very safe never seen a police car as its a narrow road and you get plenty of warning from either way from there lights.
Good luck and have some good clean fun. ... View All Comments

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