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Dogging in Cheshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Cheshire, including major towns and cities: Chester, Stockport, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Runcorn, Macclesfield, Crewe.

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As the 2 laybys on the congelton to Macclesfield road are being monitored by pc plod,there are loads of laybys down the small lanes opposite astbury garden centre on the A34 heading out of congelton. good day time fun.

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chester greenway near the uni

Just down the uni path leading from the greenway, quiet and dark with singles looking, good night after 12

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Vicktoria Park

People have started using vicky park again... Either in the car park, or on foot if u use the path around theback off the park

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Kelsall Picnic Area

Just at the top of the hill on Yeld Lane Small Car Park with woodland walks to the rear

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delemere forest

go past train station for about a mile, turn left at crossroads opposite chinese restaurant for about a mile, car park on left, ignore barrier and turn immediette left onto car park. secluded but just close enough to road to make it exciting.

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John B

There is a modarate amount of action in the bickerton country park 'turn right past the church and follow the lane there is a pool on the right ' turn off and the secluded car park is through the woods

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Dunham Massey Altrincham

Trans Penine trail car park opposite Rope and Anchor. From Rope and Anchor car park turn left.Road ends in 20 metres. Turn right and ten metres or so on your right is a totally secluded car park. Great at any time, but have had some fun with couple in evenings.

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Turn into Agden Park Lane opp the Wheatsheaf Pub and at the bottom of the road where it goes left you go straight on into Froghall Lane. At the bottom of this no through road there is a turning area. Right next to the motorway so some noise.

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Now bulldozed over!,

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As the two laybys on the Congleton to Macclesfield road have been closed because the council are using them to store gravel,I always go to the small lane oppersite astbury garden centre on the A34 out of Congleton. There are loads of little laybys down there,it just needs more people to know about it!!! Spread the word doggers.

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park gate

To night hot huny lads looking for hot sexy girls

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witton mill

car park i locked every night 8pm summer 4 pm winter

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hartford layby

Hartford layby is a good dogging place plenty of action there day and night café shuts at 3pm so any time after that is good

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Queens Park, Crewe

A good dogging location here, however, pick your times, as its very muddy after a spell of rain, so if you're into 'over the bonnet' fun, beware - don't sink into a muddy puddle the minute you step out of the car! Also, police patrols have increased here too, mainly due to the fact that the 24 hour garage up the road has been robbed during the night hours, so the plod now patrol the area, including the dogging car park, to see if any undesirables are hanging around? Just be careful, and make sure any cars that you signal to, are not the boys in blue, it could be a little embarrassing!!!

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chester lakes

This is a fun place with plenty ofswinging campers and others. Have had some great nights here. One to add to the ever growing list of dogging and swingers locations around Chester. Its just offthe Doddalston road on the right hand side. Well sign posted.

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come off the bypass on to linnards lane towards the far and up the hill there is a lay-by on the right its for Str8 couples and swingers best about 22.00

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Savoy road Jct 16 m6

Savoy road Crewe mostly truckers want to play I go regular just give then a knock or summit GAY STRAIGHT CPLS ANTTHING GOES MOST NIGHTS c u there x

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Stage Lane Lymm

Turn right into stage lane from mill lane small car park on left 100 metres from turning dog walkers till dusk walk over canal bridge into wooded area with benches or stay in secluded car park.

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Stones Manor lane Hartford

Has been quiet lately but a good place for couples, carry on down to the end of the road and park on the grass verge under the trees. used to be 3 or 4 couples a night but needs reinventing a little.

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Lymm Dam

Dark secluded area of more than 15 acres, plus the area known as The Bongs. Used to be VERY busy a few years back. As the potential to be a great spot for dogging at night. In the day it is busy with families so best left til after darkness falls. See you all there!

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roughwood lane alsager

Some good action by gray gate down the lane to the salt line,afternoon and early evening mainly most look for a white van...

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