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Dogging in Derbyshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Derbyshire, including major towns and cities: Derby, Chesterfield, Ilkeston, Swadlincote, Buxton, Matlock, Ashbourne.

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A car-park down near the Goyt Valley Reservior. Take the Goyt Valley turn off at the Buxton end of Longhill and follow the road for about half a mile.

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Linacre Reservoir car-park. From Chesterfield take Newbold Road for a while and then take the left to Cutthorpe. Follow a winding country road for a mile or so to the entrance of the Reservoir on the left. You'll find several very secluded car-parks.

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Clay Cross

Hardwick Park (<a href="" target="_blank">see map</a&gt. Turn of the M1 at junction 29 towards Clay Cross. Approx. 5 miles and then turn left and follow signs to Hardwick Park - several couples to be found dogging in and out of cars.

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Markeaton Park. Exhibitionists at Markeaton Park, in both main car-parks off the A38 in Derby, and the smaller rear car-park.<strong>Update:</strong> It has come to our attention that there is sometimes a police presence, because there is a lot of gay activity here, so beware. However, this dogging site is VERY busy, so check it out.

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Go through Manners Industrial Estate and theres a turn off to a little car-park that goes down to Manner Floods.

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High Ordish Picnic Site, off Matlock Alfreton Road.

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Drive up Slack Hill near Matlock and turn right at the top, and then 200 yards on your right there is a signpost for a picnic area. This is well used after dark by all doggers, being very secluded.

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Go out of willington on Twyford road and take second left past the old power station, then after a few 100 yards is a small lane on the right (sign posted to Arleston) and up there are a few lay-bys that are used for dogging. Best nights are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - there's always someone watching, along with couples looking for singles to join!

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A6 layby between ambergate + whatstandwell

Seen people fucking at night for the pleasure of lorry drivers who are parked for the night, loads of lorry drivers wanking in the evening with curtains open and one evening a lady lorry driver with vibrator and curtains open- just like her legs!!!

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albert village lake car park

Small car park leading to the lake down swains park nice quit location best timeswe found thursday fridays & saturdays r

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in the park farm shopping area the toilets near the library but beware of the law espicially rainsford.

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Allestree Park

Just off A6, very quiet, secluded car park. Ideal for dogging.

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Allestree Park

lovely scenery if only they knew x great times had after dark in secluded car parks,

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Allestree park

best location yet, regularly run into couples there. i would avoud markeaton park in derby for now though, heavy police presence, plus lots of groups going down there to take drugs and cause headaches.

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allestree park

car park at back of allestree park road linking allestree with quorndon very descreet can very busy after 10pm couples and single males

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Allestree Park

Quiet location set in beautiful derby, 11pm most nights gets quite busy at weekends.

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Allestree park a6

This should be used earlier in the day especially now it's getting darker earlier, so come on guys get fucking up ere!!!!!!!!

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Alport Height

I'm afraid there is no dogging here. The entry has been put in by someone with a very vivid imagination!
On the face of it, it looks as though it would be excellent dogging site, but it isnt.

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Alport Height

A remote beauty spot owned by the National Trust, open 24-7. Is found between Wirksworth and Belper, ~4 miles west of Ambergate. The hill is easily indentifiable by the radio masts that crown the summit.

There is one entrance to the site on the Spout-Bolehill road. The entrance is marked by a National Trust sign, and there is a gravel drive that splits in two. The left-hand drive leads to the 'upper car park' where voyeurs go... the right-hand fork leads to the 'lower carpark' where the exhibitors go.

Alport Height is quiet, and good for the 'shy' amongst you. The site is 1/2 mile from the nearest building, and the site is never visited by the scuffers either.

It tends to be frequent by younger doggers... however AH is kinkiest dogging site I have ever been to. I have witnessed:
An *eight*-some in a caravan,
Wife-swapping parties,
Inflatable dolls,
People filimng each other with mobies/ video-cameras
Outdoor sex in the bushes,
People doing chatlines,
Mutual masturbation,
People crapping on each other,
Lesbian gang bangs...
and other things that are too depraved even to mention on this website!

Warning though, there is only action at night (10:30pm being the best time). During the day it is full of families, pic-nickers and pensioners admire one of the best views in the East Midlands. If only they knew.

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American adventure, Ilkeston/Heanor, Derbyshire

A large car park, not well lit, for the American Adventure Theme Park,situated on the Ilkeston, to Heanor Road, at a village called Shipley, Used by singles and couples, during the hours of darkness. be ready to join in, lots of action, males, females and couples.

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Follow the signs for the golf course from the links roundabouts just off j30 of M1. Past Dobbies car park on the right and to the car park at the end. Best after dark and when garden center is closed. Get the odd dog walker who likes a little look too.

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Barlborough golf club

Visited this secluded car park behind Dobbies Garden Centre many times over the last three weeks and seen no-one. We think it could be a very good spot.
barrier is sometimes closed but don't be fooled it is never locked and will push open. Come on folk join us there.

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Turn off the A516 and go straight on right through the village to the end of the T-Road.
Secluded spot and fun to be had in Afternoons and Evenings.

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