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Dogging in Dumfriesshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Dumfriesshire, including major towns and cities: Dumfries, Annan, Lockerbie, Moffat, Sanquhar, Langholm, Gretna.

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Loch reoch

Lay-by beside loch on a75 between spring holm and crocketford sometimes a bit of action in trees beside loch during the day . X dressers use this spot and also some gays and couples.

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Lochmaben castle car park

Quiet car park ,occasional fisherman during day .sometimes good for couples ,and had meets here with crossdressers daytime and night time. Wooded area for private meets ,also bird viewing hut on edge of loch when not being used by twitchers . Can be quiet for weeks then can get really busy . Always wear my stockings and short skirts when visiting which seems to get me noticed by men and women and rarely leave disappointed xxx

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behind council garages 12.00am most nights

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Usually after 12pm down kirkton water turn left off about half mile before kirkton loads of fun goes on mostly couples,every sunday night very busy but mondays usually best for queit fun

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morton castle

theres an access road leading into the forest; no houses nearby completely secluded. just turn right at the castle. always very quiet at night, in the week and weekends.

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Down the sands every Friday and Saturday night

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new abbey

sweetheart abbey car park,

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Castle Douglas

Market Hill late every thursday night behind swimming pool

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Dumfries Safeways

Well lit on one of Dumfries' most busy roads. I would be VERY surprised if anything goes on there. And it's been a Morrisons for ten years.

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castle dykes dumfries

up past petrol station near the hospital plenty of gay doggin and the occassional women hand jobs in car or cock sucking

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Auchenfad Forest

After leaving dumfries, drive past mabie forest over the hill and there is a turning to the right, follow that road for about 1 mile and on the right hand side, (hard to see so drive slow) at the bottom of the hill there is a entrance to the forest, very discrete, couples and gays.

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Mabie Forest

Mabie Forest after dark, some gay action aswell as couples

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Loch Ken

Lay by opposite loch Ken on the A713 near Parton , mainly men use this site

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near beatock

at bottom of beatock summit long layby on old a74

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down the shore at the fishermans huts sundays from 10.30pm

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riddings hill pylon, on the terregles to shawhead road, virtually every night of the week

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Annandale Water Services (Caravan and trailer carpark, NOT the car park which has CCTV!). Most weekends evenings after 11 are good for dogging.

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Safeways car park Dumfries every Friday at 11pm - this needs to be verified, please let us know if this is genuine.

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Turn off the A710 at Kirkbean. First Right, 2nd left, left again at the bottom and first right. Drive to the end and the area around the cottage and on the beach are superb! Usually good on Friday " Saturday from 6.00 onwards!

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