cycling around Chelmsford

I cycle around , especially hylands and blackwater canal paths. love to meet up and have a mutual wank or maybe more . drop me a line


Chalkney Woods

There are two ways to get to it! either from earls colne or the a120- i will be there this friday!!!!!

The route i take is to go to earls colne, on the s bend take the road tey road, drive through the housing and you will go into the countryside, on a right hand bend there is a path/road up to the left, drive up there it is quite bumpy.

good point with this site is that you can see other vehicles approaching with out them knowing you are already there well hidden but a great site to take your playing too
hope to meet you there it is used quite a lot for dog walkers during the day but at night there is action



Layby near bradwell church between braintree coggeshall, turn of a120 @ lights ,progress out into countrysid past church and bottkm kf hill ... View All Comments

south woodham ferrers

Concrete apron at entrance to the dump (near Ford's Lookers) - good place as there is access to secluded park area at gate and on opposite side as well. Occasional t-girl parks up there, sexily dressed and up for it with straight men. more secluded parking further down access road too!


Canvey Heights

At far end entrance of road near the large wooden gates. Occasional job element boy racers but has a great deal of potential for the gay community of Canvey!


Dragonfly hotel

Have been past a few time and visted this evening.
Just off the a120 near Colchester there is a lay by road called old Ipswich road. Along the quiet road a few cars most nights for dogging also found a few in the car park of the hotel. From what i can tell a fair few swingers use the hotel.
Mixed meets of straight singles couples and gay/bi.
Will be using myself more often


Halfway house back road

The road at the back of the car park, turn left follow up and a entrance on the right about 200 yards, park up (yellow lines) and walk up the path towards the church and about 50yrds on the left is a cut away into the bushes, good gay and bi fun daytime's and very discreet in the summer ... View All Comments

Tolleshunt darcy Rec

Playing fields Car park which is opposite darcy way .... lots of action when it gets dark .
if there is cars and no body is about head to the end of playing field behide hedges...
Great cross dresser goes there


Epping forest

Epping forest Fairmead Road enter from cross roads end and drive right to the end. It looks like the gate is closed but carpark is on the right and open 24h. Very quiet and secluded ... View All Comments

Galleywood barnard road

Garages at bottom of west lawn



Chindits Lane, Warley, Brentwood. At the end of the lane there is a carpark leading onto playing fields. Perfect place for dogging. We had fun in the car last night and had a few voyeurs. Will be back there most friday nights



St Martins Country Park , near St Osyth. Down lane to very bottom. Car fun or further up the lane in country park. Park gates lock at 5:30 but lane is open all the time. Occasional couple. ... View Comment

Watts Wood Purfleet (A1306)

Public footpath extends from the road fronted by a silver bar gate. Usually active in mornings at w/ends although some dog walkers to enter the actual woods. However, probably more action sunday mornings or early evening in summer, mainly bi/gay guys. Fairly quiet though and could be good for O and A if wanted, whilst no reason couples could not use it too. ... View Comment


One tree hill, been there twice during the daytime. First car park on the left, walk out across the road and into the park opposite and immediately left and follow the footpath up then after about 100 or so yards there is a foot trodden path to the right.
Also, up to the second car park on the left there are public toilets, saw quite a few individual guys go in, stay a minute or two and come out, look around and then go, but then came back within 10 mins and did the same. Obviously they looked as tho they were looking for fun but being very new to this I was too nervous to go in.

If you want to know more , leave a comment and I will get back to you ... View All Comments

Great Chesterford Lay-by

As you drive out of Great Chesterford on the left towards A11, lovely lay-by set back behind trees. Well hidden areas within the under growth and trees. Met a couple of nice cocks. ... View All Comments


Parks are always good fun


Fossetts way

Fossetts way, Southend-on-Sea - Park in lay-by on the left just off the roundabout and walk up the track. Lots of cover for day and night fun, quite a lot of action here couples and singles ... View All Comments

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