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Dogging in Glamorgan

Main dogging sites and directions for Glamorgan, including major towns and cities: Cardiff, Swansea, Merthyr Tydfil, Barry, Caerphilly, Bridgend, Neath, Pontypridd.

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Llanwonno picnic area

Good gay fun up Llanwonno car park tonight keep it up people better than castle coch no disturbance excellent place.

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Llanwonno car park

Llanwonno car park has started back up again for good gay fun most nights after 10pm

merthyr, cefn coed

pass cyratha park (on your left) as you drive into cefn left at mini round-about follow road round to the left past all the houses turning left down to football pitch! very quiet good late night, mostly weekends!

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longwood drive

Just past asda on the right park up and walk into the woods tv

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Penllergaer valley wood's

Head for the lake then you'll come to a waterfall
Always dogging there in the days and nights
Give a signal and get dogging

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best place for dogging in the swansea area is at penllergaer valley wood's
Head down the path to were the lake is go past the waterfall and there's a stone bridge
Dogging happens a lot at this location in the days and nights
Seen a few shows happen ere over the last 3 months

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Penllergaer valley wood's is fantastic for dogging
Penllergaer Valley woods is just before penllergaer roundabout off busy road
Well worth a visit there just head to the path were the lake area is 5 mins walk from car park and round 10 mins walk from midway cafe lay-by
Singles & couples day's and night's

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Penllergaer valley woods

Sign posted
Off busy road penllergaer valley woods
5 min walk down the path to were the lake is
Dogging there during day times and in the evenings
Mostly singles

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Tyn Y Coed Road, Creigua

This is just up the road from Ceasars.....

Go past ceasars on your right....take next left....continue up lane .....either stop at the forestry entrance or continue up the hill and around the bend where there is a discrete compound on the left hand side just before the big house....

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off llantrisant rd left turning after the nursing home just before the church before you get to cregiau, go down the lane till u go under the motorway bridge an there u r. fun for all.

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Neath Abbey ruins

Some action here late afternoons and into the night including the canal towpath.
Seen a few couples guys and a few transvestites dressed up to the nines. All having fun in and around he ruins.
Quiet spot during the evenings well worth a look.

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roath park

Roath park the road between the wild gardens and the lake all hours couples and voyers

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penarth road

picnic area behind boat yard on penarth road opposite pump house ,follow path under link road bridge to picnic area

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Heath Park..on King Edward 7th around until you come to a track leading to wooded area..very seculed and very quiet,,respect the neighbours and take litter home,,don't spoil it,,and please,,,NO boy racers.

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Llanwonno mountain, Rhonda Cynon taff

Llanwonno mountain between mountain ash and fern dale.
Heading towards ferndale from mountain ash there is a car park on the left before the llanwonno pub and church (not the pub car park).
Turn in there sit and wait until someone flashes their lights or hazards. You can talk to them if you prefer very friendly location, new one just started up good gay and bi fun. Good times is afternoons and evenings in daylight just walk into woods for fun.

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Barry or Sully

Correction - important because Re-cycling depot is 3/4 mile further along Haye Road and has no car park.

Sully / Barry back of Council Refuge Depot (not re-cycling depot), 2nd turn left off Hayes Road from Sully roundabout lane to Cliff Top car park

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mountain ash

layby on left from mountain ash to abercynon, good after 17.00

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Deri community centre

Well off the main roads. Nobody using yet, building locked up after 10, would be a good place for dogging. Turn in by the Darren, opposite the bus stop.

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near royal mint

follow road past the mint with the mint on your left follow road onto industrial estate when road ends cars park gay and women most days

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