• Anonymous - 27 Sep 2017, 15:12

Old Passage Road near the dual carriageway end. Plenty of sheltered woods and lots of activity. Mainly bi or gay. ... View Comments...

Coopers Hill car park on A46. Still going there but not as much. Speaking to others there is less action now. Over the few years I've been going it's quite good. Early Sunday evenings OK. Late night can be good. Pot luck! Sucked and swallowed a few! ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 14 May 2016, 17:08

Quiet car park surrounded by trees always guys up there looking to suck and fuck need more women to join in hope to see you all up there Saturday and Sunday nights the best ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 5 Apr 2016, 11:45

Top of plump hill by the wilderness, gravelled road leads too quite a few lay-bys very private, both sides of the road. ... View Comment...

At the far end of littledean hill there's a lane that goes up to the woods where there is a small car park just past a Cattle grid

Flash lights to welcome people over ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 3 Feb 2016, 13:06

Quarry by Golf course club House....A46 to Cleeve Hill.... turn to Golf Course....Go past Golf club entrances.....Through Gate and turn sharp left into large Quarry car park..... best time is after dark and watch for interior lights to flash on/off

Couples and Gays who like to be watched go there and let some join in.... been going there for months and been sucked off through windows by women whilst they get done inside.... one turned round and opened door for me to fuck her whilst she sucked her partner ... be prepared for others to watch at same time....

If you openly masturbate outside car dont be surprised if you get touched up by gays..... if you protest too loudly all the action stops..... as i found out..... ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 17 Oct 2015, 19:49

Dovershill is a quiet car park/ view point just left of the crossroads, never seen police up there but they never have a problem anyway
People are a bit shy as no one ever gives the signs, a few regulars up there but want some more up there, a few couples but need more as not enough shows put on ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 22 Jul 2015, 18:37

Dovers hill opposite Dyers Lane, quite covered car park area, know for couples, singles and CDs and gays area pull up wait for a car if they stay in the car flash you're light or go over to the car and you're sure to get some action Monday to Sunday when it's dark usually is the best don't miss it sometimes you'll find it's dead other times it's the best see you all up there

  • Anonymous - 11 Jul 2015, 20:39

Gay and straight action, sometimes TVs

  • Anonymous - 14 May 2015, 14:51

Heading back to Moreton in the marsh from Subaru garage, lay-by about a mile on right hidden from road had bj other day I call in between 4-6pm most weekdays. ... View Comment...

  • Anonymous - 8 May 2015, 11:00

This is a quite new area for m/f dogging. It is a small wood next to Ivywell Road next to the edge of Sneyd Park. It is early days but young couples and dirty old men seem to visit most.

  • Anonymous - 30 Dec 2014, 09:11

Picnic areas and toilets at top of fish hill, I go there Friday morning to lunchtime looking for action ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 30 Nov 2014, 05:28

Their are two parts of the park the area for fun is the side with the fountain.Mostly sex goes on in bushes to the side but be carefull people walking dogs and the old bill patrols there sometime.Tend to get mostly gays there and to rate it I've had tons of fun there but goes a little quite in the winter.

  • Anonymous - 22 Nov 2014, 16:24

Been going to Cooper's Hill quite a lot 2014. Had some good fun. Wanking, sucking, fucking. Sometimes just chatted to other like minded men.

  • Anonymous - 23 May 2014, 14:20

From Gloucester to top of Birdlip Hill. Take road on left. Not sure how far, couple of minutes? Small road on right then immediate left into car park. A quarry. The man I went there with said it was quite popular. I would think with many types. We just wanked and sucked each other. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 15 Apr 2014, 23:28

Been to car park on A46 Coopers Hill a lot lately. Sucked four last week. Most are bi, married or divorced. Sucked one in daylight up in woods.

  • Anonymous - 25 Feb 2014, 10:27

Been several times recently. Jan. Feb. 2014. Good place. Some timewasters. Seems to be gay only.

  • Anonymous - 20 Sep 2013, 17:40

Finally had the chance to prove my idea correct about above place. Good place

  • Anonymous - 24 Jul 2013, 14:58

Off the roundabout onto pains wick road going away from town centre then first left go past doctors on your right then take a right follow it to the top then there is a little gravel path follow it right to the top a lot of regilars here

  • Anonymous - 14 Jul 2013, 16:08

Currently on police alert because some prat approached an 'unmarked' police car. The story goes; 'the officers were taking a break and the 'prat' took their opening and closing of the doors as a come-on'. ... View Comment...

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