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Dogging in Kent

Main dogging sites and directions for Kent, including major towns and cities: Maidstone, Canterbury, Bromley, Rochester, Margate, Folkestone, Dover, Greenwich.

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Joss Bay, near Broadstairs is very good late evening. Lots of dogging action viewing here.

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The carpark at entrance to Chilham-toilet which is open all night. Some gays, some couples.

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The car-park on top of the cliffs, overlooking Eastern Docks. At night, go past the toll booth and take the left up into coach park. Good dogging and exhibitionism and nice views too!

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Isle of Sheppey

Leysdown Naturist s beach and car park. Drive onto the Isle of Sheppy. Follow signs to Leysdown. Through town, follow the coast road until it appears to end. Turn left down the unmade road. Over the hump. Park up. Over the grass bank is the naturist beach. Both the beach and car park can get "interesting" later in the day.

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Cobtree Manor Country Park near Maidstone. Used to be very good last year then went quiet due to the boys in blue. But it is now becoming very active again. It is also a good gay cruising spot.

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Oxleas Woods

In the car park near the cafe in Oxleas Woods, which is the top of shooters hill. Directions are as follows for those who do not know the area, look on <a href="" target="_blank">Multimap</a> and type in Kenilworth Gardens (Greenwich) which is off Shooters Hill, on the South East London/Kent Borders. Turn left into Kenilworth Gardens and left again down the drive to the car park. Best suggestion is to park on the far left hand side, on the grass area which is just off the car park, near the wooded area. Good couples dogging action here, a well kept secret (until now!).Update:</strong> the carpark near the cafe on Shooters Hill is closed @ night, although the one further down is OK, with entrance next to Woods/School.

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Lay-by just before the new bypass on Gravesend Road near Strood, the A226. Action most nights after 11pm.

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Shooters Hill

The first carpark up Shooters Hill from Greenwich (Oxleas Woods, see above for full info). Some couples having daytime affairs.

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Shoreham Woods

Shoreham woods near Junction 4 of M25 is a good place, fairly quiet but some couples action. Shoreham woods ( Brown picnic signs ) located off A224. Leave M25 @ J4 up to first r/bout, sharp left on to A224 to Halstead/Badgers Mount. 2 miles to first r/bout, turn left into small country lane. Shoreham woods on right set back off road. If you end up going back under M25 you have missed it! During the day this is a well frequented "normal" picnic site with kids & couples really walking their dogs etc. However by night this has got to be the best Kent dogging site! It is set back off the road, so mainbeam brigade have to negotiate a winding approach road which does not illuminate the whole area as there are loads of recessed parking bays. There are woods nearby for the outdoor types who like their dogging action au natural. Even picnic benches so you can avoid the damp grass! A Doggers paradise.

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J13 of M20, if going southbound towards Dover, take slip road then second exit over M20 down to roundabout, take 3rd exit (cherry garden Ave) then right at first set of lights into cherry garden lane,road bends to the left, then right past allotments, then bends right again past 2 left turns with small car dealearship on corner, follow road round into caesars way, go to end with bus depot and find small secluded cul-de-sac, wife and i only had night time fun there, mainly truckers parking overnight. Can also walk through gates on right into Industrial estate for more truck fun, and path at end goes to small wooded areas on bend in path. Hoping it will pick up because it's pretty quiet at the moment. you get plenty of notice if any cars are coming too, great potential !

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A 228

just past Cuxton tip as you go up hill on left hand side ranscom farm entrance in car park good 4 couples

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A2 between dover and Barham

A2 North bound from Dover...layby with blue cafe hut.

After dark,most nights...lots of lorry drivers/couples and singles...Loads of action

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new site, A2 towards canterbury, slip road to canterbury, over lights, big white house on the left, drive onto drive, gates on right shut but not locked open and drive through to yard. Still very new but have met a couple of guy's there.

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A249 layby

lots of ole bill about these days to be carefull

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Allington off Castle road

As you go down castle road from London road go past the first field (ACA) then after the railway bridge on the right hand side very quiet location car park and fields/wooded area! look forward to seeing you there

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kingswood challock 7pm most nights starting to get really busy fri night

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Singlton Lake Car Park for all your dogging needs

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kingswood challockpicking up after 8

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Quarry wood estate is quiet at night, go on estate2nd exit of round about then the road goes to the right, turn left there.

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Aylesham industrial est , most interesting late eve lorry drivers and builders , met a few nice guys

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just off the A2 headtowards Aylesham just before the cemertry on the left there is a layby where a mobile food van parks , just in there , lots going on

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Bearsted Golf Course

coming from Maidstone... follow ware street under the train bridge. entrance is third left after train bridge. go over the small bridge. woods enterance on the left. follow the road right for parking. Very discreet woods loads of places to play for both gay bi and cpls.

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