best fuck place ever beacon woods bean dartford. go there in the summer women love it there.as you drive in the car park.walk right all the way to the steps that go up .wait at steps at bottom and around that area you will see lots of women go there for bukake stuff.


Toys Hill carpark sevenoaks up past pub come tonight any females welcome need fun

  • Anonymous - 26 Dec 2017, 20:05

Come from gravesen d town straight across line garage petrol station on left carry on straight road thru light towards Chatham see a sign parking on left very hidden houses at end was great there ... View Comment...

Been a couple of times, you have to head to the picnic tables which are dotted around but the action was taking place closer to the trees.
There's no parking on site as the car park is locked at night but can be accessed via a number of gates around the park. ... View Comments...


OTFORD CEMETEREY car park between Otford and Sevenoaks on the left from Otford before you get to the motorway bridge and McDonnalds. Small car, dark car park that goes round a corner and when I was there a week ago with a couple it was very quiet. Have another meet there soon. It seems unused and new.


norman park, entrance opposit pub next to bus stop

  • Anonymous - 14 Feb 2017, 11:42

bean country park .park outside shop in bean and walk across road into woods small entrance on left.often shag 3 birds up there on Friday nites. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 10 Nov 2016, 09:03

Turkey Mill maidstone, Lovely lake with lots of trees , very quiet .
Monday-Tuesday from 7.30pm, avoid W/E as weddings staged there.


On Ashford take left before u hit enclose woodland over the road then 1st left into car park very dark secluded used to be loads of action up there

At the crossroads where the ship pub is (assuming the main front door of the pub is on your left) turn right and about 200 yards up the road turn right into a dark, quiet and secluded car park with a fields and woods all around it! Most action from 9 until sometimes as late as 2 o'clock! ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 23 Aug 2016, 13:44

Try toys hill car park in kent near fox and hounds pub...best place for it...lots of woods and loads of space... ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 14 Aug 2016, 15:52

The public toilets next to Morrisons/Iceland. Mens toilets last two cubicles have a gloryhole joining them at kneeling height. There's another one about face height when sitting so you can see through there as well. There's a lot of cottagging and the like as well ... View Comments...

OTFORD CEMETERY. Just found a new place where I met a very horny, Bi couple for some fun. Its the cemetery car park between Otford and Sevenoaks Bat & Ball. Take the road towards Sevenoaks from Otford round-a-bout & Duck Pond and half way along the road on your left, past the car sales place, turn into the car park which is quiet and dark, had great fun with them inside and outside the car for over 45 minutes. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 25 May 2016, 11:16

Far end amongst the trees. Mainly Fri Sat and Sun after 12. But weekdays too sometimes.
Lots of mature women not many under 30. Mainly straight.
Good place for young guys looking for cougar. ... View Comments...

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