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Dogging in Lincolnshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Lincolnshire, including major towns and cities: Lincoln, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Boston, Grantham, Stamford, Skegness, Louth.

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Anthonys Bank car-park (known locally as bonkers' bank !!).

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Stallingborough Old Road near Grimsby/ Good for couples, evenings & weekends.

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Weelsby Woods, both in the carpark and in the woods themselves.

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Horseshoe Point

Horseshoe Point car-park, near Marsh Chapel, North Lincolnshire. Weekends and Saturday especially good, with some nights in the week too.

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Viewpoint, near the Lincolnshire Showground. About 3 miles north of Lincoln, off the A15 at the new roundabout.

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Hartsholme Park near Lincoln, good for couples, especially at weekends for dogging action.

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Mortal Ash Hill lay-by near Scunthorpe - some couple dogging action.

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Twigmore woods car-park near Scunthorpe - some couple dogging action.

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Access to Silica Lodge Ponds car-park off Scotter road, Scunthorpe - some couples dogging action but not much.

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Churchill Lane beach and dunes in the summer.

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A15 north of rippingale.

Layby on right hand side heading north just after Rippingale on the A15. Very busy in evenings in summer.Still get regular turnover during day and night in winter as well.Mostly single blokes, but now getting more couples and blokes bringing wives with them .Off the main road so well hidden.

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between sleaford and boston,east heckington layby

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On the A18 opposite the road to North Thoresby is the road to Beesby. 400metres to a left hand bend where there is a farm shed with a curved roof. Park on the verges, there are footpaths and secluded spots nearby. Monday nights and weekends for some couples and gay/by action.

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Barton on Humber

HUMBER BRIDGE veiwing area carpark waterside road
cottageing and doging action most days

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There is a large layby at Baston just outside Market Deeping which is getting a few couples in it, sometimes there are several lorries there, most of the time it is empty. Good site.

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Bird sanctuary

travelling south on the A17, turn left just past theFosdyke yacht haven into Middle Marsh Road.
On the right hand bend (near the end) there is a very sharp turn to the left, and to a small discreet carpark, woodland walks etc. Not very busy but couples and gays frequent ,Friday, sat, sun evenings usually.6pm/11pm.

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Bluestone Heath Road

Bluestone Heath Road just before junction with Louth to Wragby Road, lay by behind trees mostly quiet, some action day's pm or late evenings and weekends, still pretty new location

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boltham park

car park back of boltham park was full of couples this weekend

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Bourne Woods Car Park

Very secluded, now summer is here the lighter evenings bring out the people, good location, couples who give a good show

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Head through broughton into wressle continue on the main road and go straight on at the cross roads little carpark on the left just before the bridge good on wednessday on weekends anything goes

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broughton bridge

now under servallance only my car there 4 3hrs between 9 / midnite checked others out in scunthorpe this was on sat 8th so where r they all going ?

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River bank car park near church!

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