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Dogging in London

Main dogging sites and directions for London, including major towns and cities: City of London, Greater London.

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Trent Park

Lots of secluded locations, best in the woodland carpark. Get to it from Cockfosters Road entrance. Getting busy on warm summer nights

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Dulwich Tollgate

In dulwich by tollgate every night after 8pm lots of fun by the tollgate go up the hill nice place

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mile end park

Mile end park, turn right , 14 min walk from 11 until morning, usually gays , single looking for outdoor fun, nice location, good for action, love getting bj

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Dulwich london

by the tollgate every weekend start tonight 14/03/2015 at 10pm

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big patch of grass leading onto massive woodland very sucluded, foxes field park

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Surrey Quays Leisure park

There is a dark area by the Cafe East building. There is no lighting, hedges blocking the view from the main road and no security cameras looking over the area. The previous location in front of the cinema is too open. This corner has plenty of cover. Post code is SE16 2XU. I have seen some cars waiting in the car park but no action i have seen yet. Local businesses close after midnight

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kenley common

On a Friday and sometimes a Saturday kenley common
There is a wooded area and so hiding places to have some fun.

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Wandsworth Park

Mainly late evenings. Especially mid-week.
More of a younger crowd and some regular girls turning up now.
Girls 100% on the safe sex

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Longton Avenue

Down by Wells Park, couldnt believe my eyes when i seen two cars with doors open and alot of action going on.

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Near pasteur gardens in the alley way at back of houses very disc; and private i love it there

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burgess park

Since the regeneration of the park there are so many places to have fun. Most couples use the bushy area by the exercise machines on new church road . A lot of jogging cyclist and dog walking couples generally use the area day and night.

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Under A40 roadbridge, A40, Uxbridge

This is a layby on the eastbound A40, Western Avenue, just after it ceases to be the M40, between M40 junction 1, (Denham/Uxbridge turn off) and the Swakeleys Junction (Ickenham). Doggers and gays park up in the layby, and walk to top of layby and pass through a gateway and down a slope. From this point onwards, you cannot be seen by motorists on the A40 above. At bottom of slope, walk straight on to a vast area that is the arches underneath the A40 roadbridge. Dogging occurs amongst the many arches of the road bridge, along the footpaths and in the surrounding dense undergrowth.

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Green Street
Near the farms as you head Towards Shenley
A lot of discreet locations near the Forested Area

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pickets lock

just before you turn into pickets centre there is a road follow it down where you will find a car park on your left hand side

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Shoreditch Park

Near the tennis courts around 10pm this location isn't the busiest place but its getting there.

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Dukes Meadow, off the A316 turn in at bottom of Chiswick Bridge into Dan Mason Drive,road runs along the river then under a small bridge, turn right and follow road back to riverside and lots of great places to park up for fun ! road continues on back to the A316. This is a fantastic place with so much potential yet much under used,

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Walthamstow , Coppermill Lane , at the end of the lane is a quiet car park , ideal location for dogging .

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Loads of places around Beckton. Behind Gallions reach by the new buildings. In the Sainsburys car park by the recycling bins as well. Common ground for some good action.

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clapham common

follow long road past the skateboard park, take the first left then first right

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the boat house is a building site now and snearbrook i have checked there are only men no women or couple

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Car park at Scratchwood closed by Brent council from Monday 20th August, indefinitely.

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