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Dogging in London

Main dogging sites and directions for London, including major towns and cities: City of London, Greater London.

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Lovers Lane - lots of action alone there, go over Hammersmith fly over towards Richmond when you get to the first round about there a petrol station on your left hand side, take the 2nd exit from the petrol station where the one way fly over starts, then keep driving till you get to a bridge with a set of traffic lights, turn left, this takes you along the river and all the way round lovers lane. plenty of action at night and lots of places to park and have fun.

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Clapham Common

Mainly Gays although you do get the occasional couples putting on a show.

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The lane that leads up to Dulwich golf course just by the tollgate - Very busy at weekends there's normally one or two couples in cars so lots to see!

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Kenton, north of Wembley NW9

Open space / Barn Hill recreation area on the Fryent Way A4140. - Many couples in cars afternoon/evening. Many young Asians. Some participation. Generally a relaxed attitude about watchers.

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new rd, abbeywood, london se2/ with woods ether side of the road

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Alexandra Palace, North London

The car park by the Ice rink is used by couples and some gay guys from around 10pm to 1am
Busier late in the week Thursday through to Saturday and quieter the rest of the week

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Loads of places around Beckton. Behind Gallions reach by the new buildings. In the Sainsburys car park by the recycling bins as well. Common ground for some good action.

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Green Street
Near the farms as you head Towards Shenley
A lot of discreet locations near the Forested Area

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bromley by bow

past devons road dlr station first left stright down to a dead end mainly people vist after dark

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burgess park

Since the regeneration of the park there are so many places to have fun. Most couples use the bushy area by the exercise machines on new church road . A lot of jogging cyclist and dog walking couples generally use the area day and night.

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Dukes Meadow, off the A316 turn in at bottom of Chiswick Bridge into Dan Mason Drive,road runs along the river then under a small bridge, turn right and follow road back to riverside and lots of great places to park up for fun ! road continues on back to the A316. This is a fantastic place with so much potential yet much under used,

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Chiswick boathouse

Just along the river there are couples looking on Sunday nights but there's not many straight fit men .mainly gay blokes

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clapham common

follow long road past the skateboard park, take the first left then first right

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coombe lane, croydon

Take coombe lane going towards addington. past Lloyd Park
tramlink station and look for Oaks Lane on the left.Turn left and immediately turn into a dirt car parking area.Walk away from the entrance towards a brick structure at the end, on the right . are a couple of paths into the bushes and some clearings with plenty of evidence of action.Dont know if this is a regular place, but worth a try !

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Copthall Grounds NW4

Just off the A1, Copthall sports grounds theres is a carpark and in the evening usually after 10pm you will find couples in cars hanging out...

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a small woodland car park of the purley way near a park very secluded

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Great dogging location ! Am new to the area, took the missus. Only waiting 15mins before 3 guys arrived. Very polite, lots of fun. Mrs got a very good seeing too !

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DULWICH Golf Course Lane

Golf Lane by Golf School, halfway up. Great dogging location ! Am new to the area, took the missus. Only waiting 15mins before 3 guys arrived. Very polite, lots of fun. Mrs got a very good seeing too !

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Dulwich london

by the tollgate every weekend start tonight 14/03/2015 at 10pm

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Dulwich Tollgate

In dulwich by tollgate every night after 8pm lots of fun by the tollgate go up the hill nice place

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Eastbrookend Country Park

Situated in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. RM10 7DR.
Secluded car park on the right just before the entrance to the cemetry. Sharp turn after the Farmhouse pub, carry on past the first car park and onto the second. Lunchtime action - nights as well

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Near pasteur gardens in the alley way at back of houses very disc; and private i love it there

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A316 Layby into London. Truckers stop. Late at night males mainly in the woods.

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A316 has new fencing so no going in woods.

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