Lay by near Wantage, near the junction to Taunton seen cars park up but many gays would like more girls.

  • Anonymous - 19 Feb 2018, 00:28

Exit Taunton by driving through Corfe. Keep on this road through the country lanes until you reach the top. At the crossroads turn left stay on this road, you will pass the enterance for Staple Hill Car Park (another familiar spot) keep driving until you reach the pub on your right hand side; Turn left opposite the pub is the road you need to follow, about 50 yard up the hill is the entrance for Castle Neroche. ... View Comment...

  • Anonymous - 5 Jul 2017, 22:33

Bridgwater recycling centre, drive past the enterance park on the right there will be a small gate leading to woods opposite. Come on in

  • Anonymous - 16 Dec 2016, 17:45

Little in closed car park plum lane Bridgwater great action after 9pm

  • Anonymous - 4 Dec 2016, 23:49

Pines cafe towards bishops lydeard car park on left 1/2 mile from cafe good monday nights after 10pm

  • Anonymous - 1 Oct 2016, 21:55

Car park behind st Margaret's hospice children shop, lots of girls there most nice up for some fun xx ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 11 Aug 2016, 11:02

Drive thru village of Ithery towardsTaunton after about a mike on left hand side is a lay by good for bi fun also gu wanking during the day ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 1 Jun 2016, 19:25

Bridgwater recycle centre ; wooded area next to it - aprk up further past the entrance for the recycle place & there is a turnstyle type gate , just wait & see if there are any single men waiting in cars , if so get out & go through the gate & wander into the woods , you will be followed; let happen whatever you want to happen ! ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 3 Mar 2016, 00:59

Park up in the george carpark,walk over canal bridge,turn left up dark lane till you get 2 meadowgate and turn left along grass track behind houses,go right 2 the end behind bungalows. V quiet spot.. lots of action,couples go here most nights. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 30 Dec 2015, 03:18

burnham on sea boat club end of esplanade women flashing sat in car walking seen lots of boobs stocking tops any time ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 15 Dec 2015, 20:30

Swineford picnic area behind the Swan Pub
From Bitton to Bath you will find pub and picnic area behind
Out of the way good after 9.00, have had many good nights here.

  • Anonymous - 10 Nov 2015, 02:45

opossite village hall big car park followed by acres of exmoor lonely in middle of no where lets do it absolutly no traffic 0 police and waiting to watch or join great spot

  • Anonymous - 8 Sep 2015, 17:52

new picnic area just down the road, not open yet. but from the picnic area, turn right, then straight over the cross roads, after 100 mets turn in right, trees still across the entrance, but watch tis space,??????? ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 19 Aug 2014, 14:56

Drive along the seafront and about half way there are some public toilets, the men's side is home to a glory hole and although a busy location on the day once the sun goes down then it is quiet, mainly gay/bi guys venture in there but lots of cars parking nearby has found couples taking part too! ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 26 Mar 2014, 17:39

Car park behind Admirals Landing pub.The pub is usually empty by 1130 and nobody lives on the premises .Lots of women,well worth a visit. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 12 Mar 2014, 23:57

Bridgwater docks site is worth a visit in the day time too

  • Anonymous - 11 Mar 2014, 18:36

Bridgwater docks ,land on opposite side of pub by the bridge.Usually 3 or 4 cars there , a few women but could do with more . Go over the canal bridge and turn left if coming from town centre. ... View Comment...

  • Anonymous - 9 Feb 2014, 19:43

Axbridge layby just off A371, nice small layby with two picnic tables, plenty fun after 10.30pm most nights

  • Anonymous - 4 Dec 2013, 00:34

It's on the sommervale road as if you were goin towards midsomer norton away fron bath it's half way along that road opposite a row of about 12 little cottages a right turn down a nice sucuded lane dark well hidden a fair few cars can get down there nice amount of space to turn around I have seen a few decent nights down there Sunday 1amish Tuesday midnight best night that was and Thursday was ok could always do with seeing we faces

  • Anonymous - 14 Nov 2013, 23:34

just past the stoke sub hamdon exit on the A303 driving towards taunton, there a left turn into percombe,
once you've turned off the 303 turn right drive to the top and its a dead end with parking for car fun, or a gate into a secluded field for having naked fun in, day or night. ... View Comment...

  • Anonymous - 26 Jul 2013, 11:44

Amamdown cross roads, in nap woods just past carpark new site but good on weekends

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