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Dogging in Somerset

Main dogging sites and directions for Somerset, including major towns and cities: Taunton, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Yeovil, Bridgwater, Wells, Glastonbury.

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Cheddar Reservoir

Cheddar Reservoir, the fisherman's carpark off Sharpham Road.

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Priors Park, picnic and car-park on the Blackdowns, about 7 miles out of Taunton along the Corfe Road, turn right at the cross roads and it is on the right. Very discreet for dogging.

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Cartgate services, A303, outside Yeovil, parking, toilets, and a 24 hour cafe!! Mainly bi/gay blokes but the occasional couple do venture there, so a dogging site to check out.

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Abbots pool

On the cut through road between the a369 abbots leigh and the beggar bush lane road, quite and best action in the woods up the path behind the small car park.

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Axbridge layby just off A371, nice small layby with two picnic tables, plenty fun after 10.30pm most nights

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layby north of taunton on a38 truckers always available for fun more females would be great

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blackdown hills

staplehill carpark getting very good no boyracers

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Bleadon Hill

Just up from the Weston Hospital, layby on left hand side very open but lots of activity in the after dark hours.

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Blue anchor

Drive along the seafront and about half way there are some public toilets, the men's side is home to a glory hole and although a busy location on the day once the sun goes down then it is quiet, mainly gay/bi guys venture in there but lots of cars parking nearby has found couples taking part too!

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borroe bridge

lay by on the left towards taunton mainley swingers best after midnight

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Bridgwater docks ,land on opposite side of pub by the bridge.Usually 3 or 4 cars there , a few women but could do with more . Go over the canal bridge and turn left if coming from town centre.

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Bridgwater docks site is worth a visit in the day time too

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Car park behind Admirals Landing pub.The pub is usually empty by 1130 and nobody lives on the premises .Lots of women,well worth a visit.

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small carpark in quiet spot ,off dunware lane,close to plum lane.several cars often in there

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main trunk road, between bridgwater and minehead. just over the river bridge turn right. off the ndr road. land past the council refuge tip. good place plenty of cover, small copses, to go to be discreet. can park outside and just watch, for anyone interested, you know the signs, used by dog walkers, but lots of space, be discreet, and clean. you will enjoy.

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Burnham on sea

Leaving Berrow Road on Brent Road towards Weston, layby on left after 2 s bends.

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burnham on sea

end of the esplanade boat club cars parked flashing some women walk along the path in sexy gear giving a flash

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burrow bridgwater

large layby have seen couples and singles friday saterday nifghts have taken my partner there well serviced

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travellers gone some time ago now cleared

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castle Neroche car park

On the Blackdown Hills, Take the hills road off A303 at The Eagle Pub. Opposite the first house on the left,take the lane some 500 metres to the car park. This is the most secluded and best of the Blackdown hills sites. The approach lane is mainly a long straight,so approaching car lights can be seen well before they arrive.

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west street car park sunday evenings

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Travel up the hill to first left at castle into car park , but drop down to hidden car park , nice and dark and loads of cover with trees etc .Plenty of couples venture in here .

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