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Dogging in Somerset

Main dogging sites and directions for Somerset, including major towns and cities: Taunton, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Yeovil, Bridgwater, Wells, Glastonbury.

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Blue anchor

Drive along the seafront and about half way there are some public toilets, the men's side is home to a glory hole and although a busy location on the day once the sun goes down then it is quiet, mainly gay/bi guys venture in there but lots of cars parking nearby has found couples taking part too!

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Car park behind Admirals Landing pub.The pub is usually empty by 1130 and nobody lives on the premises .Lots of women,well worth a visit.

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Bridgwater docks site is worth a visit in the day time too

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Bridgwater docks ,land on opposite side of pub by the bridge.Usually 3 or 4 cars there , a few women but could do with more . Go over the canal bridge and turn left if coming from town centre.

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Axbridge layby just off A371, nice small layby with two picnic tables, plenty fun after 10.30pm most nights

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Combe hill woods car park.

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It's on the sommervale road as if you were goin towards midsomer norton away fron bath it's half way along that road opposite a row of about 12 little cottages a right turn down a nice sucuded lane dark well hidden a fair few cars can get down there nice amount of space to turn around I have seen a few decent nights down there Sunday 1amish Tuesday midnight best night that was and Thursday was ok could always do with seeing we faces

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just past the stoke sub hamdon exit on the A303 driving towards taunton, there a left turn into percombe,
once you've turned off the 303 turn right drive to the top and its a dead end with parking for car fun, or a gate into a secluded field for having naked fun in, day or night.

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Amamdown cross roads, in nap woods just past carpark new site but good on weekends

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Frome Victoria park

Frome Victoria park is right at the end of Park Road of Christchurch Street West in Frome where the band stand and Bowling club is aswell where it is dark and hiding places.

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Priddy, Mendips

Stockhill Woods car park. Very quiet and plenty of forested area.

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Vivary Park in taunton

2 cubicles availble for sex. Mainly guys but seen a couple of girls. Only available during the day

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Wharf Lane just off of the sheepway, right at end of lane by gate leading down to a nature reserve. Best late at night around 10pm. Attracts all sorts.

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burrow bridgwater

large layby have seen couples and singles friday saterday nifghts have taken my partner there well serviced

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burnham on sea

end of the esplanade boat club cars parked flashing some women walk along the path in sexy gear giving a flash

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weston super mare

birnbeck pier carpark, can be some good action down there in the nightime

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Ham Hill

Top of Ham Hill turn in by the pub and carefully drive around, dogging couples most nights but Friday evening Saturday and Sunday evenings are good. Saw a very sexy blonde there the other week naked for everyone and put on a great show as she was fucked outside her car and even took it anally as she sucked another guy

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Monmouth street

carpark on left before zebra crossing heading towards cross riffles round about. left at roman glass, huge car park, 0 police, looks desert

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northhill minehead

follow northill till you come onto exmore loads of car parks and very quite see cars coming for miles safe, 5 min drive from minehead

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old pier

above the old pier theres a hut most nights not on a sunday

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Lansdown Park and Ride

Lansdown P&R car park is where I have met people escaping Tog Hill. Action around the closed
changing rooms to be found. Don't be scared (It is dark)

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