Werrington moor

Werrington moor. I think it’s called Weston moor. Off Armshead Rd. Fav with dog walkers During the day. Action in the car or on by walking along the dog tracks. Pitch black once away from the Carpark. Leave headlights off as it attracts the neighbours, switch on interior light. Seen a slightly larger lady preforming head and doggy style while her old man looks on. Couldn’t get close as there was a que.


Hay head wood

It’s a little car park well a made car park made by the users of this area surrounded by trees and a big field mostly men go over there I’d say aged between 30-75 need some more couples or single ladies as I’m the only woman that goes over there well from what I’ve seen
White House pub at lights carry straight on through the lights carry on down the road u come to a car selling place and an island straight over the island down the road a little and it’s firs turning on your left hope you guys find your way hope to see lots of new faces over there very soon


Waitrose supermarket Wolverhampton

This his verry good night to go on Friday night and saturday night after 11pm and sunday after 7pm this place his at the back of the car park on the left as you come down the car park and it's a great place for verry one and there his a lot of sexual activity here.


ALDRIDGE Hayhead W00d

Plenty of activity at night,usually after 9.00pm. Do not visit during day,dog walkers,families and aero men are always about. ... View Comment

Hanchurch Back Bench

Hanchruch has a main car park. If you go past that, you can often get some fun around the bench. You get the usual people with more issues than vogue but every now and again here is a normal person who has a life and wants to do more than just sexually assault you.



On the A515 towards Ashbourne. After getting off the A50 onto the A515, heading towards Ashbourne, there is a layby on the right, then just after that there is a small track on the left leading up to a layby. Nice and quiet,with lots of cover. Great little place for some sucking fun.


Lower Gornal Alley

The Alley, Dudley ,

At the end of the road, before the woods.


In the alley way just before, leading into Grafton Gardens... Great spot



Come off the beaconside road half way down it onto portal road take a left follow it to the bend and take the road on the right called beaconside close the follow it straight down there a car park in the corner behind the back of the house it's all cover and a great dogging spot! More and more people every Thursday night and friday ... View All Comments

Cockster Brook

By car , off Blurton road Herron Cross . Small car park at bottom , as not been to bad on a few occasions , yet although can be muddy . The wood itself does get active at times . ... View Comment


The long lay bye on the left between Rugeley and Lichfield.
It is active day and night predominantly Gay Guys.
There is a model air craft club half way down lay bye if you see that your in the right place.
Occasional straight couples.


Hem Heath Woods

Hem Heath Woods . This location is not all that easy to find , should you be from outside the area .
The location is Trentham Road Newstead . Traffic lights at Newstead Industrial Estate , heading towards Trentham . ( Car park is aprox 30 meters on the left hand side , ( not easy to find to be honest ) If you Hit the BP Petrol station , you have gone too far.


Spot of dogging and golf?

Hobs hole lane ws9 area there's a shady lay-by where the golf course is either side of the road hoping this could be a very good spot as no one uses the lane often at all ... View Comment


Hay Heath woods Aldridge
Any couples looking for a great dogging location Always couples & single guys as they say more the merrier we always have fun here Friday's & Saturday nights as this is a excellent spot for fun, just the back of the Peugeot garage opposite the lay-by . ... View All Comments


Cockster Brook Wood , Located at Heron Cross . New location ... View Comment

henhurst club

A small social club when its closed has two car parks and are set in woods.best at night when all the staff have gone around 12pm.a couple from local brewery use it when out of the office.I watched them in day time going at it like rabbits and didn't seem to mind me watching.



Near tamworth on a513 near war memorial is a place called croxall lakes ... View All Comments


Hem Heath Woods . This location is not all that easy to find , should you be from outside the area . Been their four times in November . I am told their do get quiet alot of couples who go their during the summer . it is a muddy car park when is rains . The location is Trentham Road Newstead . Traffic lights at Newstead Industrial Estate , heading towards Trentham . ( Car park is aprox 30 meters on the left hand side , ( not easy to find to be honest ) If you Hit the BP Petrol station , you have gone to far ... View All Comments

Rough ground

This is a piece of rough ground on Whiston bank (A52)
Between frogall and Whiston near churnett Valley railway.
No one uses it but looks to me like a great place to do it
Ive been a couple time you check out its usage and it's dead after 6pm


gaily pool

I've been to Gaily a few times but it is always deserted, most excellent place to go at night most definitely. ... View All Comments

A500 usually known a the D road

There are 2 large laybys near to the M6 Junction 16 on the A500. Been a few times and noticed a tall leggy Tgirl there who flashes her stocking tops to passing Truckers. Heard from a few others she loves to suck and take A. ... View All Comments

Aldridge Hayhead wood

Now open again. Best after dark since aero modellers and single dog walkers are there in the day.Sometimes families at the weekend. best after 9 at night


barr beacon

Nice secluded car park open Friday and sataday garentee action after 12am with couples and secluded areas in action n car park by band stand in car and outside police make there weekly drive threw at 12am then they dnt come back hence plenty of fun at12am well wrth the travle and newbie friendly toooo ... View Comment

Barlaston Downs

Head up north up A34 out of Stone and turn right in Meaford Road, take first right go over the canal/railway bridge and turn left(straight on) Wash Dale Lane. The car park is locate just after the ford in the stream. There are 2 seperate car parks the large one is great at night. but there is a smaller one to the left a little more secure.

Great site. Had great fun there recently.


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