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Dogging in Suffolk

Main dogging sites and directions for Suffolk, including major towns and cities: Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, Sudbury, Haverhill, Bungay.

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Nacton, near Ipswich. Go through Nacton village, past school, then follow signs for picnic area. Bottom two car parks best for couples.

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Take a left at the clock tower (depending which way your coming from), follow the road down, round the bend and keep following the road down until you get to the second car park on the right next to the tennis court. Most action on Friday/Saturday nights after 10PM.

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Bury St. Edmunds, kings Forest

Kings Forest car park, on the road between Culford and Eleveden,discreet and busy most week nights after dark, weekends especially saturday night.

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Cherry hill

Between barton mills an herringswell just off the a11, up the dirt track and theres an old pill box good for day and nite meets

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cherry hill

not a lot going on last time I viseted makes me wonder is it still active ?

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umping station pull in rockstone lane coocly near halesworth.

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corton cliffs north lowestoft

very good site for dogging many single men and nudist beach near by plenty of couples in heath area mainly in summer time. some action in the evenings in car park this time of year

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corton lowestoft

corton beeach is still a nude beach playing going on too

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green lane, acess both ends, out of the way, no disturbance, good viewing area, nice and dark.

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Church Carpark. evenings. Mainly couples, very quiet area

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Dip Farm Lowestoft

Beware looks like CCTV being installed and if camera is infrared CCTV controller will be able to see all goings on at night and report to police, as I know that all cameras are monitored 24hrs and recorded

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Dip Farm, Lowestoft

Just off the Corton Road at Lowestoft, Dip Farm car park is the car park for the golf course! Lots going on here after dark and on the adjacent clifftops also! The golf course is also easy to get onto, so just pitch and putt and get your hole in one here or perhaps score a birdie! Plenty of woods to get into if needed but the car park here has no lighting and is very dark

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Dunwich Forest

Forest area, already a popular gay cruising area but equally popular with doggers, flashers and exhibitionists alike.

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dunwich forest

realy good action on some nights, in second big car park as you go into dunwich on the left hand side

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dunwich gate44

dunwich woods near the quarry as you come into dunwich woods turn right at cross roads head up few hundred yards gate on right is gate 44 get out of motor walk thru gate cpls now being seen on right just thru gate on right its the new place with lots going on since tobys walk got closed

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Eyken Cliffs

large parking area through Eyken. Very quiet out of the way location. Good action on Friday evenings aften 9.30pm.

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freston lay by

This cums and goes (sorry about pun). Some very good action after 10 fri-sun. Got blown on first visit (bi) fucked on 2nd and wanked over couple on third so not bad record? Then dead on next 4 visits?

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Great Barton

Down Near The Church Weeknights From 10 Onwards you can also go down the road and theres a long straight road which is quite .

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hallow tree, nacton off nacton road please read di

It is located off of nacton road ipswich if you come from the dual carragie way and take the nacton turning follow it round and take your first left up a little lane road and follow it till the end and take sharp right after bridge very easy to find even tho this might sound tricky. But if you come through town up nacton road go staright over the rounder about past ravenswood then take first right up a lane road and follow directions as stated above.

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Sorry to tell you, this has now been closed down

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The HAUGHLEY picnic area car park is no longer open.It was a good place for action during the day. i used to go there and wander about naked. Shame it is shut.

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Coming out of Haughley along "The Folly", you hit the old A14. Turn right then immediately left onto Haughley Road. Just on the left is a layby/driveway which leads to a metal gat with wooden fencing around it. Park by the gate and walk through the wooden kissing gate.

This leads through to a huge wooded and green area with loads of potential.

It's still a very new dogging/cottaging area so little activity at the moment but it's going to get very big and busy!

This was a gypsy camp site until not long ago so the police don't see a need to visit anymore since they were moved on.

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As you are leaving Horringer heading towards Haverhill, there is a layby on your left with bushes for cover. Mostly night-time

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