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Dogging in Surrey

Main dogging sites and directions for Surrey, including major towns and cities: Guildford, Croydon, Woking, Sutton, Kingston-on-Thames, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Brixton.

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The south car-park at Shirley Hills just outside Croydon. Particularly good dogging action in the summer.

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Car-park on Esher Common. Leave the A3 at the Esher/Leatherhead turn (A244) and go towards Esher. After about two hundred yards there is an entrance on the left to a secluded car-park. The entrance is easy to miss but there is a place to turn round about a quarter of a mile further on.

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On the A31 (Guildford to Farnham), there is a large lay-by with access to bushes and fields - the Hog's Back on the Surrey Hills.

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just as you come out of blackwater, passed the petrol garage on the right hand side going up the a30 towards hartley witney, turn second left at the roundabout passed the garage, right at the mini roundabout , up the track to a carpark on the common. worth a look!

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St Anns Hill a nice quite wooded park at night plenty of places to go and a big car park.

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Chertsey Meads a 170 acre site of open meadow on the north bank of the River Thames, beside Chertsey Bridge running towards Shepperton. Has 3 car parks but the 1st one on your left has CCTV so keep clear of that one and you will be fine.

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Chobham Place

Valley End Road on the edge of Chobham Common, small car park in the woods, walk across the road towards the M3 for plenty of action day and evening.

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rear car park of ashburton park in addiscombe

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A24 between Leatherhead and Dorking. Pass through the roundabout at Burford Bridge. About 300 yards on the left a small car park.

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Frensham pond

lots of parking around the pond and lots of common and wooded areas.

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Giggs hill green

Ash path foot way just opposite giggs hill green, near the library looks like an opening in the trees but you can go all the way through. very secluded, dimly lit and quiet at night time. Ideal for filthy times as no one can see you.

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Newlands corner just off trodds lane as you are heading towards Dorking way from guildford. Mostly bikers in the day but not too busy at nights unless by alot of other doggers

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the mount turn off the portsmouth road and head straight up the mount a few laybys by the trees + great view of the cathedral

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Hurst Park

Follow road from Hampton Court towards Walton on Thames on Surrey side of Thames.
Turn left near pub and go down to river. Mostly courting couples when I used to go there. Quite often saw men trying to look in cars! Worth a look.

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As you go towards Cobham from the Leatherhead station there is a T junction on randalls road. by the traffic lights there is a ramblers walk way to enclosed fields (with trees and hedges).

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Leatherhead Ermyn Way

Ermyn Way is a dead end road leading to the Exxon Mobil offices. At the end of the road is a mile long tree-lined walk that goes up towards Thirty Acre Barn and Headley.
Go through the trees on the right and there are grassy fields with plenty of action. Light evenings during the summer see plenty of gays and bi's and there is even a BBW lady who gives oral and hand jobs during the day.
Beware there are genuine dog walkers, but they are fairly rare.

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Leith hill

Lovely area with plenty of quiet car parks and secluded paths,starvill car park and rhododendron wood are the best. The rhododendron wood has plenty of secluded paths just right for sexy fun

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Battlebridge lane, the small car park behind the athletics track.

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Newlands corner

newlands corner is inbetween guildford and shere, as you head towards shere from guildford, there is a resting place where you can stop and get food and drink, people also go up there in the day to walk ther dogs....but at night its used for something entirely diffrent and filled with woodlands surrounding the area...check it out : )

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this is a common which people walk in durin the day. you take the A3 south bound of of the big roundabout that gives acess to th M25 and the turning is on the slip road just after a lay by the car park is immediatly on your left.

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Puttenham common

Puttenham common top car park, with loads of heathlands and a nice view

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River road leads down to the thames
very dimly lit road fields on either side
summer evening couples get out and into fields

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