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Dogging in Warwickshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Warwickshire, including major towns and cities: Warwick, Birmingham, Coventry, Nuneaton, Rugby, Solihull, Stratford-upon-Avon.

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Barr Beacon

Barr Beacon car park near aldridge just off the A454. The bottom open area tends to be filled by boy racers, so head to the dark top area near the band stand, a good place for couples to watch or be watched.

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Barr Beacon

Also the Hayward Nature Reserve that is close by to barr beacon, both areas very active for dogging and have been for years.

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Barr Beacon

<em>Note: Also see the West Bromwich heading below for Sandwell Valley Country Park dogging location near Barr Beacon.</em>

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Near the A45 Coventry Road as you come upto the ASDA island you take a left towards Birmingham city centre. When you arrive at next island (Poets Corner) you take a left down the hill passed the imo car wash place and Ackers Trust is the first turning to the park on your left. It's a large park with a road that leads to a secluded area at the back of the park. Best time is in the evening between 9pm and 1 am.

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Stone Bridge Island. Take the A452 towards Balsall Common, follow the dual carridgeway to the next island, round this island and go back towards Stonebridge island, stop at the last layby.

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Sutton Coldfield Park, simply called called sutton park. A very large park with one toilet where there is a car park just get out and walk around.

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The car-park on Edgbaston Reservoir in Ladywood.

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The Kingsley Pub lay-by in Minworth.

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Burton Dassett Hills Country Park

Just off the M40 south of the Gaydon Junction. Leave the Motorway at the Motor Museum, turn left at B4100 go south about a mile and then left and back over the motorway and up the hill. You can see the beacon tower from the M40. M40 Gaydon exit, Burton Dasset Hills Country Park, great for flashing and some late night action in cars.

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Near Dunchurch off the A45. At the Dunchurch Village traffic lights head towards Rugby / Hillmorton, at next roundabout turn left, then take first left immediatelyafterwards into picnic area. Usually between 5 to 10 couples usually in the evenings after dark, it's well secluded from the main road, with lots of car fun and invites.

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Kingwalsey Lane, Kingwalsey, near Meridan (A-Z p.97 F1/2). When proceeding along the A45 Birmingham-Coventry, pass Stonebridge Island and about 1 mile further on and immediately before The Little Chef, turn left into into Shepherds Lane, signboarded B4102 Fillongley, Maxstoke, Meridan. After the right turn to Green end - there are several lay-byes at various farm gates which are used by couples. If you park, it should not be long before you are joined by another car driver. En route there is a left turn to Green End which passes under the M6 and is used by couples. At the dogging site, there is a style leading to a public right of way and to the left is a large wooded area with plenty of places shielded by ferns. When approaching along the A45, Coventry-Birmingham, take the new slip-road signboarded B4104 Maxstoke Meridan. Proceed up the slop to a junction and turn right signboarded Maxstoke. Carry on for about 2 miles and take a right at the sign for Green End and proceed as described earlier. This site is visited by the police on a regular basis, so hide yourselves in the woods.

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Ryton Pools

Ryton Pools, near Coventry. Take A423 towards Southam from Coventry, and turn right at signposted roundabout, drive past Police College, and a turning is on left further up the road.

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There is a footpath running up from Princess Way to Homer Rd in Solihull. At its start near Princess Way there is a small area to one side of the path where couples shag openly as they go home from the pubs, a classic dogging site.

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Near Southam on the A423 Banbury to Southam Road. Just past the turning for Ladbroke heading for Southam, the layby on the left, with hedges and trees covering view from the road.

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Bescot Station Car-Park. Reached by following signs for Walsall football club/Bescot Stadium from either J7 or J9 of the M6.

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West Bromwich

West Bromwich Park (known as Dartmouth Park).

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West Bromwich

Sandwell Valley Country Park. The nature reserve car-park about two miles away from Barr Beacon (opposite the old airport). The area around Sandwell Valley off M5 J1 is also well used, three areas, top car-park by golf course has a gay area and the Swan Pool and Forge Mill car-parks are probably better for couples.

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a45/ m45

Where the A45 meets the M45,theres a roudabout with an exit leading to Dunchurh and Rugby.Its a truckers stop and cafe that closes at 2.30.Difficult before that time.Quite a bit of action there from travellers and truckers.sheltered behind trees.pretty safe.Never seen the police there.Park near the old toilet block.Been sucked a few times there.Never tried evenings.

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a5 layby

there are two where i have saw a bit of action ,the first come off m42 onto a5 towards ahterstone go over two islands up hill then goes into country lane layby on the left the other come down past that layby to island turn right up hill road called meryvale layby by church seen couples there the odd gay

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Oversley woods car park, Just off A46, sign posted for Oversley Green, 800yards Long track with car park and woods at the end, Good action after dark but busy with walkers in the day

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Aldridge-Hayhead Woods

Now open after long closure wet underfoot,many go to Aldridge Airport then return.Worth checking out at weekends.

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Alexander Stadium

There is a car park before you go to the stadium off the main road

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