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Dogging in Warwickshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Warwickshire, including major towns and cities: Warwick, Birmingham, Coventry, Nuneaton, Rugby, Solihull, Stratford-upon-Avon.

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Brinklow by the canal

Take the road south out of Brinklow> At the edge of the village a sharp right hand bend is present on the main road. Gostraight on and almost immediately bear right on to a narrow lane. After about half a mile the lane runs alongside the canal. It is secluded with woods the opposite side of the road.

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Lots of cock action. Sucking, wanking, tv's, poppers. Spent an hour there. Had my mouth around 6 cocks.

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Balsall Common & Chadwick End

Layby at Meeting House Lane. Couples sometimes late on Fridats and Saturdays. Also Arbour Tree Lane, off Warwick Rd, Chadwick End. End of lane.

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Shipston On Stour

Small wooded area just a small walk outside Shipston. Two ways to get there. 1) Park in one of the car parks by Shipston bridge. Walk over the bridge and turn right on to fell mill lane. There is some pull in`s along this road. Walk to the T junction at the end of the lane and turn right. There is a small arrow painted on the road pointing you in the direction. Continue up the road at the top of the hill there will be another arrow keep going down the bank. At the bottom of the bank there will be a arrow pointing right down the hedgerow. Walk down the field with the hedge to your left til you come to the wood. 2) Park in the layby on the b4035 and walk up the road following the arrows. When you get there have a look around and see who you find. Its a bit of a walk but its secluded and private. Best on Sunday mornings 9am onwards for bi/gay and straight men and women. Hope to see you there.xx

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cathiron lane brinklow

Cathiron lane brinklow canal car park great fun after dark, had some good fun there with fems/cpls after 10.30ish, very secluded and quiet spot,also some good spots along the lane too...

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shipston on stour

new spot follow the b4035 Campden road out of shipston til you meet the fosse way. Carry on straight over for about 1 mile. There is a turning on the left which can be easy to miss at night. Turn left and follow the road there is a couple of private drives but after them there is well hidden gateways to pull in. Will be there from 8ish Friday nights if any women or bi/guy men interested

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ryton pools

Ryton pools gates locked overnight

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Lower hillmorton bt mast site rear entrance on way out of rugby on crick road a428 take left lane just past dip and under railway bridge 3 or 4 laybys very dark and can see lights a long way off couples after 10

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cannon hill park

most gay men daytimes look out for hobby bobbies. good cover woods back of park , been had loads times there

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hartshill nuneaton

hartshill hayes country park nuneaton, lots of little laybys for fun on oldbury road by hayes , we live close and love going for fun

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Wasgrave, Coventry

The Showcase cinema after closing the Ballard's go up near the Tesco entrance But not at the Taybarn's Entrance. Normally Parked behind Nando's or at one of the far end's of the car park.

Also on a side note the information on the dogging page is good but would be better if on all locations it stated what times and days to go on and if it's ladies, couples or gays.

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Frankley Scotland Lane

Popular couples spot, 8-9pm onwards most nights, we have enjoyed male company there too

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Aldridge-Hayhead Woods

Now open after long closure wet underfoot,many go to Aldridge Airport then return.Worth checking out at weekends.

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Frankley Scotland Lane

Fantastic couples location, plenty of areas for viewing and playing, recommended

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Bournville Rowheath Pavillion

The Car Park next to Rowheath Pavillion on Rowheath Road in Bournville. A couples spot with several younger student couples from Selly Oak turning up weekday nights. Best time is a Saturday night though. Coarse grassland at the back of the Car Park as well.

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burton dasset hills

Hi all just a warning to let you all know Burton dasset hill is open but there is a high presents of police up there as soon as you pull in and park police are on you asking what you are doing and then take all details of car.

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Layby passed Daw Mill Colliery heading towards Coventry. Locals now turn up and call Police if see any cars parked up.

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Over by the dog walking fields by the pond, people who are interested wait by the Pond and give the nod. Around afternoon between 1 and 3

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Warley Woods

Anywhere in the thick undergrowth there are all sorts of people looking for sex, best time is between 8pm and 4am

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Sutton park

Had a few offers in the car park just before the boathouse recently, only gay men so far though. Needs some women or couples

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There is no dogging going on here as there is a barrier so no entry.

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Lay by next to kingsley pub. Plenty of lorry drivers who give good bj. Also couple of local sisters who often visit. Well worth a visit

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Alexander Stadium

There is a car park before you go to the stadium off the main road

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Sandwell Valley

Golf Course Car Park now has exit by token only so not used at all

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Please let us know of any Warwickshire dogging locations that you know of by clicking here.