• Anonymous - 13 Oct 2017, 18:35

Coming from Ludgershall/Tidworth direction - enter Everleigh and take the first left turning onto the 'Bradford-on-Avon to Stonehenge' Road signposted towards Netheravon. Continue straight then they'll be a tank crossing to the left and a sharp right turn to continue on the road. This tank crossing opens up to a big car park with an island in the middle. Nice big area and lots of trees. ... View Comments...


White Horse Hill Car Park, Uffington. Had amazing time there with a young couple. Try also Nightingale Woods car park, South Marston, but a bit hit and miss there.

  • Anonymous - 28 Sep 2016, 11:07

A36 layby at the bottom of Black dog hill, secluded woods, couples, bi sex and lots of tranny action, have been sucked off three times by trannies, lots of cock action with other bi's and a lot of fun with a mature bi and his bi wife, (mid to late 50's at a guess) we all loved it, going again today hopefully a lot of action

  • Anonymous - 26 Apr 2016, 13:15

Avebury roundabout head towards calne for about mile just past the parking lay by about 300yds small set of woods with track going up to woods.u7 ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 5 Mar 2016, 14:40

Collingbourne woods Ludgershall new spot follow the road all the way to the bottom great after 10 pm ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 11 Jan 2016, 18:51

So between Tidworth and lugershall there's the 60 road at the bottom of the hill turn left or right to an open area it's good only at night ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 12 Oct 2015, 12:16

There is another post on here about Spine Road but it's go no real info about it, so here is a more informative one. Turn off towards South Cerney from the Swindon to Cirencester Road A419. Head past the Four Pillars Hotel on the left and just keep on going nearly to the end of the road. Just before the road ends at a junction there is a small signposted picnic area on the left and that is immediately before a sign for 'Paintball'. Turn in there and you'll see a small gravel car park. Unfortunately there are lots of potholes and it's prone to waterlogging after rain. This leads to a small copse of woods where all the action takes place. There is fun to be had here at anytime day or night. If you park up and watch you'll soon see who is looking for it. It's a good place with plenty of variety, Recommend it. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 23 Sep 2015, 20:28

As you head out of Swindon towards Devizes at the top of the hill there is a left hand turn for the Science Museum Storage facility. Turn here but drive past the entrance to the Museum and keep going a few hundred yards up the track. It widens out into a small hard standing area with access to small area of woods beyond. It's very private and discreet and because it's on high ground stays pretty much dry even after rain. There is usually success to be had there throughout the week in the daytime and at weekends. I'm surprised to see it not on the list so I'm adding it. Known locally as Red Barn Lane (have no idea why since there are no red barns anywhere to be seen!) ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 8 Jul 2015, 17:38

Take the Devizes Road (A342) out of the centre of village (Ship Inn). After about a quarter of a mile, at the T Junction with the A345/A342 (Near Farriers Field estate road on right) turn LEFT at the T junction, then IMMEDIATELY RIGHT up a tarmac lane (with a 330 MPH sign at the entrance). Drive for about 1 1/2 miles to an open parking area near to an army 'check point' block house (99% unmaned). ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 29 May 2015, 21:33

used somtimes, a layby at the bottom of goods hill coming out of gastard ,be nice to meet some trans there
,needs more visitors there to establish it ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 19 May 2014, 12:48

wooded carpark opposite entrance to racecourse, straight couples summer evenings after dusk mid week on seems best. Discreet in woods.

  • Anonymous - 4 Jul 2013, 07:19

The forestry woods just outside Clatford, near to Marlborough. Nice secluded site starting to be used by couples. Very handy picnic tables for some outdoor fun too. If a little busy here, head into the woods for privacy. Great little place this! ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 29 Jun 2013, 15:58

Located between Chippenham and Lyneham main road . Parking for walkers and fishermen by the River Avon (bridge). Couples and single guys seen late evening. ... View Comment...

  • Anonymous - 1 Apr 2013, 23:35

go straight up water lane keep going straight when you pass the last big house on the left willow brook the dogging site is about 800 yards on left this is probally the best one I have been to starts about 11.00pm enjoy.

  • Anonymous - 21 Sep 2012, 23:03

Sept 2012 What a place was there last night (Thursday) 2 couples in car park, girls where stunning, one gives good blow jobs, the other in front of car has stunning tits and is so pretty, had poss one of the best blow jobs every from her, spoke to them afterwards and they tell me they go there about once or twicw a week, This place is defo picking up again late at night ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 8 Sep 2012, 20:32

caps lane or park lane near hayward big lane good at night time for all

  • Anonymous - 2 Aug 2012, 17:13

Going out of Corsham towards Lacock on Lacock Road there is the entrance to the lake on left and before you come to the football club on the right there is a car park. couples and singles. ... View Comments...

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