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**Gents `Suits You Sir ` Discount, extended to 11pm**

Gents: just wear a Suit, DJ or uniform for a £5 discount! Available to ALL gentlemen.

Entry: £35 with Suits You Sir Discount, £40 without

 Single Gents arriving after 11pm or registered after 6pm, £50.

You can get more details (including, dress, directions, hotels etc) and register via the `Start Here` button, or party Icons on the Clubs home page! If Newbie`s, or Single Gent Members, you need to register via the website (Couples & Singles). Member Couples & Single Ladies can register via this site, or the Club website, without further confirmation required. Please ensure, if you have guests, they follow the dress rules and bring ID, if non-members.

Single Gent Members; once registered via the website do not need confirmation (If before 6pm on the party day) but single Gent Non Members, must receive confirmation.

*Club Features*

  • Wood-panelled lounge with chesterfields
  • All wood dance floor with pole and orangery.
  • Cinema with real cinema seats.
  • New grope maze
  • Cage on the stage with antique bed and flame lights.
  • Numerous themed playrooms
  • Large well equipped dungeon, with 10kw real log burner.
  • Massive 4*6 dogging indoor vehicle
  • Raised garden outside, to chill out on hot summer evenings!
  • Bar with BYOAlcohol & corkage free serving