Salesmans Night stay Pt2 Gay


So following on, the salesman had just settled into the bedroom in the B+B after having a few quite drinks with the B+B owner. He turned the light off and stripped off and go on the bed, thinking he have a nice walk before going to sleep. What he hadn't noticed was the B+B owner had quietly followed him to his room and had quietly opened the room door and was peering in.

Mmmmm that looks good the B+B owner blurted out, do you need any assistan… Read more

Big Hairy Roofer - Part time Bull turns pro! Update! Fact

From his first time with my wife, this big brut of a fella has turned into a pro Bull, fucking fanny whenever he can! You gotta love him!…

Remember Dave, our big hairy roofer that fucked my wife a while back while he was fixing our roof. (My story : We had to give him 5 stars! Wife gets serviced by the big hairy Roofer (and now, also a part time Bull)).

That was his first time as a bull, but turned out certainly not to be his last!

He text me the other day and said we should meet for a beer as he wanted to thank me for opening up the world of swinging and being a bull. After… Read more

completely out of charactor Fact

From quiet and reserved to loving swinging…

If you ever met my wife you would not believe that she is capable of what I am about to tell you.
She is 45, attractive and has a great figure. She is quiet and until this happened was very conservative in her ways and still is, I suppose. She said once or twice that she felt life was passing her by too fast and asked me if I wished she was more exciting. I told her that I thought she was great as she is, but she would bring the subject up n… Read more

Playing with a much more experienced couple Swinging

Our experience develops…

We had met Eddie and Sarah a couple of times for social meets and they had invited Hannah and me to their very upmarket house for coffee after a meal at a restaurant. I think we all knew what we wanted to happen when we got there, and we weren’t disappointed.

When we got inside, Sarah suggested that Hannah join her in the kitchen to put the coffee on, leaving Eddie and me to chat in the lounge. Surprisingly, our conversation wasn’t all abo… Read more

Knob of butter Fact

Nice start to the day…

Last night I was reading the stories on here and getting very excited. After I had finished reading the letters I started watching some porn then it was time for bed, feeling horny I was hoping my other half was feeling the same but unfortunately she wasn't so I lay there and drop of to sleep .
The alarm goes off and it's time to get up, I'm in the kitchen still feeling horny I get the laptop out and watch some porn as I'm making some sandwiches… Read more

Summer car Fiction

Mind wanders on a summers journey..…

The car is warm and stuffy, the journey half done and the drone of the tyres becoming hypnotic. She gazed absently out of the window, conversation run dry, the radio droning in the background as her mind begins to wander, the hills and trees in the distance begin to blur. Her mind slips back to another journey in the heat of summer...

They had left the main roads in search of a spot to have the picnic they had packed. Spying a perfect spot the… Read more

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Oh how our lives have changed Swinging

Meeting an upmarket couple…

My name is James, I wrote a couple of stories over a year ago about how my wife Hannah and I got involved in swinging. This further story is about how our involvement in the swinging lifestyle developed. It may even extend into several more stories, as an awful lot has happened to us during the past year.

Hannah and I are an ordinary couple, both early 30’s, doing ordinary jobs, I work nights in a packaging factory and Hannah works in a depa… Read more

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After more than 25 years if faithful marriage Fact


My husband, Gary, posted a story on here in 2017 of how I started having sex with a disabled guy who lives in our village. He posted the tale as written by ‘The Storyteller’, because he said it sounded cool, but I suspect it was because he felt guilty that he had encouraged me to step outside our previously faithful marriage. So many of the stories on here are told by men and, having thought about my experience (and what happened subsequently… Read more

Sales man's night stay Pt 1 Gay


A salesman on the road, had been at a meeting in a town far from home and the meeting went on longer than he expected, so instead of a long dreary drive back home he decides to look for somewhere to stay. After ringing a few local hotels and finding out that they are fully booked, he decides to drive back and see if he can find a b+b somewhere.
He finds a B+B and checks in, the owner a mature old man greets him, shows him to his room, and says i… Read more

Crossing the line - self realisation Erotic

Embracing a desire…

She was out, shopping, I think. It is not important. What is important was that I was at home. Alone. Unfair temptation, I think. Her top drawer was not closed properly; something was stopping it, something black and lacy hanging out. I recognised a pair of her panties. Black, lace front, satin rear. I remembered when they caressed her curves. I remembered the rough lace on my tongue, the aroma and taste of her excitement.

It was unfair to ex… Read more

First time cuckold Fact

having sex with my wife after her threesome was great!…

My wife and I are in our 50s and over the years have enjoyed a few swinging experiences with other couples, quite vanilla just swapping.

Before Christmas my wife Sarah went for drinks with her best friend Jenny who is 41 quite petite with long curly blonde hair. When Sarah came home she told me that Jenny was having problems with her marriage and she hadn’t had sex for over six months and was feeling really horny but didn’t know what to d… Read more

Unexpected neighbours Fact

Not your normal Wednesday in…

Tonight has been different to say the least, getting caught wanking by your 65 year old neighbour is not an everyday occurrence. We live in a block of 4 terraced houses and have access through each others gardens and we have a nice little community, each having a key to keep an eye on each others places. Well tonight my wife had gone out and i was doing what most men do when you get a bit of free time, looking at porn and having a wank. I was hav… Read more

Watch and wank and a nice surprise.... Fact

Just a watch and wank plus a bit more…

This is an account of an sh meet. Whilst it's very tame compared to most stories on here, it's true. I'm hoping the couple concerned post a story from their perspective.

I messaged a couple in December and we started exchanging emails however I lost contact with them during the pre Xmas crash on swinging heaven.

Last week they popped up again and we started messaging again, thankfully picking up from where we left off.

Brian and I met … Read more

Me and the old guy Fact

My compulsion…

I’m 26 and married to a great guy but he works away a lot and I get lonely which is my excuse for what I’m going to tell you. I have never been unfaithful even though I am not unattractive and a really look after myself, men are always chatting me up and taking sly looks at my cleavage, but I have never been tempted until almost a year ago.
I have a high sex drive and I masturbate a lot, my husband bought me a ‘rampant rabbit’ which g… Read more

Spontaneous exhibitionist Fact

The wife shows a new everyone!…

Well I was hanging around at lunchtime today waiting for a delivery and browsing this site.
I decided to revisit the excellent stories posted on here by nstaffscpl and was interrupted by the arrival of the delivery. My wife picked up the iPad and continued to read. She had enjoyed our first attempt at recounting an escapade which we had posted on here a few days ago and asked me about the stories I was reading as I waited for the package to be … Read more

Regular Business travellers Fact

Posted on Craigslist with unexpected results…

Thought I’d share details of someone I met several years ago, the memories of whom will stay forever.

At the time I was regularly working away from home in London and took the tentative steps of posting on Craigslist where I was essentially looking to meet someone for ongoing but NSA liasons. Little success at first but I then received a reply from a slightly younger women who like me is often here on business. After several flirty emails … Read more

It finally Happend Swinging

Reluctant wife gives in…

Part 1
It finally happened
Jackie and I have been married for 37 years, and our sex lives have become a little stale, in fact my wife has gone off the idea completely, I keep trying to come up with new ideas some turn her on some don't, what I will say about her she does go through the motions for my sake, she still has orgasms but on very rare occasions. What is strange to me is she like to pose for erotic pictures for me and she as accepted … Read more

Mrs C and the plumber Fact

Mrs C having a bit of fun with the plumber…

Well Mrs C has had some fun already this week this.
The boiler started playing up over the weekend. No hot water.
Mrs C says she has a few people on the books where she works that she can try. And can I leave it with her. Thinking we could save a few pennies I let her get on with it.
Anyway the day passes by with the usual messages and flirting and joking then I get this one just after linch time.

“Babe, I got a guy who can look at th… Read more

Crossing the line Erotic

Bisexual but not gay…

I have always had a secret side rarely shared with others: the urge to slip on ladies underwear and masturbate. There was a brief period in my married life when I almost shared the entirety of the desire lurking inside with my wife. It went as far as her suggesting that I might like to wear her panties. Oh my god I so did...and when I said nothing, she actually slipped them, black satin with lace front, over my feet and up to cover my tightening … Read more

Old Dave Fact

Doing a service to women…

This isn’t swinging but after two years of me keeping it a secret I have decided to share my story with you.
I’m Dave, I’m 66 and in good shape and I am screwing my neighbour’s wife who is 25. How can an old guy like me get to do that, well read and learn.
Despite what you may think, I’m a gentleman and so I’m going to change names.
Two years ago a young couple moved in next door, they had just got married and as I had retired e… Read more

The set up Fact

My wife sets me up so she can fuck her friend…

I’m Stuart, I’m 31 and married to Tina 30. Ami is a stunner, dark skin from her Indian mother but he eyes are a dark blue from her father. We had been married for 6 years before this happened and although I am not sorry now, at the time it all started I felt tricked and strongly believed that my wife set it up so she could have sex with a ‘friend’ of ours and this is how she did it which I think you will find is very clever. And even t… Read more

The bi side Gay

My first time over to the dar side…

This happened a few years ago before marriage and kids!

When I had my own place I’d always thought what it would be like to be with another guy, so one night on my pc I found a chat site and started to chat with some guys.
This one guy called Mark started to chat with me. He said he lived near by and from there we got on very well.
We chatted for a good few weeks before he asked if I wanted to meet up! I be honest always wanted too but … Read more

The interview Fact


This is about an unbelievable job interview I had last week.
Having already been interviewed by 2 of the 3 directors I was asked to attend a 2nd interview with the 3rd director.
I showed up on time and was shown into a meeting room with no windows, the door opened and in walked a woman with the best pair of legs I have ever seen.

She sat down and asked me if I wanted a drink, I remember looking at her and thinking "FUCK"
She had a short bla… Read more

Pat remembered 2 Fact

An old friend remembered…

It had been three or four weeks since Pat and her then boyfriend had been to stay the night. Now she was coming here again, with her currant boyfriend, Dan, who we had yet to meet. When they did arrive Pat and Chris went off to get ready to go out and left me talking to Dan, who as it happened was very easy to get on with. He looked quite athletic and told me he was a cyclist. The fact that he looked fit hadn’t been wasted on Chris I noticed wh… Read more

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Helen's birthday surprise Swinging

A party with 5 men and one wife.…

My wife, Helen, was coming up to her 50th and wanted to do something different. She had told me previously that she would love to be the attention of several men all at the same time. We agreed this would be fun, although hard to arrange. We decided to arrange it for a weekend and hired a holiday apartment in Brighton. We then set about getting the men required. I was not hopeful with the number of time wasters you find but after advertising and … Read more

she gives in Swinging

shy wife sharred…

Part 1
Adventures of Jackie.
It finally happened
Jackie and I have been married for 37 years, and our sex lives have become a little stale, in fact my wife has gone off the idea completely, I keep trying to come up with new ideas some turn her on some don't, what I will say about her she does go through the motions for my sake, she still has orgasms but on very rare occasions. What is strange to me is she like to pose for erotic pictures for … Read more

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Cruise holiday preparation Swinging

Our first adventure with another couple…

Sorry it’s a bit long I thought it important to paint the picture for you in recounting what happened to us this summer.

We are both in our late fifties and keep ourselves in reasonable shape. Sue is about 5ft 8ins and has the most gorgeous breasts a man could wish for; it was those beauties that first drew me to her some 38 years ago when we first met. She is a size 12 and 36D, always wanting to lose a few pounds, but certainly not unpleas… Read more

Imagining my first club visit... Erotic

My first try at erotic writing. My real fantasise to visit a club and be used by strangers.…

I’m very nervous about posting this. This is something that I fantasise about a lot, I’m posting it without my partners permission. I hope that you enjoy my writing as much as I do.

It was a cold wintery day in Dublin. We’d rushed back from the conference and you were frustrated by how little we had spoken ahead of visiting our first club tonight. I’d rushed back to the hotel and my separate room before you’d had a chance to notice,… Read more

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Free use fun Fact

uni students explore…

University was a fun time for me. I was in my late teens and full of excitment and enthusiasm for life and experiences. I made a lot of friends, and had a lot of fun. I am a big guy, 6ft 4, rugby build - no six pack, but very broad shoulders. I studied science at Glasgow Uni, and the course was filled with girls. I never set out to fuck everyone around me, just to have fun and see where things went.
A few of the girls closest to me were Heather… Read more

My new life Fact

I chance feel at a party turns me into a whore…

I’m a 45-year-old married mother of three and I’m leading a double life and if I don’t share this with someone I will explode. But first I have to explain how I arrived at this point in my life.
I am self employed but have reduced my hours in order to look after my young children. I take them to school every morning before going to work. It was at the school gates that I met Clair. Clair is 23, also married with a child in the same class… Read more