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What we mean by a FREE UK Swingers Website

On Swinging Heaven You can Register as a Member for FREE and it is staying that way.

To become a member of this site you do not need to make a payment. However, in order to gain unrestricted access to all parts of this site you will need to upgrade your membership.

Other Swingers sites require Payment and 'Adult Verification'

Yes, some Swingers sites are free to use, but that is not the norm by any means. Mostly they are purely commercial ventures out to make money and nothing more. They'll show you a few great example pictures of members and tell you that they're the 'busiest swingers site in the UK' or some other guff, before taking your credit card details and leaving you to then find out that no-one really uses it. Others probably started out as genuinely free sites but realised that they could use the idea of protecting children by requiring payment or using an Adult Verification System (AVS) as a billing solution. Yes, we do sound cynical, but at the end of the day that's all it is, a billing solution. We offer responsible tiered membership to ensure that you know our community is genuine and to protect minors.

We ensure that parents can block our entire site because we have written special code into every page so that any browser can block it automatically, if set to do so. This means parents can still use this site when their children aren't around (using a password they've defined), but it's completely blocked when they are around and/or using the computer. Also, we are in all the major third party 'net-nanny' style blocking software databases. So, if parents take their responsibility as seriously as we take ours then there is not a problem here; we're parents too! Anyway, the old premise of having a credit card meaning you're over 18 is not required for general site content as we check all the non member images. Anyone who has access to the internet can soon find much more hardcore content without needing any kind of special access. Pro-active care of your children's internet experience is the only way to ensure they are not going to get into trouble or see anything untoward, and Swinging Heaven is actively helping you to do this (for free).

Occasionally people offer to pay us a donation. To them we say this, not across the top of the site, but here, where only people who've bothered to read this far can see - we actually are the busiest Swinging site in the UK, and it's simple to see why. You can register as a member of this site for free and you'll find yourself surrounded by people who actually care, including us. As for paying us 'donations'; for the non adult features just think how much you'd like to give us and then, instead, put it towards a charity of your choice. If you'd like to donate money to a charity that we support then try the Outsiders Trust.

We are simply running a genuine site for the UK swinging community. In order to chat and meet with like minded people you will need to register and review our upgrade options. There are other services hosted on this site that cost money. Of course it costs money, because it's a phone service, making sure it is not allowed to become a mess, and only used by genuine swingers, some of the other services on the site are moderated by volunteers and there are restrictions in place prior to registration and our upgrade options. You DO NOT have to use these systems in order to view this site. We've integrated it into the photo ads section of Swinging Heaven because we believe it provides a useful and complimentary service. Whether you use it is entirely up to you and completely separate to anything else you want to do or not on this FREE to register as a member Swingers site.

Finally, so why/how on earth can we do so much for free?

Because we care about swinging and the state of most 'swinging sites' out there, so here we are trying to make a difference. Of course we'd have to care, because the amount of time everyone has put into developing this site and moderating it (along with help from a few other very helpful people) puts us at a great expense of time. But, there you go, it's what we have decided we want to do. We have removed a banner ad at the top of the site, also have an affiliation with an adult DVD and Sex Shop company together with charges for some services. It's up to you if you buy through these or pay to use some of the other services on the site. Two further points. We will never advertise anything on Swinging Heaven that is not what it says it is, and we'll never have pop-ups and their like on here either.

If you have any questions or comments about any of this then contact us.