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This adults-only site is written with special code embedded on every page, enabling you, as parents, to easily set your computer's browser up to block access to it for the times when you allow your children to use the home, or their own, computer.

All modern browsers have this functionality, and it should be easy to find within your 'content' settings. Since most people use Internet Explorer, we're going to briefly explain step by step how to do it in there, but all browsers will enable you to do something similar.

Go to the 'Tools' menu and then click on 'Internet Options'. You'll get a window which has some tabs across the top. Click on the 'Content' tab. There should be a 'Content Advisor' box. Click on 'Enable', and you'll find that you get to set a supervisor password, and then click on 'settings', although any setting will block our site, except if you allow everything through on the sex, nudity and language ratings. Don't forget to disable it when you yourselves actually want to use this site though! You'll need to remember the supervisor password you set to do this, so don't forget it.

Along with this, you will also find that any 'net nanny' style software that you may be running in order to help protect your children online will also block this site.

Pro-active monitoring and engagement with your children's online activities is the only way to ensure that they are as safe as possible while online. Not all adult sites are as responsible as us, and have not bothered to label their site with the ICRA labelling system. If you come across one that hasn't then ask them why not, and point them to ICRA or this page so they can find out more!